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    From: Michele in NY. A 38 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 10/05/2012 at 20:21 - Message #1129

    I started accutane in March of 2011. I was on it until September (6 months) and my face was still breaking out on the 6th month. The Dr said don't worry it is still in your system it will take another month before it is completely out and your face will be clear. After that my face did clear but only for about 4 months. I started breaking out again in Feb of 2012 and seem to wake up every day with a new pimple just like i did before accutane. I've tried everything before doing accutane and nothing worked. I thought for sure accutane would work and like everything nothing ever works for me. So my next move will be a holistic dr as i am done with taking pills that don't work. Thanks for listening and i hope this doesnt make anyone lose hope. Everyone is differnt and everyones body will have a different outcome. Mine is just weird.

    From: pktiberius in U.S./France. A 67 year old male.
    Subject: reply to previous comment
    Date: 09/03/2012 at 08:06 - Message #1128

    Keals in Minn, sorry to be so late in helping you with a reply. It's probably too late now, so I hope that you've already gotten good advice.
    DO NOT get any sun while taking roaccutane! Do not try to tan. Put on plenty of sunscreen and just try to stay out of the sun during that period of the day when it's dangerous.
    Personally, I would say that you should avoid the sun completely between about 9 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Swim before or after that. Sorry to put a damper on your holiday (if you haven't already left), but it's very dangerous to take any sun during those hours.

    From: acne in usa. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 27/02/2012 at 22:10 - Message #1127

    I have been dealing with acne since I was 14 years old. Topical ointment has NEVER worked, it only irritates my skin and makes it worse. I've tried Minocycline, Doxyciclyne, Solodyn, Accutane, pretty much any pill perscribed. I was 20 years old the first time I went on Accutane. I was on it for 6 months, within 2 months my face cleared up. I felt beautiful! 3 months after getting off the Accutane, I started breaking out again. I started my 2nd treatment of Accutane at 27 years of age for 8 months, I am now 28 and 2 1/2 months after Accutane it's back and doesn't look like it plans on clearing up. I've ran out of options...

    From: TJ in Canada. A 21 year old Female.
    Date: 26/02/2012 at 16:11 - Message #1126

    I have had acne since the age of 12. What sucks even more is that I am one of three children and NONE OF MY SIBLINGS have acne. It was tough growing up with everyone admiring my brother and my sister's skin while I was the one on the sidelines being told " oh, you'd be so pretty if your skin was nicer"-- Ugh. Anyway, I have tried e v e r y t h i n g. You NAME it. EVERYTHING including antibiotics. I am currently taking accutane-- I am on my fourth day. I have read and seen all the videos and I am so excited. I'm taking 40mg. So far, having a dry mouth seems to be my problem. I am just keeping a positive outlook throughout it all. I've had acne for close to 10 years and it's time I do something for myself. I CAN'T WAIT. :)

    From: keals in Minnesota. A 15 year old male.
    Subject: sun
    Date: 23/02/2012 at 02:00 - Message #1125

    I am on Accutane, and have been now for about 5 months.. 80mg.. I will be going on Spring break with my family to Hawaii and I was wondering if anyone can tell me their experience with tanning while on Accutane?

    From: liljimmy89 in Tampa. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Accutane Inspiration
    Date: 22/02/2012 at 11:37 - Message #1124
    Web Site: Post Accutane Results

    accutane may be a miracle drug but dont take it for granted, everyone has their acne problems start clearing at different times o_o some start clearing from day 1 and the more average would be 2-3 months in the treatment, which i would not like majority of people start noticing big changes starting month 2-3 so dont be too hopeful that everything clears fast =] You can watch my journey on youtube, hope you will be inspired.

    From: PK in France. A 67 year old male.
    Subject: roaccutane use
    Date: 20/02/2012 at 11:47 - Message #1123

    I'm an American who has lived in France the last 25 years. I had a persistant case of acne that, while never severe, just never went away with antibiotics. I took my first course of roaccutane in my early 40's. It did wonders at first, but after two yesra, the problem came back.
    In the subsequent 20 years or so, I continued with low dose antibiotics betwwen 2 other periods of roaccutane treatment, each of which had a duration of about six months at 40mg. per day.
    The initial results were always great, but the problem always came back after 6 - 9 months.
    After my last course of roaccutane - about three years ago, when the problem once again cropped up - I was advised by my dermotalogist to try a low dosage for a period of time - about 10 mg. per day. Twice I tried this and both times it too worked well, but each time I stopped I had new outbreaks. Finally she had me take roaccutane every day, gradually reducing the dosage to only 5 mg., twice a week.
    I've been on this regime now for nearly a year without any problems whatsoever and, at this very low dosage, my dermatolgist thinks there's little danger for a male of my age. I'm going to continue this regime for the indefinite future.
    I know that there are a lot of warnings out there about this wonder drug and everyone obviously needs to consult about their individual case. The only side affects(known)that I presently have are dry lips and occasionally dry eyes (both easily remedied.)Until I have greater reason to believe that it's causing more serious problems, I will not stop the treatment because I'm simply unwilling to go back to the frequent embarassment of having a "teenage " problem at my age!

    From: Claudia in Florida.
    Date: 18/02/2012 at 19:13 - Message #1122

    Sorry, after I posted here I realized that there is no way for someone to contact you. Well...I hope the info helps anyway :)

    From: Claudia in Florida. Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 18/02/2012 at 19:08 - Message #1121

    I just wanted to let everyone know about the positive experiences I have had with Accutane. I have personally been on Accutane twice in the past and had excellent results. Unfortunately, I suffer from severe adult cystic acne. As a teenager I really didn't have any acne, only a few here or there. It wasn't until I was 23 that I broke out very badly. I had just had a baby and the doctor said hormones can go crazy after you have children. To my surprise, the acne did not go away. I tried all of the topical and oral medications available, but nothing helped. This was a tough time for me because my acne was all over my face, shoukders, back and chest. The worst were the ones on my back near my spine. It got so bad that sometimes it hurt to sit back in a chair. At this point, my dermatologist prescribed Accutane.
    I had a lot of the symtoms and side affects that you read about, but it was well worth it. My scalp and body were so dry it was ridiculous. I was willing to tough it out because after only a week I could see a dramatic difference and I was determined to be acne free.
    This is a list of the symptoms I had:
    Dry scalp
    Skin peeling over entire body, including hands & feet
    Severe dry/cracked lips (all the time)
    Bloody nose (often) due to dry nasal membrane
    Dry eyes
    Some hair loss (which stopped after treatment)
    For the most part, I was always using lotion and lip balms. I frequently woke up with a split lip. I had to be very careful not to cut my skin because it was very thin and took longer to heal. Basically, your skin is constantly shedding and the new skin is thinner and more delicate.
    There are many serious side affects for this and I suggest that everyone do their own research and speak with their doctor about side affects. It's not for everyone and if you are not willing to follow the strict guidelines that are required, like diet change/cholesterol or birth control guidelines, you might want to consider other treatments that are out there. For me this was a miracle and it was the only thing that worked.
    I found this site because my acne has returned (due to traveling & taking anti-malaria medication that has caused another hormone imbalance)and I would like to go back on this medication. Not sure if they are still prescribing it in the US anymore, but I guess I will find out next week when I visit the dermatologist.
    Hope this bit of info helps someone with the questions that they might have. If anyone has any questions, just let me know.

    From: Some Girl in Texas. A 17 year old Female.
    Subject: Losing him.
    Date: 08/02/2012 at 05:17 - Message #1120

    Hi, so my boyfriend/best friend has been on accutane for the past four months and it's been really hard on him... His outlook on life has changed. He used to be so happy and carefree, and now it just seems like that's a front to avoid reality. There's a possibility he might have a liver/kidney infection and he'll have to go on additional meds which will lower his immune system and render him helpless to anything that comes his way... I'm so scared and worried I'm about to come out of my skin, but he has a "whatever" attitude about it. If anything happens to him... he just.... he needs to be ok. I can't do this on my own... I can't lose him to this stuff... I'm sorry if I sound melodramatic, I'm just scared.
    - Some Girl

    From: CanadaBC in Canada. A 33 year old female.
    Subject: Accutane and IBS
    Date: 01/02/2012 at 05:45 - Message #1119

    Hi everyone! I wanted to add my honest opinion and experience with accutane. Well, where do I I am 33 and have struggled with what doctors called Horomonal acne for about 10 years! I tried spironolactone at 100mg a day for 8 months and all it did was literally make my hair grow lots while I was on it and then shed lots when I went off of it. I still continued with severe acne and added hairloss a year after.
    Well, it has been a year and half now and I am now trying accutane at 40mg daily. I have now been on it since the beginning of Decemeber 2011 and no joke my skin cleard up sooo much!! I have never seen it look so good so quick. My pores look so small, hardly any shine but be prepared for ghostly white looking skin. Dont know why it does this and I look really sick..
    BUT---side effects...terrible. I have to be honest. As much as I want beautiful skin im considering stopping it after 6 weeks. Why? I was diagnosed with IBS in 1993 and had been in remission up till now. Two days ago, I was rushed to the emergency with terrible intestinal and lowerback pain. The cause? The ulcerative colitis acted up again so bad I needed morphene for the pain.
    Another thing to mention is two and half weeks into accutane my hair started falling out. I hardly had any hair to begin with but its falling out again and now I have this huge receeding hairline.
    I am so out of options and so confused I dont know what to do. After the emerg I stopped accutane and two days later im breaking out again...badly!! SO...if you have had a history of IBS expect a fare up especially if your not taking your meds (asacol) or anti-inflammatory for the intestines.
    Its really a catch 22 with this medication and I wish they'd find something similar (acne clearing) without terrible side effects like these.

    From: happy in canada. A 40 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 24/01/2012 at 21:26 - Message #1118

    I started accutane 3months ago.40mg alternating with 80mg. One month left to go of the treatment. At first i was reluctant to start the treatment with all the horror stories i was reading on the internet. i must say the first 2 months were difficult. ie headaches, sore joints, dry lips and eyes. For the most part now things are ok and side effects are not that bad. I have not broken out in the past month at all!My skin looks great...just need to moisturize every night. My dermatologist assured me that the side effects are temporary. I am so happy i decided to take this drug.

    From: Poppy in England . A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 15/01/2012 at 04:08 - Message #1117

    I have had acne since 4th grade! My first dermatologist kept promising every time I went back that my acne
    Would be gone next month or by summer or even
    Next week and I never saw any real improvements! So I went to a new one and he prescribed me Accutane! I have been on it for a month now at first my skin was extremely dry but after constantly reapplying moisturizer my skin isnt having too much problems with dryness! But I have noticed that my face had broken out ALOT WORSE, and I've had some pretty uncomfortable joint pains! I believe it's all worth it but I'm just wondering when is my face going to start to look better!?

    From: Jenna in Cleveland, OH. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: It works.
    Date: 06/01/2012 at 05:01 - Message #1116

    I started getting acne at age 10. It was on my face, back, chest, even stomach. It was absolutely ruining my life. I didn't like wearing tank tops, swim suits, or even putting my hair up. Acne started to come on my neck, I was so embarrassed to put up my hair in a pony tail. Acne RUINED 5 years of my life. I probably would have had more confidence having me make more friends, meet new people, and not be so embarrassed about being in public. I thought I was hideous. Underneath my acne, I realized I am beautiful. I found this out by going on Accutane. This is honestly the only acne medication that works. It's a few months of chapped lips, but it's better than having acne everywhere. I've never had a pimple on my skin since. I can finally swim, tan, change in front of friends, and not wear makeup. I wouldn't go out in public without makeup. Now my skin is smooth and clear. It's a miracle. I've never been happier. I went from being depressed and worrying about acne 24/7. Now I'm stress free and have one less thing to worry about. If you want a happier, stress free life, just go on Accutane. It's quite wonderful.

    From: Jenna in Cleveland, OH. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: It works.
    Date: 06/01/2012 at 04:59 - Message #1115

    I started getting acne at age 10. It was on my face, back, chest, even stomach. It was absolutely ruining my life. I didn't like wearing tank tops, swim suits, or even putting my hair up. Acne started to come on my neck, I was so embarrassed to put up my hair in a pony tail. Acne RUINED 5 years of my life. I probably would have had more confidence having me make more friends, meet new people, and not be so embarrassed about being in public. I thought I was hideous. Underneath my acne, I realized I am beautiful. I found this out by going on Accutane. This is honestly the only acne medication that works. It's a few months of chapped lips, but it's better than having acne everywhere. I've never had a pimple on my skin since. I can finally swim, tan, change in front of friends, and not wear makeup. I wouldn't go out in public without makeup. Now my skin is smooth and clear. It's a miracle. I've never been happier. I went from being depressed and worrying about acne 24/7. Now I'm stress free and have one less thing to worry about. If you want a happier, stress free life, just go on Accutane. It's quite wonderful.

    From: Sanjok khatri lama in Nepal. A 17 year old Male.
    Subject: I have more and more pimple and black dirt in my face
    Date: 11/12/2011 at 09:41 - Message #1114

    I'm male of 17 and i had more n more pimple as well black in my face i cant watch face to face with my friends also because of pimple and dirt in my face i tried clean guard and retino in my face but it wrks while using only when i left it for a day also again pimple and dirt increase in my face so its totally disgusting for me and does masturbation is the reason for pimple and dirt i used to do it twice a week unfortunetly oops sorry so help me please.

    From: Prema in bangalore. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: Pls answer my question regarding sotret
    Date: 06/12/2011 at 02:59 - Message #1113

    Please anyone answer my question??
    I am taking sotret from the past 1 month n really happy about the results. But seeing the side effects really scares me about the severe child birth defect :( am getting married next year, later if i have a baby will it affect my baby. what is going to happen, will everything be normal or still the baby will have birth defects after stopping sotret?? please lemme know, am really worried about it..

    From: evgeny.
    Date: 17/10/2011 at 16:20 - Message #1112
    Web Site: Top acne treatments. Reviews,information & tips.
    Getting you 100% acne free.

    From: Fred in London. A 48 year old male.
    Date: 15/10/2011 at 13:58 - Message #1111

    I am 48 years old and have had skin problems since i was about 15. I have been under several dermatologists for about 20 years (what a waste of time they have all been) they just look in their book and write a prescription out and tell you to come back in 3 months. I have tried every possible medicine and natural remedy and not one has worked. My condition is seborric dermatitus have been told it's other things but this has been the mist popular diagnosis. I did try ACCUTANE and it dried my skin out so bad that i looked like a scaly snake !!! the latest product i have been prescribed is Epiduo, which is fairly new out. Ive been using it for 4 weeks with no positive results. i'm at the stage in my life now where i am about to give up trying different treatments where each time i have the risk of an even redder more itchy face and just accept that my skin condition is here to say. I hope others find a medicine that works for them and they don't have to suffer years of misery which tends to go our complaint.

    From: Chickabey in FL, USA. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Please Help?!
    Date: 07/10/2011 at 07:31 - Message #1110

    Let me first start off by giving a little history of my life with acne. I am 25 and have had, and been fighting, terrible acne for as long as I can remember, atleast 10+ years. I have tried everything imaginable-antibiotics, creams/ointments, cleansers,Proactiv(which made it worse), chemical peels, microderms, diets, exercise, changing of shampoos/soaps/lotions/detergents-you name it, I've tried it, down to hypoallergenic sheets and pillow cases. For a short while, some helped a little, but nothing completely or permanent. I have always been incredibly self conscious about my face and skin, but have become more so since becoming a mother. I hate going out in public and sometimes don't, especially when it is flared up more than normal. It breaks my heart when my 4 year old daughter asks why I have "boo-boos" all over my face, trys to kiss them to "make them feel better", and because they literally cause severe pain, tells me that she wishes they would "go away" and that I didn't have them. I have been given the opportunity and choice to start taking Accutane but am very nervous and worried about doing so. I have done my homework and researched everything, about both acne and Accutane. As I'm sure all have been about taking the medication, the side effects are what worry me the most. I have heard and read the horror stories but have also read great things as well. So I guess what I am asking for is a little guidance and hope from those who have been in the same situation, because those are the only ones who have any idea what its like to look in the mirror, see the same things and feel the same way as I do. Thank you for taking the time to read and share, its appreciated more than you know.

    From: Fletcher in MA. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: chapped lips
    Date: 10/07/2011 at 19:01 - Message #1109

    Although I have not been on accutane, I have had many friends that were. One side effect they complained about was chapped lips! I also suffered from chapped lips so I wanted to share a product with you that I, and all of my friends, have found that works! It is called Dr.Dan's Cortibalm. You have to order it online or behind the counter, but trust me it is worth it. It cures the lips almost instantly and it's not like other cheap lip balms that you have to keep re applying! hope this helps :)

    From: Frankiespanks in Hampshire. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 12/06/2011 at 14:22 - Message #1108
    Web Site: My Journey With Roaccutane

    I’m 20 and have been suffering with moderate/severe acne since April 2010. For the last year the first thing I have been thinking about when I wake up in the morning is: how bad does my skin look today? I finally saw a dermatologist on 29th March 2011 and she prescribed me Roaccutane/Isotretinoin.
    I have acne predominantly on my cheekbones and my chin, which is often very painful and upsetting. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and being careful with what I choose to eat (most of the time!)
    I have been taking Roaccutane for nearly 11 weeks and so far it is going really well for me. The main side-effects I experience are: dry lips, dry eyes, aches & pains and fatigue, but they are all totally manageable. Manuka honey, Camomile tea and Lush Dream Cream are sme of the products that are helping the months go by smoothly.
    I have decided to keep this blog as a chronicle of my experience using this controversial drug, because although there is much literature and opinion online, I felt it would be helpful to hear one person’s account from day one.
    Frankie x

    From: Edmonton. A 31 year old Female.
    Subject: Currently on Accutane
    Date: 28/05/2011 at 17:12 - Message #1107

    I started getting bad acne for 2 yrs and I was so against taking accutane because of what I heard. BIG MISTAKE. I wish I took it earlier like my dermatologist told me. I wouldn't have so many scars if I listened. I told him to give me anything else and he was tocked off because HE KNEW accutane was the only solution. I tried heavy detoxes, herbal Drs with tons of herbal remedies and vitamins and I also tried EXTREME dieting with no sugar no preserves just all organic, I lost 20lbs in two months but acne was still there. Dermatologist gave me hormone pills, didn't do anything, gave me creams, didn't do anything, finally I couldn't stand the resistance of the pimples so I gave in to the accutane. I love it. After 2 1/2 weeks I had no more pimples no matter what I ate. I never got one for 4 months, not even one, and I am still on accutane for another 3 months. It is not dangerous if you do your bloodwork every month like the Dr tells you and makes sure all your levels are normal. I cannot even have ONE drink of alcohol which is fine by me for having no acne. I just pray it stays gone after my treatment. I did notice my hair getting thin in one area so the dermatologist gave me iron pills plus high Vitamin C to absorb it. I'll see how my hair looks in that area as I go along. Also, around the 4 month mark on accutane- MAJOR IRRITABILITY and NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. I am a Christian and I've been telling God to take a hike everyday. Accutane is know to give depression so you better be strong willed to control your thoughts if you take this. I choose to carry out my treatment as acne is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

    From: Testing.
    Date: 28/05/2011 at 16:57 - Message #1106


    From: c.
    Date: 20/04/2011 at 15:52 - Message #1105

    This book cured my acne: The acne prescription by Dr. MD Perricone.

    From: Rachel in Ohio. A 35 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 23/11/2010 at 11:47 - Message #1104

    Hey to everyone on this board, i am struggling to find a forum of accutane support that actually works; it seems most are either broken or full of spam. I saw that this forum seems full of genuine experiences, so i'm hoping that i'll really find out about accutane so I can make a decision as to whether to go on it or not. i have heard so many mixed reviews about the drug that i don't know where to seems people are suing the makers of the drug left, right and center...and the reasons seem to be serious- like accutane the allege caused their IBD, or ulcerative colitis - many severe gastrointestinal conditions that they didn't realize they had til they started to experience pain or rectal bleeding. I just want to know if anyone here has had a similar experience to set the record straight...Please let me know if you have had a similar experience/side effects.

    From: Colette in U.S.. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 04/11/2010 at 23:01 - Message #1103

    I've been on the generic Amneestem for 4 months now, going into my 5th and potentially last month. I've taken 80mg a day for this whole period (I weigh about 115-118 lbs.). I've had moderate to severe acne since I was 13, tried every kind of antibiotic and birth control, cream, wash, etc. This is the only thing that works!!! I love this drug. I haven't had a single pimple in about 7 weeks (before that I think I was still breaking out just a little around periods due to the birth control I was on, but after changing it the breakouts stopped altogether). I haven't known what that was like since I was probably 9 or 10 years old. I had a few mild side effects like a dry throat and cough in the beginning but it went away, albeit slowly, it was worth it. I really wish I had done this sooner. I feel like it really is the only thing that works and everything else is a waste of time that only has no long term effectiveness.

    From: Female on Accutane. A 26 year old
    Date: 17/10/2010 at 20:51 - Message #1102

    Hi fellow acne sufferers,
    So here is the scoop on Accutane (or isotretinoin now). I am currently 26 yr old female and I have been on Accutane 3x. Unlike what others will tell you, my story is a bit different. The reason why accutane has gotten such a bad rep is because only people with problems feel the need to get on a web site and tell others about it. People who have successful experiences forget that they even had acne in the first place (and subsequently don't go on these site- I am currently on these sites because I am having a problem with my new insurance not wanting to pay for accutane).
    Now there ARE serious side effects of using it (eg: dry skin, birth defects if you become pregnant, etc), but for the most part, if you follow the directions you will NOT suffer the side effects (aside from the dry skin, but that's why you're taking the drug right? to dry up your skin). So be smart about it! It's a fat-soluble drug so take it with your most fatty meal of the day. Use 2 forms of birth control! That's why you SIGN A CONTRACT saying you will, because they are pretty much telling you that YOUR BABY WILL HAVE BIRTH DEFECTS. It puts heavy stress on your liver, so don't drink! And on to the most sensitive issue- depression.
    Here is my theory on that. I have been seeing a dermatologist since I was 13 for acne, and didn't go on accutane until later in life, and I can tell you this, I am depressed when my acne flares up! Why? Because I feel like I look bad! It is completely independent of which drugs I'm taking. It's a simple correlation: my acne flares up = I get depressed. What does accutane do in the first few months? Flares up your acne! This is because accutane works by shutting down your oil glands and they respond by trying to kick up. Makes sense right? I am very lucky in the fact that accutane has never caused my acne to flare up. By the end of my first month, most of my acne is gone. I have never had issues with depression, weight changes, liver problems, etc. The only side effect that I have experienced was dry lips (and a little dry around my nose and mouth, but not bad enough that anyone noticed) and the fact that I don't need to wash my hair everyday because I'm not producing oil (which is actually nice).
    So here is my advice: Don't listen to these anomalies and try it for yourself. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! If you don't like it, you can always go off. My skin looks flawless, I don't need to wear makeup anymore, and the scarring goes away with time!

    From: Joe in Leicester, England. A 22 year old Male.
    Subject: Need some info
    Date: 08/02/2010 at 15:10 - Message #1101

    Hello everyone. My name is Joe.
    Basically, I have been struggling with moderately severe persistent acne since I was about 12 years old. I am now 22, so as you can understand, it is becoming some what distressing.
    Initially it started off as a few spots on my face but gradually started spreading to most areas on my upper body. Went to the doctor and was prescribed a range of antibiotics and various creams etc, none of which ever worked. Although the acne did bother me back then, I was young and naive etc so it wasn't a massive hinderance to me so I pretty much gave up treating it with the mind set that it would go away on it's own as I got older. And how wrong I was.
    It gradually and gradually got worse and I started becoming incredibly stressed and anxious about it to such an extent that I now suffer from physical anxiety symptoms because of it (chronic itching). This combined with the acne made me socially withdrawn and incredibly moody a lot of the time. Although I still maintained a social life, my quality of life and the way I felt about myself was at an all time low.
    By this point, getting rid of this acne almost became an obsession. Back to the doctors I went and was prescribed more useless creams and antibiotics. At this point in time I have been on Doxycycline 100mg per day and it has done absolutely nothing. I've also been on Erythromycin and Oxytetracycline both of which did very little.
    After much pain staking effort and a lot of convincing of my doctor, I have finally been referred to a consultant dermatologist on the NHS. The consultation is on the 3rd March.
    So basically I'm just curious as to my chances of being put on Roaccutane? I'm really not interested in trying anything else. I know that might sound daft/stubborn but I've just had enough.
    What am I to expect at this consultation? Will they take in to account my request for it? Obviously I know of all the side effects etc, and I am completely willing to take it still.
    Just a general outline of what will happen with the dermatologist would be great..
    Honestly if I'm not offered it then I will have no choice but to go private and pay for it. Obviously I'd rather not do this as it's incredibly expensive..

    From: Karen Mollins in England. A 33 year old female.
    Subject: roaccuatane
    Date: 08/01/2010 at 19:41 - Message #1100

    Roaccuatane was a wonder drug for me , i had waited for 15 years for someone to finally presrcibe me something that really worked, and it really did imediately, all the rubbish came out of my skin and yes i had a dry bloody nose, dry eyes and dry skin but it was all worth it for the beautiful spot free and driping wet with oil and grease free skin. BUT i did experience severe depression and suicidal thoughts which i rode the storm for the sake of my long desired clear skin. Its amazing what the desperation for smooth & spot free skin can do to your mentality, I dont know how i got through it and i have suffered bouts of depression since but i no longer have the ongoing nagging hatred in my mind every time i think about my face or look in the mirror and on balance i am immenseley much more content now than when i had skin trouble, but what i would say is do not take this medication lightly, its a huge decision due to the possible side effects and you realy should only take it if you have already tried absolutely everything else possible

    From: Jen in MINNESOTA. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: accutane cleared my face
    Date: 13/06/2009 at 05:06 - Message #1099

    As we all know accutane is a very serious drug and you should discuss everything with your doctor, I just know there is a lot of bad press and horror stories about it out there which almost scared me away, but I want to share my story.
    I have had severe acne for many years, I first went to a dermatologist in 6th grade and began trying creams and antibiotics..every 3 months I would go back with no positive changes and try something new. For 4 years I tried just about every medicine you could name. When I was 16 my doctor recommened accutane since NOTHING else had worked. my acne wasnt the very deep nodules that lead to severe scarring but was severe whiteheads with some of the deep stuff. He suggested I do a low dose and after some debating I decided to try it.
    Once I began accutant I was dissapointed because I didnt see results, but after about a month and a half my acne seemed to clear up almost over night. I HAD NOTHING! I HAD BEAUTIFUL CLEAR SMOOTH SKIN it made my complexion smooth and even and my skin glowed! i felt so beautiful! I played a lot of sports and always caked on foundation because I was embarrassed, but for the first time with clear skin I went to my sports with no make up! I had no side effects besides mildly chapped lips and mild dry face and my skin was more delicate and prone to scratches, all of which was worth the clear skin! about a year after my accutane treatment my acne started to come back but was MUUCHHH less severe, my derm. decided to do one more treatment, and now at 20 I still have clear skin, I get the occasional pimple here or there, but thats only normal! I feel so blessed to have tried this medicine it really changed my life and made me feel beautiful and confident, because your face is the first thing people look at.
    Accutane isn't for everyone, but I wanted to share this and let people who are like me who have tried everything and nothing has worked that this may be the one thing to once and for all clear your acne. Although it may be expensive depending on insurance, consider all the money you are throwing away in creams and antibiotics which can ultimately make you tolerant to them (which is VERY bad when you finally get an actual infection and need it to make you healthy)!

    From: Leon in Greece. A 45 year old Male.
    Subject: Cits / Acne
    Date: 21/02/2009 at 12:48 - Message #1098

    To All My fello acne Sufferes, I'm 45 years old
    and Suffered From Just about Evrything That is related to Acne You name it I got it. I Got Rid of the regular Acne at 25 But suffer Teribly with Acne cistic Out Breacks and at this moment Have Six Beauties in the Groyn And butocks Ouch Eh!! I'm back on Acutaine. I've Herd it all, i recond i've tried most Things Available,
    and By the way Which Craft and Voodo Dont work So Don't waste your time, and it Dosn't mater How much You promis to god You will be good Here rules the devil. I've been operated on 38 times I've Made self insicions to save On the bills.
    The cists Wont Burst And Its alredy 3 months so Hospital Again??
    I Have read 500 mg Vitamine c Vitamine B Complex
    Vitanine E Are The Vital Vitamins For the Imune system
    and healthy Skin
    I have also read Strawberry leaves & Kumbocha tea Is Also a Cure?? Then We Got the antibiotics Tetrocicline
    Familie & Accutaine
    Well folks This Is Where you Have to wish me Luck
    Screw The doctors I'm going to be A Guiny Pig And Do All Al At the same Time and if I'm Still arround In The coming months I'll Let You Know If It Was A success
    Please don't Follow me Out Of desperation Especialy if You Are A teen ager It's tough Looking like a beast I Know but allthough All My Shame of scars and complications I can say Your sex Life wont suffer if you don't have A companion It's because you made it that way don't be scared Don't be Ashamed Enjoy life to the Full This Is Not A crime and we are not Criminals
    I'm 45 and still trying to get rid of this i'lness and Havent given Up Hope . Don't let people stress You Out and remember Money is Not evrything so Dont let Crisis over take your health Because we all know stress Creats Out breaks.Doctors do'nt know Why They only have a few Options for us and No goverment Will Pay millions for Acne Because it dosn't kill so we Still got along road Ahead.
    Before i Go Womens Skin Care Kits cleansers Etc are Just As Good as the Medical Ones they are cheaper to
    anything that cleanses heals!! If Any one thinks I left somthing out Drop me Aline I'll be happy To answer Any Questions, even the most private Or humilliating ask it will help you have Less Stress don't hide it let it out So You Can be freee!!
    Best regards and Good recovery to All Leon

    From: sb in UK. A 40 year old male.
    Subject: accutane use
    Date: 15/12/2008 at 14:43 - Message #1097

    Hi all,
    I have tried 2 doses of accutane, one for low dose of 5 months and another for lowish dose for 9 months.
    They both worked well, with my deciding to take a second dose in order to kick this condition once and for all.
    It did contain things considerably although I still get zits.
    I'm wondering if it is worth taking a 3rd course or whether to accept that I will get zits albeit fewer than before and manage these, because Accutane is a powerful drug, not to be taken lightly.
    I know when Accutane first came out it was reserved for disfiguring cystic type acne, which I have never had, with mine being mild /moderate. It has without doubt been the hardest thing in life to deal with and manage.
    My thoughts on this are that I could end up doing courses indefinately and I am concerned about effects this may have internally on kidneys, liver etc and it also has side effects like hair fall out as well which I would rather avoid if possible.
    Can anyone provide information that may help a decvision to take a 3rd course please?
    Thank you for your help

    From: Jess in England. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 15/10/2008 at 21:34 - Message #1096

    I am 16 and should be going ahead with roaccutane in a week or so. Reading all these reveiws makes me really worried as the whole nose bleeding, face drying, peeling, cracking ordeal sounds crap - it sounds like such a lot to go through but just a little price to pay to get your confidence back. My acne isnt particualy tragic "apparently" to others, and caked in make up 24/7. but others with acne will undertand how all the "your face looks fine" dosent change the fact you thing you have a large volcano erupting on your face. Without make up, my skin its just a mess of red dry scabby peeling mess and looks and feels hideous. And was insulted when the doctor perscribed me another round of anti biotics! Ive tried all the lotions and potions. Creams that to some extent BURNT through my skin, no names mentioned. CLEARA**L. grrr. But im prayin thatroaccutane will clear up my skin. Ive heard some really posotive things and some REALLY negative things about this drug. i just wish good luck to everyone who is going on it

    From: kavitta in Trinidad. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane results
    Date: 08/08/2008 at 23:44 - Message #1095

    Hi Everyone
    Before taking roaccutane I tried every possible thing, drink lots of water, antiobiotics, benzoyl peroxide, using alpha hydroxy productsetc. i decided to go to my derm who perscribed Roaccutance 20mg a day I had to do a blood test initially now I am on my fourth week of roaccutane I have seen a great result with my face. I do not hace severe acne. My face has cleared up with respect to black heads an whiteheads. Also my derm perscribed cetaphill face wash, blistex for my lip and a liquid that contain alpha hydroxy acid. Unfortunately I have acne scarring in my back and I have not seen any result to date. I am a bit concerned have to see my derm in a weeks time. Does anyone knows if Roaccutance clears up acne scarring in the back. Thanks 4 your info.

    From: woods in new zealand. A 21 year old male.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 31/07/2008 at 08:33 - Message #1094

    FOR EVERYONE TAKING THE TANE I FEEL FOR YOU READ THIS AS A HUMOURED GUIDE TO SURVIVE, I SHOULD KNOW THIS IS MY 2ND TIME!! I had a baby face till i was 15/16 when acne decided to plague my face!! like most people on this site i tried every trick in the book etc face washes, creams, antibiotics, proactive you name it ive tried it!! at one stage my acne was so bad i felt it a crime to walk in public and my usual bright happy self wanting to hide in the dark (you all know how it feels!!!) so after a few of my friends had been on a course of this miracle cure ''roaccutane'' i had to get this drug!! after being put on a LOOONG waitng list i finally got the chance to see my dermo!! he recommended antibiotics (i wanted to punch him in the face when he said that) after he took closer look he eventually prescribed it it was gold in my hands yeeepppee!! i started on 1 (20mg) pill i thought i was going to die after one month my skin dry, lips etc (if i only knew the worst was yet to come!! ROACCUTANE WILL MAKE YOUR FACE WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER!! so here i am feeling my face i have a million pimples chapped lips dry skin and what i like to call ROACCUTANE RED FACE what i thought was a reasonably good looking guy was heading out the drain!! DONT STRESS IT ONLY GETS BETTER FROM HERE!! JUST KEEP GOING!! After a few months i was up to 3 pills i then realised that on one pill i was just being a worried pansy!! my lips where split corner to corner i barely wanted to leave my room!! but still i was determined to get my ''ricky martin'' babyface back!! soo a few weeks pass im still cursing the tane and all the boys decide we are going to THAILAND for a holdiday YES 40 DEGREE THAILAND!! what am i going to Do im going too pop in the sun!!! i still decide im going to keep on keeping on!! after 5 days in thailand and about 3 days of bourbon in my stomach I GAVE UP ON THE TANE IM DONE HAD ENOUGH!!! so i get back to the much colder but beautiful N.Z and am soon to notice that the dryness the lip chapping is all starting to go and im not getting pimples anymore (this is about a month later as it stays in the system for 1 month) YAY CURED!!!! Wrong if only i new now that i was to be plagued again 2 years on!!! i have dreaded going back on roaccutane for 3 years but here i am telling my story!! yup thats right im back on it as i write this!! but wait there is a lesson to be learned from my endless babbling!! STICK OUT YOUR FULL PERSCRIPTION!!!And if only i knew back then what i knew now!!! SOOOO HERE IT IS LISTEN TO ME AND YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS %^&*&*& AWFULL DRUG
    - Stop using any other acne treatments from the word go!! any acne cleansers, creams, pills Throw them in the bin now so you are not tempted to use them when you skin worsens YES YOUR FACE GETS WAY WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER
    - Do go out and buy the most mildest form of cleanser you can find (i use cetaphil) and a non sented non clogdemic BIGGEST TUB YOU CAN FIND moisteriser cos boy your gona use it!!! And a lip balm i found it hard to finda good one so ask the chemist they no best
    - NOW this is the most important note!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Start by washing you face at night with the mild cleanser, pat dry, and then moisturise face neck (i even do my ears and repeat in the morning in the shower or so so, even if you are suffering from breakouts KEEP UP THE MOISTURE!!! i have stuck with this routine for the 4 months i have been on the tane and i have a had little to no side affects i had the intial bad breakout but now i am only getting little spots and i swear by this technique MOISTURISER IS NOW YOUR BEST FRIEND AND ALL OTHER ACNE CURES ARE THE DEVIL!!! on my first course of the tane i used acne facewashes and still used pimple cream BAD MOVE it only gets worse JUST LEAVE YOUR F%^CKING FACE ALONE AND YOU WILL DO YOURSELF THE WORLD OF GOOD
    -Also i like to think now that i get a bit more rest then i did when i was a horny 16 yearold!! they call it beauty rest for a reason!!!
    -TRY and i stress try (i love junkfood) have the odd bit of fruit i know it sucks but hey as they say an APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOC AWAY (i prefer KFC its for me)
    -MOST importantly you are never as ugly as you feel you are BEAUTIFUL!!! you only see the spots on your face because you know they are there!!if anybody is even worth talking too they will see past it! remember there are kids dying in 3rd world countries that would kill for a cup of rice and here i am crying over red spots and dry skin??

    From: amy. female.
    Date: 31/07/2008 at 00:20 - Message #1093

    Hey everyone!
    I'm done accutane, as of about three months ago, and I always promised myself that if it worked I would write to everyone else out there that is struggling through the acne experience to lend some hope and support. What can I say about it? First off I wish I would have discovered this drug long time ago. My acne troubles started at the age of 12 and I'm now 21... It has been a long and hard decade of dealing with being self conscious, upset, secretly crying, and hating to go out in public or even have minimal makeup on around close friends, boyfriends, or family. Many times I stayed in on weekend night saying I wasn't feeling well because of how my face looked. I even ended up getting staph infections on my face because of it. However, Accutane has really and truley changed my life... I have been acne free for three months and am so happy! I can now go out and smile and know that I don't have to worry about people staring, I can have close relationships with people and especially my boyfriend and not worry that I'm ugly- so if anyone is considering it, I advise you to do your research on it, it is a serious drug, with consequences, but in my experience it was 100% worth it!! Good luck to all of you out there!! :)

    From: david in New York. A 17 year old male.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 19/05/2008 at 02:47 - Message #1092

    ive been on accutane for 3 weeks... ive experience small back pain chapped lips not to bad and also dry skin in first week now my skin is kinda red trough out the treatment i guess... IS THIS RED/PINK SKIN NORMAL OR NOT PLEASE HELP.

    From: Laurel in florida. A 35 year old Female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 14/04/2008 at 19:25 - Message #1091

    To everyone who is starting accutane or is thinking of it, Each person has a different reaction to any medication. Many side effects are common to all, and others are less common, yet there is a certain percentage of people who will be affected. That said, at 35 years old (and a nurse besides) I couldn't fathom why I still had acne- and it was getting worse not better. I tried everything, proactive, antibiotics, creams, washes- natural remedies, to no avail. I can't say accutane has been a "miracle", but it has crtainly helped. I have had many side effects, namely the dryness and itching. For my lips I alternate between vaseline moisturing lip therapy with SPF 15 and Chapstick naturals avacado oil with SPF- they have helped. The best thing is to get something with sunscreen in it. The accutane makes you more sensitive to the sun. For your hair I recommend any leave in conditioner- I use infusium 23- but I'm sure any would do. The body itching is the hardest for me to deal with. This is my 12th week on accutane (80 mg) and I itch so bad on my hands and wrists, I think I'll scratch all the skin off- topical caladryl helps and baths with aveeno are good too, but they don't offer lasting relief. If you take a benedryl at night it helps too, but do not use it at the same time as topical caladryl.
    Another BIG issue for me was mood changes- not as in depression, but anger- I had a big incident at work and it nearly cost me my job- but I showed them I was on accutane, and it was written up- (they can't fire you if the problem is due to a drug side effect)- however- make sure to tell your derm if this happens- he changed my dose to 60 mg.
    Along with the mood changes is since accutane users are more sensitive to the sun, we stay out of it. Well, duh, we need sunlight to convert vitamin D and the effect of too little vitamin D aside from bone effects is depression and irritability. So I have been putting SPF 50 on and going into the sun for 10-15 minutes per day (mid- moring or late afternoon- not the high noon burn your face off times)it has really helped the moods- not so great for the rashes tho- but if you cover your arms with a light shirt it does wonders.
    As for ANYONE who is contemplating getting pregnant. Accutane is not for you. I am very sorry to read of those on here who've had that unforunate experience. Because there is no fixing the defects caused by accutane, the only decision is to abort- that is why there is DO NOT GET PREGNANT labels all over the med and why they make women agree to using two forms of birth control.
    The red spots everyone is talking about when the skin peels is actually a good sign- it is "new skin" and is replacing what is peeling away. Don't pull the dead skin away though. Use a very mild exfoliator. I also use the skin repair cream from bath and body works and find alot less dryness and peeling on my face.
    So, there is hope to all out there who, like me hate the looks you get from people when you have acne. I am happy with my results so far. After 12 weeks on this, my face is mmuch clearer (I only have 3 new skin patches right now and no new breakouts) and the texture is much smoother. I know all the side effects are hard to deal with, but you can always ask for a lower dose and treat each problem symptomatically. Talk to your derm too. They have alot of tricks (like the aveeno and benedryl before you go to bed) that can help! Good Luck everyone!

    From: Josh in Aust. A 15 year old Male.
    Subject: Roacutanne
    Date: 05/04/2008 at 08:57 - Message #1090

    My 15 year old son has been on roacutanne for just over 8 weeks now. When we first went to the derm he had about 20 blackheads on his forehead and the odd pimple coming up. Although as he has very fair skin we were noticing that he was starting to get very noticeable red scarring. So the derm put him on 20mg of roacutanne per day. Since then his face has got worse and worse. I have taken him back twice in this time and he just says that he his flaring up bad and that he usually doesn't see it this bad. He has also prescribed bactrim to take as well. As all these flare ups are causing crusty awful lesions as well as red scars on his face and it looks horrible, I really feel for him. He has gone from a really good looking young man to a kid full of red marks and spots everywhere. I know that this is supposed to be a long term treatment and you are supposed to get initial breakouts but this is ridiculous. The derm advises that we should stick it out????? I am seriously thinking about telling him to stop taking it.. or at the very least get a second opinion. Has anybody else experienced this? and if you did for how long and did you eventually have to either stop taking it, lower the dose to 10mg or increase the dose. Your opinions and help would be most welcomed. By the way most of the blackheads are still there!!!!

    From: Bret in California. A 19 year old male.
    Subject: tanning with accutane
    Date: 29/03/2008 at 08:10 - Message #1089

    hey, ive been on accutane for about 5 months now and everything looks great, but i have completely lost my tan from staying out of the sun for so long. i play beach volleyball in Southern Cal and i really need to tan before the season starts. Has anyone tanned while on accutane? and if so did it turn out alright? i know everyone says not to but they have never tried it and just do what everyone else says. I was thinking just only like 5 minutes 3 times a week?

    From: Sasha in Norway. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: Hope it will work!
    Date: 03/03/2008 at 17:55 - Message #1088

    Hi I am 19 years old.. Have suffered from Acne since i was 15 years old. I have tried and wasted my money on soooooooooooo many treatments which includes lasertreatment, masks, p-pills, antibiotika etc.. My skin looks really ugly.. Especially my cheeks. I hate to watch myself in the mirror.. Everyone glare at me like i am an alien.. Well Last week i went to the doctor and he put me on Roaccutane(wutever the spellings are) I been on med for 5 days now ..Till now my skin has dried out, my lips are dry, my throat is also dried, and ofcourse my eyes.. i have noticed that my skin is streched and it feels really itchy.. my pimples are really red.. and i have got 2-3 new breakouts.. Next week i am going to give a blood test..and go to a regular 5 weeks check up to my dermatologist.. He said it works 100%.. so far i have had few mood swings.. which is normal.. I really hope my skin gets better..

    From: danielle in london. A 29 year old female.
    Subject: roacutnae bought online
    Date: 20/02/2008 at 16:29 - Message #1087

    Just wondering what people think of buying Roacutane online? Obviously my first thought is to be very careful as it's such a strong drug and shouldn't be messed around with and secondly how do you know what's being supplied is "pure". I've taken Roaccutane before, approx 2/12 years ago. I took it for about 3-4 months and my skin cleared up nicely. It was never over dry and I didn't really suffer any side effects. While my skin isn't as bad as it was before it has has regressed and is very clogged and scarred. I want to start taking roaccutane again, but I'm not looking forward to paying my dermatologist 175 for a five min consultation every other month to write a quick prescription. This is why I'm tempted to but online. Uuum??? I just found a site that looks reputable(??) and would cut out the middle man, making the whole thing a lot cheaper (Cost is a big issue for me, I'm going to have to stay with friends so that I can afford to take this again). There's also the blood tests, I'm not sure if it's possible to take these without having a dermatologist? Any advice appreciated.

    From: carly in uk . A 21 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 09/01/2008 at 12:28 - Message #1086

    hi i have been on 30mg daily of roaccutane for 8 weeks now and my skin just seems to be getting worse and worse... wen i look back to before i started roaccutane my skin looks so much better although it was greasy!!
    how long was it before anyone on the same dosage as me startin getting results?
    at the moment i feel like quitting... does anyone no what would happen to my skin if i was to just stop taking it??
    please please can someone give me some answers
    thank you

    From: Layla in UK. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: 2 weeks in
    Date: 10/12/2007 at 13:53 - Message #1085

    I've been on Roaccutane for 2 weeks exactly - the best thing so far is that my skin has really dried up (I used to have really greasy skin) so not having to worry about that is really great! The side effects I've had so far have been a really itchy scalp (Boots Expert shampoo is good tho), a rash on the underside of my wrist (like ezcema) and slight breathing difficulties (feels like my lungs ache a bit...not sure if anyone has had these symptoms aswell??). My acne has got a bit worse in the last week but I think thats expected - I just hope it clears up in time for christmas...will keep you posted. Hope roaccutane works for you.

    From: Jenny. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane with cleansers tonics
    Date: 11/11/2007 at 00:07 - Message #1084

    I have a question that worries me a lot. Can i use CLEANSER and TONIC CLEAN&CLEAR with ACCUTANE? Do u use anything while taking Accutane? Please, please, answer me a soon as possible. That is very important for me!!!

    From: Janet in Brisbane Australia. A 47 years year old Female .
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 30/09/2007 at 13:16 - Message #1083

    I have been on 20mg daily Roaccutane for over 9 months, and now have wonderfully clear, acne free skin. However I wish to warn other users of the debilitatingly painful aches I experience. Walking around a shopping centre can leave me feeling like I have walked to the top of Everest. The next morning I will wake with aching feet, legs, back, ribcage, etc. Rolling over in bed is even painful. I have put on 12 kg in the last 9 months because Roaccutane is not conducive to exercising, and I hobble, wince, and limp like an 80 year old! It is a great way to clear up one's skin, but be aware of the side effects. Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is an excellent moisturiser for dry Roaccutane lips. My Dermatologist prescribed an antibiotic ointment for my nasal passages at one stage. She stated that the dryness I was experiencing might make me more vulnerable to staph infections. Good luck to everyone. Warmest regards from Beautiful Brisbane

    From: SPOT in Dublin IRELAND.. A 46 year old female.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 26/09/2007 at 11:32 - Message #1082

    Hi. i posted a comment on this site last September.. My son was on Roaccuatane for a number of months in 2006.. I must say his skin did clear up, and he just gets the odd spot now and again..What I would like to know is did anyone on roaccutane have any other side effects after they stopped taking the medication.? My son was diagnoised with Colitis [ an awful infliction for an 18 year old ]in January of this year, and I just feel that this is a side kick of taking Roaccutane. [ maybe i am wrong ] and that he was just unfortunate.. But this has changed my Son's life forever... I would love to hear from anyone who may have experienced the same problems ... Many thanks... and if they have , how have the managed.. Having said that, my son said to me, if his skin ever got bad again, he would go back on the roaccutane, as he said himself, He would never go through what he went through when he had acne... But I wish you all well, and there is no doubt that it does clear your skin, and gives people back their confidence and lives...

    From: Summer in Louisiana. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: accutain
    Date: 03/08/2007 at 18:17 - Message #1081

    i have been on accutain for 4 months now. it is the best thing i have ever done for my face. yes the drug does have some very bad side effects, but the only thing that affected me was chapted lips. i would recommend anyone that has tried other things that did not work to try accutain. i really is a mirical drug!!

    From: Old Skool G in uk. A 27 year old male.
    Subject: My intro
    Date: 27/07/2007 at 17:58 - Message #1080

    Greetings fellow sufferers!
    Acne started at 14 yers of age and had my severest moments probaly between 16-18 years old. Since then had flare ups but came back with avengance last september. Was a bit streesed at time. I just met my then girlfriend, working long hours, buying a property etc guess must have pumped up my testosterone output and hence the flare up. Didnt do anything for a 2 months apart from use tea tree oil until a friend of mine at the gym (in his customary indiscreet manner) remarked how my face had more spots on it than the polka dot shirt he was wearing. Made appointment with my Family Doctor who prescribed me benzoyl peroxide (which I knew would be useless - but hey, Dr knows best .. right?) After 2 months symptoms were the same but with worse s/effects eg redness, itchiness, spot shadows, so went back and was prescribed oxytetracycline - which seemed to help with the inflammation but still I was producing grease by the bucketload. Even tried chemical peels and microdermabrasion which were an expensive joke. Finally got my referaal to Dermatoligist who insisted I tried adapalene gel for 2 months before decision on roaccuatane. Finally got my way by standing firm and insisting on my preference for roaccuatane. Been on it a week and so far noticed my lips are very dry, skin more sensitive to injury (went to the gym today and came back with a red line on my nose probably from grazing some weights machine,) and a mildish outbreak of spots on my forehead.
    Conclusions so far:
    1.Doctors - unless they suffered from acne themselves have no idea what you going through. Stand firm and insist on appropriate treatment and timely referrals.
    2. Give so called miracle physical cures a miss - often performed by under trained nurses with no proper monitoring. Peels and microderm actually made my face much worse.
    3. Go private if you got the money. Had to wait 10 months for roaccuatane (accutane) via the NHS even though was well-imformed to know after 2 that this was the best option for me. If I went private would have been on roaccuatane in late january instead of late july.
    4. Have faith. Thats all you got to rely on I guess when you take the plunge with Roaccuatane (accuatane.)
    Good luck everyone. I'll post my next blog in 2 months after my next visit to my uncommunicative and decidely unsymapthetic Dermatoligist. Hopefuuly my tone will be decididly more cheerful and optimstic.

    From: Cat in Chelt, UK . A 26 year old female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 15/05/2007 at 16:51 - Message #1079

    Oops sorry posting again so soon! Have a couple of questions I forgot to ask - make up..... I have a nightmare with it on top of the drying and it feels so much better without and to be able to moisturize more frequently but would people advise to stop wearing it when I have to go to work every day??? It would be scary! Or do you think it would be ok to just take it off after work and leave it free of make up at weekends?
    And.. time off work - anyone had to? I feel bad that I have had to take these two days off, but I do feel rough..I don't know whether this is reasonable or not? Anyone suffered with it badly enough to take off work? Advice pls.

    From: Cat in Chelt, UK . A 26 year old female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 15/05/2007 at 16:44 - Message #1078

    Hi All, Thanks for all your posts it's helped me - I have suffered with what the docs call "adult acne" , basically since i was 21/22 and came off the pill. they believe that being on it so long (had some "womens problems" at 14) had stopped it from appearing in my younger years. So...after trying everything they finally referred me to a derm who prescribed roaccutane. This was in march, I have just started to take it and am on day 8. After the first three days I had the drying of the skin on my face and lips, looks like you can not avoid that side effect! The one thing that made me look up this site is incredible back pain on monday morning, making me come home from work and again today... after reading this it seems this is just part of it and I have gone out and bought some gel to rub on it at night as it seems by lying down for that long a period of time! I am guessing rubbing it on at night and in the morning will relieve the majority of the pain. I don't want to come off the tablets (40mg a day) - does that make me crazy? I am so happy that I can see my skin clearing, something I have not seen in so many years. I have been so miserable over the years with acne, affecting my work, my confidence, my poor fiance has not seen me with clear skin since the month? he met me. I am hoping that this gets easier over the next few weeks??? I feel a bit low but you know that this is a side affect so look at the positive, know you are not really low but it;s making you that way and at the end the happiness you'll feel when you keep looking in the mirror and see a clear face.
    Agree though that is not the case currently as have broken out like crazy since starting this! I also know that I should not take an increase as it is obviously pushig my body far to far already - would people agree?
    Anyway hope I have helped someone reading.... any advice on the side affects / whether I should stop would be good but I feel better just knowing there are other people who are suffering right now and others that have come through it. This is far too long already, I will post some more as I progress.

    From: zoet73 in uk. A 33 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 02/05/2007 at 19:55 - Message #1077

    hi, I have just picked up my first persription, after reading more about the possible side effects when i got home, i must admit i'm in a bit of a dilema. I'm so happy to have a possible cure, but i'm going to corsica in june, 5 weeks into treatment, to do a 15 day mountain hike! i was gutted to read that it can have such an effect on muscles and i'm thinking i'll have to delay my treatment.? the blurb says to avoid strenuous exercise, and i know the trip is going to be a huge challenge already...then the fact of all that sun! :(
    i'm really unsure about what to do, i really want to start the treatment, but its hard to know how it will affect my trip.
    i've been plagued by acne for years, (mid 20's - now, 33),
    what i tease if i have to hold on for another two months!!:) any ideas? was hoping to be going away spot free for once.
    i have found this site today, and it has been really helpful, thanks.x
    ps, sorry this is not a review, as yet, i will keep you updated.

    From: Natasha in NewZealand. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 08/02/2007 at 05:08 - Message #1076

    I have been suffering from acne from the age of 15.It has it's moments where it comes and goes. Since the middle of last year, the acne has been out of control. The pimles leave dark marks, and I now have marks and scars on my face which I try so hard to cover up with make up. I want clean, clear and healthy skin. I have tried everything.I am spending so much money each month on skin care, and vitamins.I would like to take roaccutane but have been warned by my gp not to. Any advice? It really is affecting me.Its nt as bad as some people may have it, but it still affects me

    From: Dan in Uk. A 17 year old Male.
    Subject: The Drug
    Date: 01/02/2007 at 20:39 - Message #1075

    Public Vote, Should i take this drug?

    From: Allison in Engalnd. A 39 year old Female.
    Subject: The lasting effects of accutane
    Date: 31/01/2007 at 10:03 - Message #1074

    Hi, my message is slightly different its a question really.After taking Accutane a couple of years ago and it worked for me, I did suffer various side effects and although Its been a couple of years now I am still suffering side effects is this common? Also I would be interested to know if any woman who took Accutane at anytime like myself, who, following the recomended 6 month minimum time of the drug - mine was a couple of years went on to have a baby with birth defects. Espcially Heart defects, Thymus defects or 22q.11 deleation or any other defects. Please would you email me on the email provided if there are any replys. Thanks for reading. Allison

    From: Stephen in Georgia. A 15 year old Male.
    Subject: Cost
    Date: 28/01/2007 at 00:41 - Message #1073

    I am a freshman in highschool. My acne is some of the worse stuff I have ever tried to get rid of. I have worked and worked on my face to try to get rid of the acne, but to no avail. I am now taking Accutane, I believe that is the correct spelling, we get the generic brand and I take 40 mg twice a day. This month it was over $800. Any advice on help with this cost would be much appreciated. Please feel free to contact my mother at the email address included above.
    Thank you all so much!

    From: Wendina in Seattle. A 42 year old female.
    Subject: month three
    Date: 17/01/2007 at 19:46 - Message #1072

    Update. I had to lower my dose from 40 mg a day to 30 mg a day due to depression in the second month. I'm now in the third month of treatment and my skin broke out again. This time, though, it's going away fast and now my skin is extremely dry and chapped where the pimples were. My eyes are dry and my nose runs constantly! I also have a red rash on my hands and wrists. As this is my fourth time on accutane I knew to expect some of this. Still, it's hard to go through. After accutane I'll be on some sort of antibiotic to help the rosacea, so this is just the beginning of treatment, really.

    From: Elayne in Jamaica. A 35 year old female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 06/01/2007 at 18:39 - Message #1071

    This is my third time on roaccutane. The first two times I didnot complete the 4mths dosage the doctor prescribed. However I noticed during those times that my skin got 10 times darker - extreemly dark. The other side effects I had were dried lips, eyes, skin, itchy skin, headaches, rectal and nose bleed also mood swing and irritability. However, the second time I did not experieenced irritability and rectal bleeding. I must say though that even though I didn't complete the dose I had improvements and after a while my pigmentation came back. I wish that my skin wouldn't get so dark and my mood doesn't change. I just started my new dose 4 days ago and this time I will try to stay on for 4 mths as the doctor prescribed.

    From: Niecey in Michigan. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: New Sotret User
    Date: 21/12/2006 at 05:13 - Message #1070

    Hello All,
    I am a 29 year old African American female who just began Sotret (40mg/day). I have had severe cystic acne since I was 12. However, I am finally tired of it and all the remedies I have been through (minocycline, bactrim, chemical peels, etc.,) Because I just began this journey 6 days ago, I have yet to experience any side effects really except for the dry lips and headaches. However, I think I only had a headache due to daily stresses, not the medication. (I haven't had one since). I am not really looking for any side effects to occur, however I am aware of what could possibly happen. I have started this process believing that this acne will go away and all will be well.

    From: Wendina in Seattle, Washington, USA. A 42 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane/Isotretinoin
    Date: 11/12/2006 at 09:12 - Message #1069

    I started my fourth course of accutane in 20 years about five weeks ago. 40 mg a day once a day. My acne is stubborn this time, as I also have rosacea. It seemed to clear almost completely in week three, then started filling up with bumps again in week four. (Anyone had this happen?) I'm hoping these will be gone before the holidays. As for the rash all over, I've had that before. This time it's only on my hands, but it looks ugly to be sure. And Carmex is my answer to dry lips. Awesome stuff! My hair started to fall out the first time I took accutane at age 23, but never since. Aches and pains are normal for me, so I'm not sure if the drug is making them worse or not. I'm hanging in there. I deserve clear skin in my 40s, right?

    From: Cassie in wa. A 20 year old female.
    Date: 03/12/2006 at 10:29 - Message #1068

    Has anyone experienced chapped skin or rough dry skin in random spots around the body? I have found it ony thighs, hips, back, upper arm, hands and now a bit of the face and neck.

    From: Cassie in Washington. A 20 year old Female.
    Date: 25/11/2006 at 10:16 - Message #1067

    My doc up'd my med dose for my last month. Not a good idea. One morning I felt like my equalibrium was a bit of, thought I was just tired. I got in the shower and within 2 min I fell back on the wall and nearly passed out. I caught myself and quickly through my hair up in a towel and put clothes on and some how go to my bedroom 2 floors up because I felt like crap and I was frightened. I began to feel really dizzy and I couldn't see right, it was blurry. So about 2 hours later I was able to get back out of bed and regain myself. I was honestly as white as a ghost and too sick to eat. I got some toast down and drank some fluids. I regained myself throughout the day but was exhausted. I have gone back to my regular dosage and I staying away from the increase. Advice to others, dont take any more meds then you think you can handle. Ask lots of questions about the increase your doc is perscribing you. Let me tell you, what I went through can't be explained enough as bad as it really was. I hope others didn't experience what I did. I felt like crap!

    From: Paul in Australia.
    Date: 13/11/2006 at 09:45 - Message #1066

    This is like about what laura wrote, "its all worth it till you see the side effects"??????????????
    Dont you mean the intended effects of the meds, and as for being on roaccutane for 'ever' i think its a very stupid move, but hey its your body, and remmeber roaccutane is a relatively young drug and its effects have not been studied long term ie in old people or as one ages, because the first people that tried it are just now getting old, and if that means having a funcctioning liver and not turning into a human peanut (beecause it will prob dry u out)not to mention skeletal defects when ur older, or having no pimples id probley go with choice A. Go for a jog join a sports team, get ur mind of the whole acne cycle, a pills only a quick fix

    From: Laura in Edmonton,Canada. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: Life changer
    Date: 06/11/2006 at 18:26 - Message #1065

    I have been on Accutane for about 5 years now. On and off that is. The first time 5 years ago i went on acctuane i was on the 30 mg/twice a day for 5 days on and then 2 days off. I was COMPLETLEY clear after about 3 months. I swear i have the worst acne in the whole entire world. Then once i was clear about 5 months later i started to get breakouts again so i went back on it for another 6 months. SO now 3 1/2 years later i am now PREMANTLEY on acctuane (until i decide to get pregnant).....this sounds insane but dermatologists are now giving giving acutane users who have been on accutane for a long perios of time a lower dose of accutane every other day. SO now to keep my acne under control i take 10MG of accutane on mondays, wednesdays and Fridays ONLY..And it keeps ME completly clear and I am NEVER dry because I think I because immune to it or something. So i really recommend accutane. I have NEVER had any bad side effects...some dry lips for a day or so..pfft..i can live with that...its all worth it in the end when you see the actual side effects...

    From: Cassie in Washington. A 20 year old Female.
    Date: 01/11/2006 at 03:18 - Message #1064

    I would say that the nosebleeds are common, I used to get them all the time. The headaches are also a known symptom. However, the brain pressure is not anything I have ever heard of. I highly suggest you get ahold of your doctor and make sure this isn't something that you should be on or perhaps you could lower the dosage.

    From: Cindy. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: Brain Pressure
    Date: 30/10/2006 at 21:54 - Message #1063

    I've started Roaccutane for about a month now. I've had a severe nose bleed once and lots of headache which felt like suttle pressure at the brain. Other than that, i seem to face blur vission which i am not sure if it is caused by dryness of eye as i wear contact lenses. Are these side effects common? Does anyone know if it is save to continue the drug? If i stop taking the drug now, will my acne get worst? hope someone can help me out! i m worried! Thanks..!

    From: Cassie in wa. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: your answer
    Date: 19/10/2006 at 18:58 - Message #1062

    I have been on 40mg of Accutane for almost 5 months. I have zero acne on my back and chest and now it is working on my face. I get a few bloody noses every now and then but they are tolerable. My skin is dry but if you are used to taking acne meds, you are already used to that. My joints might ache but I am an athlete so I am always sore from exercise so its hard to say on that one. My mood hasn't changed, or at least not enough to be mentioned. I can't say that it will be 100% effective, but I can say that you hear more positive stories than negative. I have had a lot of luck with it and have nothing negative to comment on. Any other questions?

    From: Nadia in Orange Cty California USA. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 19/10/2006 at 15:42 - Message #1061

    I have my 40mg Accutane waiting for me at Walgreens. I am a Mexican female and have mild to moderate acne and I am not sure if I can put up with all the side affect people complain about (especially bone and joint pain). Right now my face has scars but the acne is under control with KEEFLEX antibiotic and Spirolactone,,,,,,however, if I stop I will breakout. Does anyone with mild to moderate acne reccomend accutane. Which form of accutane did you use, BRAND or GENERIC and who is the manufacture? My two friends have done well with accutane with minimal side affect but I need reassurance. I was told that at 40mg that I would have to take it a second time by a friend who reccomended accutane...she did not reccomend taking it twice. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

    From: faith in sydney. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: aggression
    Date: 12/09/2006 at 01:32 - Message #1060

    hi, has anyone on the drug roaccutane felt more depressed or aggressive?

    From: spot in ireland.. A 45 year old female.
    Subject: roaccuatane
    Date: 04/09/2006 at 07:45 - Message #1059

    I am the Mother of a 17 year old Boy who suffered with bad skin for about two years.. he was on an antibotic for a year, which did nothing for him..I took him to a dermatologist who prescribed Roaccuatane.. I was very nervous of him going on this medication but what could i do... He started off on 60mg a day and then gradually decreased... He is now off the medication 3 months.. He is like a new person.. HE has confidence he never had, his face is clear..Yes he did suffer with a lot of side effects, especially dry lips.. [ his friends called him the vaseline man, as he was never without a jar..] He also had nose bleeds but not very many,.. his skin was dry and the skin on his feet peeled a few times... HE is an atheletic chap and plays alot of sport and t.g. so far we have had no problems with pains or aches.. Please god this will continue.. I just want to say to any Parent out there, it did work for my son, and as i say he is a changed person.. and hope the Spots will stay away... BUT YES FOR MY SON IT WORKED AND T.G. HE IS WELL .....

    From: pete in LA. A 28 year old male.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 02/09/2006 at 16:02 - Message #1058

    Hi all
    i'm on 4/8 boxes of roaccutane.(each box contain 30 capsules of 20mg). 60mg for me everydday.
    begining stage it was worst and now it nearly clearing up. lip dryness still, and i use vaseline it helps to moisturiser.
    i would like to find out, is there any food and beverage restriction while we are on this course? because i do occassional alcohol drink, like weekend.
    roaccutane really can do a good job. so just patient and stick with it. you may find flawless skin coming on day soon.

    From: Dank in ohio. A 18 year old male.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 31/08/2006 at 14:07 - Message #1057

    My docter finally prescribed me accutane, but the pharmacy called and said the doc needs too call in and say if my insurance will cover is, i really hope it does because acne is like the worst feeling in the world when you feel scared to show your face , i wonder somtimes why god let me have acne, but my question is how did all of you guys PAY for accutane like what insurance do you guys have , thank you
    ill really appreicate if everybody trys to awnser this

    From: Cassie in Washington. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: so far a success
    Date: 29/08/2006 at 04:15 - Message #1056

    I am now on month three of Accutane. I started with 20mg per day, 40 mg per day and now I am taking two 40mg per day. My chest is completely cleared and my back is almost gone as well. My face has improved a bit but my doc says its the chest and back that clear up first. I have dry lips and skin and a few bloody noses. I am an athlete so the aches and pains are normal for me so I am not sure if it really causing me any or if just my injured body. Anywho, so far a success for me. I hope to see a big improvement with the increase!

    From: colette. A 18 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 24/08/2006 at 06:55 - Message #1055

    i hav strtd takn accutne n da lst 2 weeks nd am strtn 2 notice da side effects jst now...sensitive,peeln skin,dry,chappd lips.mi doc has prescribed me 70mg a day nd mi acne is mostly mild yet sumtmes rangin 2 gettn worried bout takn da drug aftr readn so mani bad msgs nd i realli dnt wana put mislf n unecessary danger.can ne1 advise me in da bst tng 2 do?

    From: Ben in Australia. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 22/08/2006 at 10:29 - Message #1054

    i was on roaccuatane for about 4 months, 2 years ago and my skin cleared up for about 3-4 months i then went back on roaccutane for a 2nd time and my skin was clear for 6-7 months. on thursday i have another appointment and might go on my 3rd round of roaccutane. its back again but each time has been not as not as bad. soooooooo does anyone know or has anyone had this done...? if you have could you please e-mail me at or if you have any advice thanks

    From: MIKE HOLTON. A 18 year old not sure anymore.
    Date: 20/08/2006 at 04:05 - Message #1053


    From: Elizabeth in Buffalo, NY. A 21 year old female.
    Date: 22/06/2006 at 14:55 - Message #1052

    After suffering from bad skin for over ten years....yes ten years...I recently have decided to take Amnesteen (accutane) and am beyond satisfied already. Chapped lips and dry skin yes, but it's well worth it: Purpose is an oil-free face cleanser and moisturizer - I highly recommend them and for chapped lips [and only chapped lips and dry spots on the body, don't use this on the face] Eucerin makes a healing cream called Aquaphor - phenomenal...def give it a try, you'll be glad you did.
    For all those who are hesitant to take accutane, do it. Go for your regular blood tests, eat a very healthy diet, try to drink approx 50 oz of water a day, exercise regularly, don't miss your doctor appointments and ask your family to give you feedback on your physical appearance and your emotional/mental state. These sound like general guidlines for life - but with a healthy lifestyle and an active body, the easier of a ride and a more positive outcome will come with accutane.
    I have found that running, bicycling and lifting at the gym have not only kept me physically healthy but kept my mood in high spirits - eliminating the worry of the depressive side effects. Eating healhty has also helped my skin clear up. ORGANIC MILK AND MEATS are a great way to clear up skin - they don't contain the steroids given to most animals. Have you ever seen a person on steroids? with all that acne? well you guessed it - same applies when eating meat that had steroid...YOU will get the acne.
    Take accutane, MONITOR YOURSELF AND HAVE OTHERS MONITOR YOU, keep a journal and in the end you will be so happy you did, IT IS WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!

    From: Luci in London, UK. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: Side effects
    Date: 21/06/2006 at 05:21 - Message #1051

    Hey everyone
    Ive been on roaccutane/accutane for around 8 weeks and have only experienced a few side effects:
    - dry lips
    - dry skin
    - sore throat
    However ive found them very easy to deal with. Vaseline works great for the lips and skin, I constantly apply it to my lips and to my skin when I go to sleep, and have found it helps alot. As for my sore throat drinking loads of water helps.
    Before I started taking the drug I was really worried about muscle ache cos I play alot of sport regulary, but (fingers crossed) I havent experienced any, and the drug doesn't affect my preformance at all.
    If you are thinking of taking the drug, don't be worried about the side effects, as they are different for everyone, and the results are fantastic. Just because some people experience such bad results it doesn't mean you will. Trust me, Roaccutane is the best thing I've ever done. Go for it!

    From: Cassie in Washington. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: Just about to start meds
    Date: 18/06/2006 at 15:36 - Message #1050

    I am going to be starting my Accutane med this week and I am a bit nervous but on the other hand, I am excited that I will have clear skin. My question is how severe are the dry skin side effects as well as the bloody noses?

    From: RR in States. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: Acne hair loss
    Date: 13/06/2006 at 02:28 - Message #1049

    I took Accutane 1 time for 4 months and have lost about 70% of my hair after 2 years. It is very thin and dry, and UGLY looking. I also developed lots of other problems after this crapy drug: Dry eyes, dry skin, And it didnt even cure my acne totally!
    My hair still falls and I think sometimes about commiting suicide. Accutane has to be taking off of the market, its very nasty drug, I wish more people would know about it!

    From: Matt H in Wales UK. A 35 year old Male.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 12/06/2006 at 09:16 - Message #1048

    Been on it for 4.5 weeks, 20mg 3 times a day. Have to take it for a total of 4 months. Acne I had has cleared up now about 98% so very impressed. Main neg symptom is dry lips, face is a bit dry too but not too worried about that. Just hope it doesnt come back after the 4 month period...

    From: Nickii in australia. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: 8th week
    Date: 08/06/2006 at 19:36 - Message #1047

    Well im on my 8th week of Accutane 20mlg once a day.
    Finally my neck is clearing up and my face is still clear so fingers crossed its finally starting to work, i feel so much more confident, i love the fact that my face does not look one bit oily anymore...
    I still have dry lips and my bones feel like they ache, also i have such dry sinuses and eyes but nothing i cant handle......hopefully it will all be worth it so i can have nice clear skin for my wedding on the 21st october this year

    From: nickii in australia. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: ance
    Date: 22/05/2006 at 03:56 - Message #1046

    hey guys,
    this is my 6 week and am feeling pretty down, im on 20mg once a day, and my skin had dried out completely, sore dry lips and breakouts all around my neck, i keep thinking is it all worth it but im going to keep ploding along.i must admit my face has cleared up 70% but im still having breakouts on my chin which was my worst i will keep reporting in every couple of weeks..goodluck all

    From: Steve in NY. A 15 year old Male.
    Subject: Acne
    Date: 21/05/2006 at 19:24 - Message #1045

    Accutane is the best ACNE MEDICATION EVER!!!!!! I started using accutane 3months ago and it is the best thing to treat my acne with. I was on 20 mg for first 2 months and 40 mg for the third month. Be4 i went on accutane I went to the dermatologist and he told me i had the worst acne he has ever seen. Then he told me accutane is the only thing that can heal me. Now my face is soooo much clearer and i love accutane. The side effects that i got were only dry skin and headaches but thats basicaly it. For anyone out there doubting accutane U SHOULD DEFINETLY TRY IT OUT cause it really DOES works!!!!!!!!!!

    From: Scott J in New York. A 36 year old Male.
    Subject: Loosing Hair
    Date: 13/05/2006 at 11:55 - Message #1044

    Hi everyone. 15 weeks ago I posted a message stating that I was staring accutane again after being off of it for 16 years. Good news is that I cleared relatively quickly once I got on the meds. Now that I just finished week 15 my doctor is taking me off accutance because my hair is thinning. I have a very full head of hair and am now starting to notice areas of thinning and see lots of hair in the drain in the shower. This is not good news... The doctor tells me that hair thinning is rare and when it does occur it usually stops within 3 months of going off the meds. Has anyone experienced hair loss while on this drug - was it permanent or temporary. Please let me know.. Thanks

    From: nickii in australia. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: week 4
    Date: 11/05/2006 at 03:04 - Message #1043

    hey guys, well im on week 4 of 20mlg once a day roaccutane and having a few more side effects, stiff back and legs and just feel tired all the time, dry eyes and nose and having a problem with my dry sinuses..
    skin slightly clearing skin and hair is not as oily which is face feels like its hot all the time, but i will take on all of this rather than having to all out there thinking about it, go for it

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    From: Nickii in australia. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: why more acne
    Date: 30/04/2006 at 03:16 - Message #1037

    Hey guys, i have mild acne that has gradually gotton worse since having my daughter 8 years ago, and like everyone else i have tried everything...ive been been on roaccutane for 2 weeks and 2 days (20mlg) once a day, so far my side effects havent been too bad, my skin is slightly red and have had dry lips and a really itchy scalp, and ive had quite a few more spots come up on my chin and neck,so so far i havent really seen an improvement but i guess its early days yet, however my skin is not as oily which is a good sign.Im sure everyone would agree that when u suffer from acne you feel so alone and noone understands, so many of my friends and family havent been supportive with me going on this drug,which is frustrating because having support would help that bit more....So goodluck everyone and i hope to come back to you's with more and more improvement i guess i just need to be patient xxxxxxxxxxxx

    From: Galastore.
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    From: Amber in Ohio. A 27 year old Female.
    Subject: When is it okay to get pregnate?
    Date: 06/03/2006 at 20:43 - Message #1035

    Hello all. I have really bad cystic acne, and my doctor has recommended I try Accutane, but my husband and I are unsure of what to do since we were talking about trying to have a baby. Does anyone know how long after taking Accutane you have to wait to have a baby or would it just be better to try and get pregnate first and hope that helps? I really don't know what to do!

    From: Paul in Ireland.. A 27 year old Male.
    Subject: The BIG R
    Date: 27/02/2006 at 19:44 - Message #1034

    I am on my first round of Roaccutaine, 40mg a day, my acne isn't really that bad but my pores are really big. I am in week 2 of a 6 month course and I have noticed a few side affects, Dry lips and nose and really dry skin. I have also noticed that I am really emotional (I'm not normally) Is this natural? I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what I can use on my skin to keep it moist as is's really getting very dry. As for the other side affects I will get used to and after all it's wort it in the end. I really look forward to any advise I can get.

    From: Jenny in ireland. A 19 year old female.
    Date: 27/02/2006 at 06:03 - Message #1033

    hello everyone
    im starting roaccutane tomorrow and was just wondering can u wear make-up whilst on roaccutane to cover the initial breakouts????
    thank youu xxxxxxx

    From: Jean in California. A 30 year old Femaile.
    Subject: back pain
    Date: 06/02/2006 at 11:12 - Message #1032

    I took accutane for five months. The first 3 months, I had severe breakouts, worse than any other time. I started to clear up on the forth and fifth month. Now my skin is flawless. No pimples, no blackheads anywhere. All my pores shrunk. I cannot find a pore on my face. It's great! All the dryness is gone and I'm back to normal.
    Here is my problem. During the fifth month, I woke up one morning not being able to move. My spine was frozen. It hurt to breath. The expansion of my lungs hurt my spine. It wasn't muscle soreness. It was excruciating pain in my joints of my entire spine. My husband had to help me sit up. Once I was up and able to slowly move, the pain went away. This happened for a week. I stopped taking accutane for 2 weeks, and the pain went away. Then I proceeded to go back on it for my sixth month. I took only two pills, and the pain came right back. I stopped accutane again for good. It's been now a month since I have been off of it but I still have the severe back pain every single morning. It's when my spine is still, that it stiffens up almost like arthritis I would say. But as soon as I move my spine, the pain is gone. I have limited my sleep to seven hours. When I sleep more than that, the pain just gets worse and worse. I'm hoping this pain will go away.

    From: Julieta in USA. A 31 year old Female.
    Subject: Headache
    Date: 04/02/2006 at 20:41 - Message #1031

    I just started taking sotret (isotretinoin) about 4 days ago (60/day). My concern is that I've been having constant headache (brain pressure).
    I took this medicatiopn also about 1 1/2 year ago but don't remenber if I had heache and if that is normal.
    Does anybody know if there is a difference between Accutane and the generic drug Sotret made by Ranbaxy?

    From: John Desi in London .. England. A 17 year old Male.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 01/02/2006 at 15:12 - Message #1030

    Hi i just started my roaccutane course today, initially taking 20mg tablets 1nce a day for the first month and then 40g worth of tablets twice a day from the second month on. I've been reading up on what everyone else has written in this board and the other ones and the common problems i've seen amongst people my age is:
    Hair thinning
    Breakouts over the first 7 - 10 days
    Severe chapped lips.
    In my case my acne on my face has never been that bad, just the reoccurance of small random spots on my face with slight scarring. The reason i've started on roaccutane is that i have had moderate - severe acne on my back, rarely cysts, since i was 14. I have tried several medicines including erythromycin and they have failed to work, only slightly improve the situation. Currently the acne on my back has slightly lessend but i do have red spots on my chest.
    I use hair products virtually every day and also wear contact lenses. I wanted to know whether it is best to stop using hair products all the time to try and stop my hair from falling out. I also play a lot of sports and do a lot of weightlifting and i wanted to know if the aches in joints are severe enough to prevent you from playing sport properly (soccer/football). Also if drinking alcohol once in a while affects the treatment and your skin condition.
    I would be grateful if anyone in a similar situation or has knowledge on my situation to respond. Thank You

    From: shaun in tennessee. A 28 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 28/01/2006 at 11:44 - Message #1029

    I am 28 years old and have started accutane 40mg 1 x a day, my face has really dried up alot, i am only taking it for oily skin, my acne is very , very, mild.Is this too much for me.

    From: Scott J in NY. A 36 year old Male.
    Subject: Back on Accutane 16 yrs later
    Date: 27/01/2006 at 23:32 - Message #1028

    Hi everyone. I originally was on accutane when I was 20 years old. Did the 20 week stint on the meds. Anyway, the meds helped although I never quite fully cleared and have suffered since I was a kid. Well, now 16 years later my same dermatologist has put me back on accutance. Took my first pill just a couple of hours ago. It is so strange to be on this medication again but I really don't have much of a choice. The acne seems to have gotten deeper more recently and I have needed to get several injections for some rather large zits over the past couple of months. I'm hoping this round of the medication will work. Doctor is starting me on 40mg once a day. Will keep you all posted.. My fingers are crossed. Looking forward to finally being acne free after dealing with this now for about 20 years...

    From: connie holsinger in west union ohio. A 51 year old female.
    Subject: vioxx
    Date: 26/01/2006 at 22:04 - Message #1027

    i was taking the drug vioxx for about a year or more

    From: Christa in South Africa. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: Staying strong!
    Date: 26/01/2006 at 03:30 - Message #1026

    HI, well I am using roac for a month now and I am really seeing a difference. At first the acne was getting worse and I was so irretated and depressed that I was thinking of killing myself. if I think about why I actually feel that way, is that I kinda hoped that it was going to dissapear in one day. But that is not how it works, Rome wasn't built in one day! I have to be patient and stop worrying the whole time about it, so that the medication can actually do its work! By starting to believe that it really is going to work and staying positive, I saw such a difference in this last 2 weeks. I prayed constantly and looked at before and after pictures of some patients that used roac (Amazing results) every night before going to bed. I keep telling myself that i am worthy of a beautiful skin and that my skin is going to look even better than in the after pictures. I know that God is going to bless my face through the roac. He knows what burdens we carry because of acne. If you put your faith in Him , He will not let you down!
    Just give the roac time to work, i believe that it really does work. Be patient and practice having the outcome(beautiful skin) already. Keep strong! May God bless all the suffering people out there!

    From: ugh in nj. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: second course of accutane
    Date: 20/01/2006 at 16:13 - Message #1025

    Hi all this is my First msg on this msg board, so heres my story. I started getting acne when i was 17 just before starting college before that i had the clearest nicest skin. I heard about accutane, was supposed to go on it for about 6 monthsbut stopped taking it after 4 because my skin was perfect and i was going to puerto rico and your not supposed to be in the sun, it stayed clear perfectly for a few months and started getting little break outs about a year later nothing unbearable. to make things short 6b years later and I miss the skin i had when I was on accutane so im going on it fore a SECOND TIME and im scared that its not going to work as good or even last and i might have to go on it a THIRD! and there might be dangeres of going on it too many times (not sure) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANYONE who has ANY ADVICE let me know email me!

    From: akadrama in RI. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: Chapped Lips
    Date: 13/01/2006 at 11:55 - Message #1024

    I started taking accutane 2 weeks ago and my lips are severly chapped. I knew about this possibilty but I work in a hospital and see patients all day and I'm concerned people are going to wonder what is wrong with me. I just wanted to know what products should I try to help my lips.
    Thanks for any advice

    From: jussy in australia. A 15 year old female.
    Subject: should I stop taking it?
    Date: 10/01/2006 at 05:33 - Message #1023

    hi all, im 15 and started to take roaccutaine about 7 weeks ago. for the first week the dock told me to only take one tablet a day, but now i take two. i had pretty bad acne b4 i started taking roac, it was really bad on my back, chest and face [but i stayed strong]. i have tryed everything, even totally cutting out wheat in my diet and that proactiv face wash did absolutly NOTHING and also antibiotics. im a healthy person and i know its not caused by hormones and my family is prone to bad acne. somtimes i do get down and feel like the only one cause i dont see any1 else as bad as me. *tear* :[.
    ANYWAYS back to the point, my dock said it would get a bit worse and then get better but its just been getting WORSE and worse! my back has improved a bit but my face is alot worse now. my mum said that if there isnt any improvment in a week then we should go back to the docks and consider stop taking it, mums been real supportive :].
    Should i stop or keep going with it??
    thx 4 ur help :P and plz reply
    P.S my dock gave me special moisturiser for the skin dryness and so i put it on my face [mainly where my acne is] and i was told just then NOT to put moisturiser on my acne at ALL so i only just stopped putting it on.

    From: Sarah in UK. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 31/12/2005 at 16:31 - Message #1022

    Hi there I am 21 and on my 2nd course of Roaccutane
    I have moderate acne and some scarring and since non of the antibiotics or face treatments have made any difference (apart from drying and irritating the skin) i was put on the pill and roaccutane just over 2 years ago. It worked very well and my sister was very jealous of my glowing skin. However 4 months after end of treatment when i came off the pill and onto the injection (as pill made me gain weight) the acne came back. I used Retin-A topical treatment which i think helped slightly but then my acne was becoming so horrible again that I couldn't do anything to cover it up. I've been on the 2nd course 6 weeks and at the moment my skin looks appalling. It is sore and scabby, some juicy ones but some big raw bits of skin. But even so I know it will get better as last time it didn't clear up until the end of the treatment. I suffer from knee pain anyway and the roaccutane hasn't significantly worsened it just aches n pains now and again if do repeated movements. I would say the final result is definitely worth it regardless of the side effects which aren't too severe just dont read into them so much. Infact most of the side effects occur in the 1st couple of weaks then become less. Chapped lips is a small price to pay just keep putting vaseline on every 5 mins. Don't use skin products just wash with a mild non-irritating alcohol free cleanser and use oil-free moisturiser (even if your skin is dry as oily moisturiser will only undo the good work of unclogging the pores that roaccutane does). If you have severely dry/raw and sore patches just dab abit of vaseline onto that particular area. Good luck people I know how horrible it is, and unfair. I just hope the effects of the 2nd treatment will last. Im still on the injection which i know is bad for your skin but i didnt want to go on the pill knowing it would only be a short term solution and my 2nd dermatologist thought it doesn't really make much difference. If I had immaculate skin I would prob have the confidence to go out drinking with my friends so which does your liver the most damage?

    From: Mandy in Montreal, QC.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 25/12/2005 at 02:52 - Message #1021

    Anyone experiencing vomitting with the use of Accutane. This is the second time in a week and I only have one week left to finish my first month. Anyone with help...Please drop a line. Thanks!

    From: Bethzy in Japan. A 26 year old Female.
    Subject: Nosmoq: The Best Absolute Aid to Stop Smoking Forever.
    Date: 08/11/2005 at 03:02 - Message #1020

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    From: krista in ohio. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: just started
    Date: 11/10/2005 at 08:06 - Message #1019

    hey im 17 years old and i just started taking accutane last friday, 4 days ago. i never had a break out until late august and it all went down hill from there. so i tried all the other acne medications and none of them worked. So finally i got an appointment with a dermontologist and i was put on accutane right was really bad cystic acne and my face was so swollen. so i am taking 1 accutane every other day and cortizone 2 a day this first week. my face is back to its normal shape, which is amazing because my homecoming is this week and i look like myself! and the cysts have shrunk soooo much and when i wear makeup you can hardly tell. i am sooo happy that i am finally getting back to normal. i just have a few questions, about what percentage of teens get depressed and all like crazy while taking accutane? and about how long will i have to stay on this drug? Thank you so much. God Bless

    From: Anya in BSB. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: To Paige: Define beautiful?
    Date: 05/10/2005 at 23:34 - Message #1018

    Hey Paige, just u mean by beautiful skin, no scars, no red marks, no u mean ur skin is complete flawless skin?? im on 7th week now and i have a lot of red marks...which to some ppl see as pimples but its not!!*open your eyes peepz* hehe and also and my face is face is not flaky bt its not dry and its not oily...m scared that since its not flaky, red marks will not go away....hope you will respond soon..thanks

    From: Paige in VA. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane really works!
    Date: 04/10/2005 at 06:00 - Message #1017

    I have nooo complaints about accutane. I've had adult acne until around the age of 25. Thats when I decided enough was enough. Like everyone else, I tried EVERYTHING, but NOTHING worked. I did experience side effects of chapped lips, occasional stiff joints but that was it. My skin is beautiful now! I even get compliments on how smooth my skin is. I have had two sessions of accutane, because roughly after 2.5 years, my acne started coming back. The good part is, the second session took a shorter time to work. I will recommend accutane to anyone. It is worth a try, if you dont like it, you can always quit.

    From: Tamela Johnson in Pine Bluff, AR. A 30 year old Female.
    Date: 28/09/2005 at 09:20 - Message #1016

    What determines the severity of bleeding?
    What causes a person to have servere bleeding?

    From: Tony in massachusetts. A 14 year old male.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 20/09/2005 at 19:43 - Message #1015

    My son had his first appointment with the dermatologist. They gave him some cream and said that they recommend accutane. I have read all these postings, and quite frankly I am concerned. His acne is very severe. and it really effects his self esteem. He is willing to try anything, and I want to give him the opportunity, but at what risk? please give me some advice on this matter...any and all advise, is greatly appreicated.

    From: depressed in asia. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 14/09/2005 at 08:22 - Message #1014

    i just wana ask if any1 during your accutane treatment, does it work 4 u even when u dont use anything to help e treatment faster (like taking vitamins, using moisturiser, cleanser) well basically anything...just relying on accutane? will accutane still work??

    From: T dog in va. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: good stuff
    Date: 13/09/2005 at 15:22 - Message #1013

    Accutane is a great product. Anyone who is contamplating taking it, but scared of the risks. I am livin proof the results outweigh the risks. Yea, I had very dry skin, and dry lips. My lips still stay dry even 6 mths after completion...but i just keep some chapstick with me all the time. I have had two or three zits since stoppin the accutane..and they weren't nearly as severe as the ones I was getting. They even seem to heal better and more quickly. Accutane worked GREAT for me.

    From: Louise in Scotland. A 25 year old female.
    Subject: side effects
    Date: 01/09/2005 at 16:21 - Message #1012

    To Laura in England - i have been on Roaccutane for 2 months and i too in the first month did not feel myself i felt really low and kept crying all the time at really daft things. Things that would not really bother me started to irritate me and i found myself getting quite stressed then the tears would come..... it did pass after a few days and i have been ok this month so far....

    From: Foowat in Australia. A 32 year old Female.
    Subject: The Australian Roaccutane experience
    Date: 28/08/2005 at 04:12 - Message #1011

    I'd just like to start by saying I truely feel for the people I read about who have real acne. Through all the potentially annoying or damaging side affects I read about, I'm glad at least there is a product that can help when used properly. Hang in there, life gets better.
    My own experience is less servere, though there will be people who will appreciate it. I had great skin until I was about 21, then I suffered nasty spots on my back, chest and jawline mostly until I got pregnant at about 28. My skin, hair, nails went all georgious while pregnant and stayed until my son was about one. Then the crap came back. By this time I was 30 and so totally over living in my overgreasy skin. In Queensland, Australia you could wear a singlet for about 9months of the year and if you have spotty skin it's quite upsetting. My dermatologist only put me on 20mg a day as it wasn't bad acne. I stayed on it for 3 solid months with a little dryness. I opted to take the big R during winter as the sun is hot all year round. I even got burnt by chlorine in the pool I take my son to swimming lessons. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Also has anyone experience mid-cycle bleeding while on R?

    From: Max.
    Subject: Roaccutane and brain damage
    Date: 27/08/2005 at 16:47 - Message #1010
    Web Site: Roaccutane Science

    Roaccutane (Accutane) has shown to alter brain function in all teenagers that were scanned after exposure to the toxin. Roaccutane also is found to lower the levels of several hormones such as thyroid hormone, growth hormone and dihydrotestosterone, which is likely to give problems later in life, because the hormonal levels fall naturally. Roaccutane is an irreversible antiandrogen substance. Roaccutane is taken in a 100 times daily overdose of vitamin A for several months. Because it is so toxic, it is used in cancer patients against tumours. One type of cancer where it is used is glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.
    For further information:
    [IMG] [/IMG]
    Picture 1. Bremner JD et al.[i] Functional brain imaging alterations in acne patients treated with isotretinoin.[/i] (2005) Am J Psychiatry. May;162(5):983-91.
    Roaccutane is found to have at least around 50 known side-effects including severe eye related disorders.
    Picture 2. Lissamine green corneal staining of a dry eye patient taking isotretinoin. Photo courtesy of Eric Donnenfeld, M.D.
    Whatever you take - do not take Accutane!

    From: TTT. A 34 year old male.
    Date: 22/08/2005 at 20:13 - Message #1009

    Do not use accutane! It has to much side effects. I took it about 10 years ago and my joints are still not recovered.
    There are natural acne treatments that work 10 times better than accutane..

    From: Laura in England. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: mood swings??
    Date: 21/08/2005 at 13:01 - Message #1008

    I've been on roaccutane for about a month now to try and clear my spots before hopefully getting treatment for my scars.
    I'm experiencing really dry, chapped lips which can be so sore and dry eyes (but I knew this so I kind of prepared myself for it.) Recently I havn't been feeling myself though, I keep feeling really emotional and bursting into tears about the smallest things. I understand that this can be one of the side effects but its not a nice feeling.
    Can anyone help???????

    From: derin in turkey. A 22 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 10/08/2005 at 19:55 - Message #1007

    hi guys 'm about to start accutane and really worried about it.. tried so many antibiotics and topical drugs that didnt doctor prescriped accutane with the doze of 20mg per day.. dont have very bad acne but it doesnt reply to the treatment though. already have a red face and some accutane effective on scars?and after acne heals a different color that is near brown doesnt disappear easily even if dont touch the acne..does accutane has an effect on this?and the most important thing how can protect from pregnancy?can use birth control pills?can all birth control pills mix with accutane? really need to know this.. am afraid of taking birth control pills never tried..and have to wax my face so many hair on my cheek..should do something special while waxing?and am 53 kg is 20mg enough for the beginning?will acne get worse on the first weeks or days?if so does it happen to everyone? really need help please answer my questions..the drug is in the cupboard waiting to be used..if can cope with my fears will...sorry for my english hope everybody can understand it..waiting for help thanks from now

    From: Jules in Ohio. A 27 year old Female.
    Subject: Weight gain?
    Date: 25/07/2005 at 23:18 - Message #1006

    Hi I'm on my second round of accutane. Has anyone experienced weigh gain while taking it? I've been on it about 6 weeks and seem to have put on some weight around my belly...that's stubborn and won't go away. I don't know if it's accutane or it's because I was o prednisone for 7 days a few weeks ago. Does anyone know?

    From: Lisa Dighton in UK. A 31 year old female.
    Subject: side effects
    Date: 19/07/2005 at 06:48 - Message #1005

    Has anyone else experienced rapid weight gain from taking roaccutane. I was extremely lucky, wasn't experiencing any side effects throughout the course of treatment then 'bang!' during the last month my belly just popped out from nowhere and is refusing to go down - even 3 weeks after stopping treatment!

    From: Jen in England. A 17 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 03/07/2005 at 13:05 - Message #1004

    I've been on Roaccutane for 6 days now, and skin is extremely dry. My eczema has also become worse as a result and I'm literally applying moisturiser and vaseline every hour to my face and lips. Other than that, I haven't had any problems so far. I just hope that my skin becomes a bit oilier soon, otherwise it's going to cost me a lot in moisturising cream!

    From: lauren in mo. A 16 year old female.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 03/07/2005 at 00:23 - Message #1003

    Quetion can you use proactive and acutain at the same time?
    Please let me know soon!!!!!!

    From: Lilly in Maryland. A 43 year old female.
    Subject: acutane
    Date: 16/06/2005 at 09:44 - Message #1002

    Hi! I was around 33 years old when I started accutane treatment. My skin always been severaly oily and broke out since the teen years. It was great after a couple weeks my skin cleared and even better the oil went away. I felt like a "person with normal skin" for the first time in my adult life. After the twenty weeks my skin stayed cleared and oil free but after a year or so the oil and breaking out started to appear again. I remember the doctor telling me this drug isn't permanent, the oil glands shrink, shrivel up but after time they go back to being enlarged or big again. I don't know the extact way of saying it. I lived several years with increasing oiliness and pimples again and thought one day this is nuts, why do I have to suffer. So I went to another dermatologist and she put me on accutane for the second time. Major pimples and oiliness went away some but not like the first time I was on accutane. This doctor said the first time you are on this drug you see dramatic results but the second time you will see decreased effects. And boy did I see them. It was ok with me because at least my skin was somewhat better. Now today I been off the drug for five years and I still have oily skin and break out but not severe anymore. Still bugs me bad though cause I am 43 and still get pimples. I am on the antibiotic minocin to keep my skin clear but the oiliness is what really bothers me. Also because of this I have scaring and at times that is hard to deal with when I wake up each morning and confront it in the mirror. Years ago I would say why me God but now I just say I am special to God that is why me. Sounds dumb but that is how I keep my sanity. If anyone would like to ask me anything or talk please feel free to write.

    From: Ave in Massachusetts. A 15 year old Male.
    Subject: symptoms
    Date: 11/06/2005 at 20:56 - Message #1001

    Hi, I just started Accutane a week and a half ago, and I'm on 20 mgs a day. So far I've had very dry lips, which didn't concern me. I have had two nose bleeds today and a few headaches over the last 3 days, and I think my hearing is being negatively affected too. My vision was never excellent, but my eyes are having trouble adjusting to changes in light and my vision is kind of grainy. I'm wondering if anyone else here has had and fully recovered from the above symptoms.

    From: sally in malaysia. A 26 year old female.
    Subject: first week with roaccutane
    Date: 09/06/2005 at 03:46 - Message #1000

    hello guys,
    coincidently, i met this website, not bad, i read alot of experience here, it takes me lonng time to finish it. now, i tell u mine...
    only one weeks, nothing much to expect except your acne flared up really bad, and its pain really. i do have several side effect like dry mouth, thirsty, chapped lips but its all far. i'm taking 20mg perday, low dosage compares to most of you here, but hey...i weight 45kg! :)
    hmm, i hope my acne will clear up soon, since 2 guys waiting me for a date...very disturbing with this acne, i better sleep at home and hide from social world a while. hey good luck for everyone, like most of this ppl say, dont give up, keep going and try...whose know?

    From: catherine in arizona. A 32 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 31/05/2005 at 20:37 - Message #999

    i get severe nodular cystic on my chin and i have tried every topical and oral med. my derm said that i had to go through all the other stuff and see if any of that worked before trying accutane.battling and trying meds for 5 years. i had researched accutane for awhile and was worried about the side effects. i am one of those people that if i have a breakout i will not leave the house. i let it take over my life. so finally i was put on accutane and everyday i worried about the hair loss. i took accutane for 22 days and i had the dry lips and always thirsty and i could deal with that. i felt always on edge and my hair thinned out. i was always sleeping and then when i wasn't sleeping i was very slugish and still tired. i'm not saying not to try or take but for me the hair thinning was a big issue. i was told that while being on it you should not get hair color or perms,straightner or have any major chemicals put on your hair until the accutane is out of your system. i took myself off accutane a wk ago and i feel that while i was on it i lost alot of myself. it's sounds crazy and everyone is different. but i think that everone should really research this before trying. i live oveerseas and we have one derm dr.and we are limited to the meds that are available. i called around in the states to some other dr. and there response was that there are so many new things out there to try and use that alot of them do not touch the accutane because of the side effects. so if you are one of the ones taking accutane good luck while trying this med.

    From: Ken in AZ. A 18 year old Male.
    Date: 27/05/2005 at 19:27 - Message #998

    After I heard all the things and effect about accutane, I decided to take it. But the problem is I don't know where can I buy it? Someone said that you must approve by the doctor,is that ture? Otherwise, where can I buy it? Also I want to know is it very expensive?
    Can someone answer my question, plz.

    From: Robert in toronto. A 40 year old male.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 22/05/2005 at 21:07 - Message #997

    I had moderate/severe acne. I was put on accutane at the age of 20. This was when there wasn't a great deal of knowledge with respect to accutane. I was monitored by a University as well as the dermatologist. I had severe reactions to the drug. I couldn't tie my laces due to my fingers cracking and bleeding so much. Eventually, the acne subsided, started up again and subsided. It cleared completely and about 2 years afterwards it started up again but not nearly as bad. It went away again and I have never had any further problems with acne. Now 20 years later I still have no problems with acne however my skin on my face appears weathered and tired looking. I am attempting photofacials at this time to remedy the tired looking skin. Having seen some photos of people with severe acne scarring, I would choose to take accutane. Thats just a personal opinion, but once you have scarring, its very difficult to resolve.

    From: mabsy. A 25 year old
    Date: 19/05/2005 at 07:30 - Message #996

    yeah accutane cures the scars. your skin sort of peels away and the scars go with it. i took accutane and my skin looked as new as a baby's.

    From: Mike in New York. A 30 year old Male.
    Subject: Alcohol
    Date: 10/05/2005 at 20:58 - Message #995

    There is no warning on the box regarding Alcohol and my docttor said that it's ok to drink. "Just don't go crazy" is what he said. Is this true? What is the rule of thumb when it comes to Accutane and alcohol. So far my liver/kidney tests have all come back fine.

    From: Cathie in hong kong. A 19 year old female.
    Subject: after accutane
    Date: 25/04/2005 at 12:00 - Message #994

    hello, i have taken 18 weeks of accutane and it works fine. The red are still healing. but i stopped med for about 1 month already.
    the thing i am concern is, the oil came back, my face is getting oilier, like back to normal, b4 i take the drugs. but the pores are still fine, but i am worry that the oil will causesbad cycle again, but i think this is not likely to happen since the drug is supposed to stop acne for a few years.
    But I am not comfortable with the oil, o, i really miss the days without an oily face. I thought the situation will remain for some time, like at least a few months. But just after a month, my face is like back to the old situation
    Is there anyone having this experience?? please give me some advice. How do u cope with it?
    thank you so much! =)

    From: pisces in tokyo, japan. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: Health is vital!
    Date: 18/04/2005 at 15:52 - Message #993

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    From: ayse in turkey. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: depression
    Date: 18/04/2005 at 07:37 - Message #992

    I'm having a bad depression for about 1 year. Now i feel better than before. Things began to get better but i stiil take antidepressant pills. I wonder if it is ok to take accutane at the same time with antidepressant pills.
    My dermatologist adviced me accutane but I can't decide to take it or not. First of all my problem is the scars from past acnes more than having new acnes. I have just few new acnes but i have a lot of RED scars. Does accutane cure the scars? And also my skin is very sensitive and so i'm really afraid of the side effects. And i wonder if i'll get depressed again b/c of accutane? (By the way my skin is one of the major causes of my depression!!)
    I really can't decide to take it or not. The only thing i know is that i hate the scars and the acnes and i want to get rid of them permanently!!! I will be very glad if anyone helps me about it.

    From: J in NE. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: comedones
    Date: 19/03/2005 at 11:52 - Message #991

    I have just recently started my second course of accutane (the first one was 5 years ago). I have a lot of these noninflammed bumps right on my chin (comedones?). They look like zits basically but they aren't red and don't have a head or anything. I guess my question is will accutane help clear these up? I thought I read somewhere that accutane doesn't help clear macrocomedones (which is what I think these are). Anyone else here know what I'm talking about?

    From: Nai in UK. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: My experience on R
    Date: 15/03/2005 at 08:01 - Message #990

    I have just come off of a six month course of Roaccutane and it's the best thing that I could have ever done. Yes, I had a lot of the side effects which were a big inconvenience and pain at times but it was worth it. I no longer have acne and the side effects are gradually going. I think it all depends on your body and who you are when taking a drug like roaccutane. I took the drug correctly and I have been lucky that my body tolerated the drug-of course not everyone is the same but it worked for me and again, I will say it's the best descision I could have ever made.

    From: Lacy in Texas. A 18 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 03/03/2005 at 12:49 - Message #989

    I took accutane for a total of 8 months. I started last June and my last packet of pills was in January. I started with 40mg and ended with taking 80mg. At first, I was very hesitant, especially within my first month. I had read reviews of the drug and of course heard of people becoming depressed and such. I am so glad that I stuck through the treatment was SO worth it. I recommend accutane to anyone that talks to me about their problem, because it WORKS. And, yes, you will have blurred vision, and it's not extreme, but at night it is a little more difficult to's gone now that I am off of accutane. I never experienced any other side effect other than dry lips and if I didn't use lotion religiously on my face, I had an extreme dry face. Especially since I was on the medication in the winter time. I even went skiing and I was fine! Anyway, if you consider taking accutane, I, along with everyone else that has taken accutane will tell you: lotion and chap stick will become your two new best friends. Good luck! :-)

    From: jennifer/caucasian in NC. A 19 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 28/02/2005 at 21:05 - Message #988

    accutane is the miracle pill to all you new users without hope for clear skin. what can i say? just be patient. it will be a bumpy ride but be well worth it. remember: you are beautiful.

    From: MAD! in the western states. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: I would like to stop you from taking accutain
    Date: 17/02/2005 at 14:45 - Message #987

    Hey if you are thinking about taking accutain- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do Not! I am twenty one years old and I took accutain when I was 16 for three mounths and then again when I was 17 for a mounth. My brother also took accutain when he was in high school and we both regret taking it. I am really angry at the company who makes this drug because its been harmful to my body. Side effects that I live with now, years after being through taking the drug are extemely dry eyes (Im considering having my eye ducts filled in, in order to help with this which is going to cost major $)dry scalp, anxiety problems/nervious brought on after taking accutain the seconed time(I have a hard time sitting through class cause Im so nervious. This drug has hurt me and I dont want it to hurt anyone else.

    From: Katie in Indiana. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: It works!
    Date: 01/02/2005 at 22:40 - Message #986

    I took Accutane when I was 15 for 5 months. After the first week I saw my forehead was clear. It was a great feeling to see the acne go away. I didn't have extremely bad acne, but it was enough to take the medication. I only had chapped lips and my hair wouldn't grow til after my treatment. I would recommend it for anyone if any other acne treatment didn't work for you. I wasn't aware of all these serious side effects before I took it. Dermatologists, I would think, know what they are doing.

    From: Rachel in pennsylvania. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 24/01/2005 at 18:29 - Message #985

    Is it really bad to have protected sex while on accutane?

    From: lizardskin in MD. A 50 year old female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 15/01/2005 at 15:53 - Message #984

    If you take Accutane, your acne will dry up temporarily. When you hit middle age, your once moist lovely skin will shrink, become yellow, purple and rashy and no lotions or creams will help. I cannot wait to die to escape my dried out shrinked up skin. Dermatologists will give you steroids, but they will not understand the problem. DO NOT EVER TAKE ACCUTANE!! It is a hormonal/testosterone problem easily cleared by contraceptives. If you are experiencing any discomfort with Accutane, throw it in the trash. Believe me. I have been there, and am paying for it with scaly dry nose, dry skin and blurred vision for the rest of my life. A few pimples are not worth it. How I wish I had my oily skin and pimples back!! Do not take Accutane!!! It is permanent, not temporary!! By the way, I took it over 20 years ago and am still suffering!!

    From: blue boy in macedonia. A 18 year old male.
    Subject: accutanne
    Date: 09/01/2005 at 17:40 - Message #983

    first of all,i didn't have severe acnea,minor but persistent.i decided to take face was like brand new but i had few problems:i couldn't breath,i almost died becuase of it ,i had hearth problems and my dermatologist said to be this acutanne.he advised me not to take ever again this pilss.the problem is that my acnea is back,and some pimples could be seen on my face.what can i do.could acutanne be the cause for my hearth problems ihad,because the doctors said that my heart was allright and didn't know why i couldn't breath.can someone give me the list of side effects,or explain to me what happen

    From: Depressed in Wisconsin. A 29 year old female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 06/01/2005 at 03:19 - Message #982

    I was put on Accutane 40mg daily due nodule acne. Within a matter of 2 weeks it started clearing my face. I thought it was so awesome. BUT I then started experiencing a lot of mood swings, depression, aggression, headaches. I had to repeat my college class because it was hard for me to concentrate. I then started getting severe scalp itching along with hair loss. Prior to taking Accutane I had long, full hair. NOT ANYMORE. I stopped taking the Accutane after 5 months. I went to see my Dr. and explained all of the symptoms I was having. He laughed and stated that none of my symptoms are related to Accutane. It has been 1 1/2 years since I last was on that accutane and I'm still experiencing depression,itchy scalp and severe hair loss. I'm a female and I don't have the option of shaving my head bald.I have gone to about 5 different Dermatologist and no one can help me. My last resort is a scalp biopsy. As far as my depression it has really taken a toll on me and my family. I'm currently a Registered Nursing Student and I'm scared to go talk to therapist because I don't want anyone to think I'm crazy. I wish Accutane never came out on the market. PLEASE BEWARE IT IS NOT SAFE.

    From: Joel in Minnesota. A 34 year old male.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 06/01/2005 at 00:45 - Message #981

    As a teenager I had really bad acne had tried everything that me and my doctor at the time could think of. When I say really bad acne I mean huge cytic masses of 3to5 cyst in one group all over my entire body but worse on my face. It started when I was about 13 and continued through all of treatments that me and my doctor at the time could think of Scrubs, Lotions,Vitamins, medications,Compresses it was insane but nothing helped. So he recomended that I go to the Mayo Clinic They did indepth studies on me ,it was the worse case of acne that the had ever seen.My picture is in the mayo medical books as the worse case ever on record. they put me on accutane I was monitored very closely blood test 2 times a week psychiatrist 2 times a month. I was never really told of all the side effects but only had severe dry skin to the point that my upper lip split and still have a scar today from it but it is not very noticeable anymore.but anyway it cleared up mu acne completely never had anymore breakout until recently but it has only surfaced in my armpits very painful dont know if i would ever take it again knowing all the possible side affects now

    From: Eric in Atlanta, GA. A 20 year old Male.
    Subject: depression
    Date: 05/01/2005 at 08:43 - Message #980

    I took accutane when I was 15 for about 4 months. I remember all the side effects being minimal, and it cleared up my skin just fine. I felt great. But when my acne came back 3 years later, I took it again for 6 months on a higher dosage. After I stopped taking it, I became severly unhappy. I was afraid that it would never go away, and that I would be depressed for life. It took about a year, but I finally got over it. I find that the only thing that makes me feel better is prayer. So to anybody who feels depressed from accutane, your not alone and there is hope.

    From: kn in michigan. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 03/01/2005 at 16:26 - Message #979

    I LOVE IT!! At first my face got worse but thank you God! Ihad regular Dr. visits about 1x every 2 weeks for a check up and yea that was a huge inconvience but the end result is so worth it. I have bad scaring but it's nothing that can't be fixed. They said to wait one year after i stop taking it. I was only on it for 5 or 6 months which is long enough and honestly it worked for a long time clraring up the last two cyst that were on my face. Don't be scared, be safe. Don't get depressed its not the medication its the acne so if you feel depressed before you take it maybe try zoloft for depression. I AM NOT A MEDICAL EXPERT! this is only from my personal experience. Make sure you find a Dr. who knows the product and does regular check ups including blood draws every week or 2.Always be safe its your responsability as well as your Dr's.

    From: Cathie in hong kong . A 18 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 02/01/2005 at 06:16 - Message #978

    hi, i am an 18 tear old girl, i have take roaccutane for about 6 weeks and a week ago there was a large breakout, now, seems that it has stopped, (i hope it will stop!) my pimples came all of a sudden, i just have a few pimples in my adolence, but in two months' tme, they're all over my face, i am extremely upsad and hv very very low self-esteem.
    I would like to ask those who have finish there 4 months treament some questions: hope uca reply me through my email
    1, does these four months includes the time for the red scars to go away? since i have many big pimples, i think it take some time for them to go away. So what is the situation like just after that 4 months' treament?
    2, moreover...i am still worried if it will really clear up ALL my pimples...i am suffering from it everyday, i was an outgoing person b4... :(
    Thanks so much

    From: anji in NYC. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: Starting Accutane
    Date: 25/12/2004 at 01:21 - Message #977

    Hi. I have read this entire site and am still a little concerned. I am supposed to start accutane in a few days, 40mg per day which is < 1mg per kg of my body weight.
    My acne is probably mild to moderate with only a few cysts. I never had real trouble with acne throughout high school and for the last three years have been struggling with patches on forehead and 1 cheek. I have been on retin A, tazorac, clindamycin, all the antibiotics and most recently proactiv. Nothing has really worked. The tazorac helped to bring some of the really clogged pimples out and proactive helped to clear skim up a bit but I developed a bad a new derm has offered accutane since I tried everything else.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on dosage relative to the nasty side effects you read about, particulary vision loss, headaches and depression?
    Have any of the women tried some of the hormonal drugs?

    From: Coy in washington. A 18 year old female.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 18/12/2004 at 02:45 - Message #976

    I'm in my acne medication called accutane and I would like to know if I can take proactive solution with it.

    From: shannelyssa in japan. A 19 year old female.
    Subject: quit smoking now!
    Date: 16/12/2004 at 02:14 - Message #975
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    From: Morgan in Michigan. A 18 year old Female.
    Subject: Depression
    Date: 09/12/2004 at 10:05 - Message #974

    For those who have experienced depression. Is that something while you were taking accutane or after? I've been done for about 5 months and am having a hard time. I want to feel NORMAL again!

    From: Jonathan Man in atlanta, ga. A 25 year old male.
    Subject: break outs
    Date: 25/11/2004 at 12:21 - Message #973

    i'm on my 4 week of accutane, and my breakouts are really bad, when are they going to stop? what kind of moisterizer would be good to use?

    From: AMANDA in MI. A 19 year old female.
    Subject: post accutane
    Date: 21/11/2004 at 22:04 - Message #972

    I took accutane for 9 months and have been off of it for about 11 months and have not had any severe breakouts. I have had a few here and there around my cycle but they go away shortly after, up until now my period was two weeks ago and I still have some acne on my forehead. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so what did you do to solve the issue?

    From: Claire in UK. A 28 year old female.
    Subject: Roacuttane
    Date: 16/11/2004 at 06:16 - Message #971

    I have been taking roacuttane for one month now, and have only experienced dry lips, my skin looks great! no spots and no cover up needed. I worry that all this dryness can cause your skin to age tho? does anyone know if it can cause ageing ?

    From: palesa in south africa, johannesburg. A 19 year old female.
    Subject: emotional scars
    Date: 01/11/2004 at 07:39 - Message #970

    Going on
    1 pimple=100 ways to try and cover 1000 ways of trying to hide and 100 000 ways to die!This is how it feels suffering from acne having to count pimples that come out in 10s.Im in varsity and on my second course of roaccutane, thru this drug ive learnt how to fear, ive defined paranoia to the extremes and because of acne im no longer the same, my life will no longer go back 2 what it used to be because the scars run too deep,ive since been diagnosed with bipolar disoder,agoraphobia and panick attacks, what triggerd this? ACNE!

    From: Sharon in Hong Kong. A 26 year old female.
    Subject: I can provide Kidney!!
    Date: 31/10/2004 at 06:54 - Message #969

    I can provide health and different blood type Kidney, please contact me by mail :, just reply to serious, and reply within 24 hours, thnx.

    From: Michelle in Delaware, USA. A 17 year old Female.
    Subject: My experience with alcohol and accutane
    Date: 24/10/2004 at 11:49 - Message #968

    I am one of those unlucky people who have had severe acne all my life, since i was ten years old (for 7yrs.) It was hard at such a young age b/c I was teased so much in school. I'd gone to a dermatologist since I was 10 and I've been on every cream, drug or medication that you could imagine. Just last year, around September, some one mentioned accutane to me and i mentioned it to my doctor. We went throught all of the necessary precautions and i got on it. I did the 6 month thing and they went away amazingly! I suffered from dry lips, skin, and inside of my nose. I had lower back problems but i didn't tell my doctor. After 3 months or so my acne started to come back. My doctor saw this and I offered to go back on accutane. Yes i'm on accutane again. My back pain is here along with the same symptoms as before.
    I was drinking while on accutane and became entoxicated. I had been drunk before, and drank just as much when i wasn't on accutane but my side effects were much worse this time around. While i was drunk and on accutane I passed out 3 times, had 2 seizures, got sick, hot and cold flashes and rage episodes. And I don't remember one thing about it. I advise you not to drink while on accutane. It is very dangerous and was the most horrifying experience of my life so please don't do it.

    From: terri in USA. A 44 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 18/10/2004 at 01:10 - Message #967

    Accutane is a miracle. I suffered from acne starting from age 15. Back in the 70's I did all the standard treatments and nothing helped. Finally, when I turned 21, accutane became available in the USA. I was one of the first people here to take it. It really change my life and my face! What was even more amazing was the change after I ended my treatment. My face was no longer oily. No more breakouts. I could use make-up for "normal skin". No more grease pit! Even more amazing is that for me it was a cure. 20 plus years later, I no longer have the severe acne. I will very rarely get a small zit, but nothing severe. After about 7 years, the oiliness did return, but I didn't get the breakouts. My face is still oily, but now it's an advantage because my skin still looks young! Any side effect was well worth the end result. I remember dry lips, nose bleeds, and some muscle aches. Please don't be afraid to use this drug! Now when I see someone with the severe acne I once had, I want to go up to them and tell them that they don't have to suffer! This is a close to a cure as it comes.

    From: Caela in USA. A 32 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane Success
    Date: 15/10/2004 at 08:40 - Message #966

    I just wanted to let everyone know on this site, that Accutane is heaven sent. I took it for 6 months, 5 years ago and still have outstanding results. I would do it all over again. I just wish I would have done it sooner, before I had some scarring on my cheeks. The best decision I had ever made!!!

    From: katie in london. A 14 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 05/10/2004 at 11:22 - Message #965

    hi i have been on roaccutane for 4 days now and i still havnt seen any diffrence.reading these stories the negative side affects that can happen have really concerned me but then im very glad on the other hand cause the positive stories are great.i dont really suffer with servere acne but cause im only 14 and its there so i hate advice 2 anyone with acne dont worry and never let anybody make you feel depressed.REMEMBER YOU WILL SOON GET RID OF IT AND BE AS BEUTIFULL AS ANY1 ELSE.WIV LOVELY CLEAR dont worry about it.wish me luck on roaccutane and i wish all you luckx

    From: scott in oregon. A 15 year old male.
    Subject: accurtane
    Date: 01/10/2004 at 11:21 - Message #964

    i really need help to afford accutane does anyone have any way to get them cheap i need 40 mg twice a day for 5 months please if you know of any way to get them cheap please le me know im despirate

    From: courtney in philippines. A 20 year old female.
    Subject: just have patience
    Date: 06/09/2004 at 09:09 - Message #963

    if anyone is experiencing breakout and cystic acne in during the time they are using roaccutane please don't panic, all of it is just normal it takes time for some people to adjust to the medicine, just think that the roaccutane is just letting the bad spirit out and when it is out your true beauty will be revealed... just have to wait roaccutane is a medicine not a magic... side effects differ from one person to the other it will all be ok in the end... don't lose hope

    From: courtney in philippines. A 20 year old female.
    Subject: accutane user
    Date: 06/09/2004 at 08:42 - Message #962

    hi im courtney from the philippines im using roaccutane for about 7 weeks now and im not experiencing any horrible side effects only dry lips which is just fine because i use petroleum jelly to avoid it. I just have a question does anyone here gained weight after using roaccutane? cause im not sure if roaccutane is the one that triggers my weight gain or not. anyone has a similar problem?

    From: Patrick in Canada. A 28 year old male.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 27/08/2004 at 09:52 - Message #961

    She is also scared of me letting here go, but i love here, and she feels that shee is gooing to be so ugly in a couple of weeks that i will let here go.
    She as a high VERNEUIL hilness, the last stage of it.
    Please help and send me your advise.

    From: Parker.
    Date: 03/08/2004 at 14:31 - Message #960

    Is there a significant difference in generic accutane from the real accutane?

    From: hopeful in ireland. A 26 year old female.
    Date: 01/08/2004 at 16:50 - Message #959

    Day 10 of my roaccutane...massive break out..will this persist or does it get better from here?

    From: Helen in London. A 21 year old Female.
    Date: 30/07/2004 at 04:54 - Message #958

    Yes, back pain is a common side effect to the Roaccutane. I suffer from back pain naturally but the Roaccutane made it worse. Don't worry too much though, the side effects indicate that the medication is working and you just have to tolerate it till you end the treatment. I've just finished Roaccutune now and my skin looks great. If you have a good diet, sleep well, drink 2 litres of pure water and don't drink alcohol, you'll be giving your skin a real boost.
    Theres this really good book out on acne i found which goes hand in hand with the website and it shows you how to change your diet, what foods trigger acne off etc.
    If the pain is too much for you to tolerate, get down to see a pysciotherapist to massage and treat your back ,it's wonderful!

    From: Jen in alabama. A 29 year old female.
    Date: 26/07/2004 at 06:47 - Message #957

    I have been a accutane for 2 months.I have been having severe back pain. Is this common. Also, I'm taking 40mg a day!!!

    From: Jennifer in Vancouver. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 25/07/2004 at 13:12 - Message #956

    where can you get accutane..can your family doctor prescribe it too you or must it be a dermatologist because thats going to take years!! and also what is an initial breakout and does everyone get it?? someone please answer both my questions or as much as you can!!

    From: Jennifer in Vancouver. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 25/07/2004 at 13:11 - Message #955

    where can you get accutane..can your family doctor prescribe it too you or must it be a dermatologist because thats going to take years!! and also what is an initial breakout and does everyone get it?? someone please answer both my questions or as much as you can!!

    From: Pinar Baygan in Turkey. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane and its side effects about birth
    Date: 22/07/2004 at 04:27 - Message #954

    I am a 29 yaers old female from Turkey. I have acne problems since I was 13-14. I tried many acne treatment methods other than the raoccutane, like using antibiotics, creams including benzoil peroxide. But I remarqued that these are not the permanent solutions for my acnes. Now, I have a dermotologist who recommended raoccutane to me but I am so scared to use it because I heard so many side effects of it. Plus, I am going to get married in a couple of mounths and the most terrible side effect of this drug is the damaged birth to me. My doctor says that after 1 month of leaving this durg I can get pregnant safely but i cannot be sure of it.
    Please make me cleare about how many months or years do I need, after leaving to use raoccutane to have a safe birth.
    Thanks for your answer for advance!

    From: yrrt in ryry. A ytry year old ytry.
    Subject: rtytry
    Date: 21/07/2004 at 00:05 - Message #953


    From: Nikki girl in michigan. A 15 year old female.
    Subject: i need advice
    Date: 20/07/2004 at 13:57 - Message #952

    hey...this is a long all started in the fall when i meet this boy adam at a football game..the whole night we were hooked at eachtohers hip i mean we had so much in common and it was kewl and then the second time i seen him was when i took him and my friend billy (his friend too) and my friend amber to a concert (oh and by the way billy and adam go to a different school than me and amber and they are good friend!...but there school is only like 5 min away) anyways yea adam had a g/f at the time but at the concert me and adam sat next to eachother and he would stare at me and we would talk and stuff and then the next night me and amber went to their schools dance! and the whole night when adam was dancin with his girlfriend he would stare at me well then like a week later him and his g/f broke up and then a couple days after that he asked me out...well we went out for about 4 months! and i mean he was the first boy i have done anything with besides m/o...but we were eachothers first for everything but yea......anyways (by the way thats kinda a big part of the story) kk..well yea back to the story when 4 months came he broke up with me and his reason for it was saying that he lost the feeling and that i didnt deserve that i didnt deserve someone who didnt like me the way i liked them and that i deserved better and crap and it bothered him that we didnt go to the same school...well so like now when it came to may (we broke up in march) but yea when may came after him and his other ex broke up me and him started talking and then we started to like eachother again (i always still liked him) but we talked and he said that going out with his ex made him realize that when you have a good thing you should keep it going and try to work things out and that he was stupid for how he treated the girl before and he was talkin about me! and then like a few days later he told me he liked me... and he told me i was the most awesome girl ever and i was amazing and crap well anyways yea we had a lil thing going and then like in june just in one day...he hung out with his friend donnie and me and donnie dont really get along..we sorta fight and crap but yea he hung out with his friend donnie and then the next day he said that the feeling he had for me died and crap and he still wanted to be friends and i was yea kk w/e and then the very next day adam, me, amber, billy, , char and zac all hung out (by the way billy and amber are going out) kk anyways we all hung out and we ended up going to the beach and haha everyone went into the water except for me and adam..we stayed out and talked but like on the walk back to billys me and adam would flirt ..well then when we got to billy's house and we were all sitting in his basement and me and zac were talking and i told zac that i needed some cds burnt ...and adam was like ill burn some for you! and im like okay thanx well then when i got home that night i had a msg on icq from adam saying sorry for being mean and crap like that and im like its okay and normally adam wont call me hun or babe or stuff like that unless he likes me or if we are going out well that night we were talking and hes like night babe...and then we talked for a few more days and then we stopped talking and then they had there fourht of july on the 5th and i went to it with my friends and i saw him there and he looked back and stared at me as i walked by ( and by the way he liked some other girl at this time) anyways and i was wearin a skirt a punky belt and a dickies shirt with a hat and lets just say im punk ...not bad but i looked punky that day ..and he liked that about me when we were going out...anyways...right as we were walking by them my cousin and his two HOTT friends yelled NIKKI.................. we are waving to you and you dont even stop to talk to us and in a way i was glad they said something cuz it made me look ya know... i cant explain but yea we went over there and my cousins hott friend gave me a hug and crap (they are my age too) well anyways yea we talked to them for awhile and adam was watching us kinda...and then when we were walking back we walked past adam and i didnt look at him and my friend katie was like nikki he was watching you the whole time you walked by and i didnt even notice and then like when it got night time i was walking to go talk to my cousin and adam was walking right in front of me and he stopped and backed up like he was blockin my way and i just walked around him acting like i didnt give a care and then just the other night i talked to him on icq and i told him that i saw him once and hes like yea i saw you a couple times, i was looking around alot..hahaa!....
    alright i still am in love with adam but he has a g/f now and i want him back ...can you please tell me some ways to get him back and help me out please?!!!!!! i realllllllyyyy need help with this!

    From: Nikki in London. A 32 year old Femail.
    Subject: Weight Gain
    Date: 19/07/2004 at 08:55 - Message #951

    Dear Helen from London,
    I have been on Dianette for about 8 years and I am on week 19 out of 23 for Roaccutane (50mg from the start). I too am slim (normally 8.5 stone) and have a fairly healthy diet but in the last month I have put on half a stone and developed love handles. This weight will not shift either no matter what exersise I do! I am not sure if it is the Roaccutane or that payback time has come and I am destined to be lardy.
    Not sure what to do !!

    From: Scott D. in MA. A 35 year old male.
    Subject: Accutane side affects
    Date: 16/07/2004 at 22:10 - Message #950

    Has anyone had any long-term problems with accutane such as kidney failure or Multipal Myeloma. This person took accutane treatment when it first came out and when he was nine years old. He is now 35. I would appreciate any information available.

    From: Helen in London , England. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: Acne
    Date: 15/07/2004 at 07:34 - Message #949

    I'm nearing the end of my roacutanne course now after 25 weeks and my skin is great! Theres no oil, no spots nothing. I first got acne when i was 15 and i was put on Oxytetracyline and i used istroxen topical gel on my face which got rid of it straight away. I continued taking it for the next 7 years and i never had major acne breakouts but all of a sudden the acne came back again. I think it was to do with the sun as i was constantly out in the sun in the summer and i think excess sun caused it.
    I'm a bit surprised actually that people are having trouble with Roaccutane, even 11 weeks into their treatment as mine started clearing up about 2 days after i started taking it. I was on 40mg a day for 2 months but now i'm on 60mg a day. I have a healthy diet though. I drink herbal teas, particulary nettle which detoxes your liver (a liver
    I am experiencing side effects though. My dermatologist asked me to take Dianette with Roaccutane but since i've been on both drugs, i have gained about a stone in weight. I'm of a skinny frame and my matabolism is fast but i just can't understand why i look more chunky. Has anyone else experienced this and if they have, is it easy to shift after! as i can't fit into my clothes!
    I'm having really bad nosebleeds as well. I have a history of nosebleeds which i have had cauterised; but since i've been taken Roaccutane, one of my nostrils is bleeding really badly. Even a slight sneeze or wipe with a tissue triggers it off. I know Roaccutane causes small nosebleeds but has anyone had heavy ones?
    Extreme fatigue is a side effect for me too. Does this go after the tablets are done?
    From the girls, does the oiliness in the skin come back after stopping roaccutane and has anyone actually experienced any weight gain on Dianette?
    I want to go back on Oxytetracyline after Roaccutane (that is if the bacteria has not become resistant to the tablets)
    Topical gels are good to use on the skin as well. Vitamin A is great. It encourages the cell turnover on the skin so dead ones don't clog the pores and get in. Estee Luader Retinol treatment is great.
    I firmly believe that the healthier you are, the less the side effects are. I don't drink alcohol or eat junk fat foods so i think if you are healthier, your body is resistant to severe side effects. I maybe wrong but i'm just going by what i am.
    I wouldn't be scared by the roaccutane side effects though. I know it works for different people, but if the drug killed you, then dermatologists would not prescribe it. You will get side effects but they are bearable. You just need a strong mind to cope with it. The results are great!

    From: Ian in Ireland. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Moisturizer
    Date: 14/07/2004 at 15:23 - Message #948

    Hi it's me again. The dry skin problem is all but gone now. I just increased the use of my oil-free moisturizer to about every 2 hours and I am also using an oil-free 8.5% glycolic acid cleanser to exfoliate the dead skin. My back and neck have cleared up now along with my face, all in less than a month! I can't believe it, neither can my family(even though they told me my skin wasn't that bad anyway). I think alot of people here dont realise the two main factors that contribute to the formation of pimples: dead skin cells and excess oil. While on the drug your gonna have a bucket-load of dry skin. However some people here are slathering on moisturizers that contain oil and are comedogenic four or five times a day. These people are just replacing the oil the drug is drying up by other oils and then they wonder why there skin is still bad. Any product I use on my skin nowdays is either oil-free or non-comedogenic. After such success in less than a month I must be onto something here. I highly recommend the people here to read up on acne and how it forms on the skin and products that just make it worse. Laterz....

    From: happylocks in US. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: ADD SOMETHING
    Date: 13/07/2004 at 15:12 - Message #947

    There are alot of other law firms that are doing the lawsuit, just do a search online and take care of urself. Sorry if I posted something ppl already knew.

    From: happylocks in USA. A 20 year old Female.
    Date: 13/07/2004 at 15:09 - Message #946

    Class Action: Accutane (Acne Medication)
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    plz share and becareful. I call the office and told them that I had not taken the Accutane. but I wanted to know if I could post the info she said I could. and I ask her what was a case on, she said the side effects from the drug causing long term affects am passing the news on, plz do that same.

    From: Ian in Ireland. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Moisturizer
    Date: 12/07/2004 at 19:00 - Message #945

    Yo, yo, wassup!? Ok, I've never had severe acne and I'm sure all my friends dont think it's a concern for me or that it gets me down so bad. Im fortunate, I have absolutely no scarring to my face but I'm getting unsightly keloids on my shoulders, this must stop now! I've tried the lot, tetracycline, minocycline, topical retonoids, Dr. Dubrow's 6 week acne cure, diets, drink a gallon of water a day, eat fruit and veg 'til it comes out my ears and all the old wive's tales crap by the bucket load! But, you guessed it, no joy! Started gettin acne at around sweet sixteen and it seemed to be gettin worse not better at twenty-one so I decided to go on the dreaded roaccutane or accutane or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. Been on 40mg for about 25 days now and the results are quite astonishing! My face used to be really oily, now not a drop. I havent seen a pimple on my face in about two weeks now and my back and neck which used to be worse than my face are clearing up. I suffer from dry lips but vaseline does the trick. I put vaseline hair tonic on my head after I shower everyday and before I slap on the wax to prevent dryness and hair-loss and it works. However my problem is the dryness around my nose and mouth, the flakey skin is kinda gross to be honest. Now heres my question- I use an oil-free mosturizer as it is non-comedogenic, will the use of an oily moisturizer give me pimples on my now clear face? Thanks for takin the time to read my sob story!!!!!

    From: ozzy in australia. A 19 year old male.
    Subject: help
    Date: 01/07/2004 at 10:59 - Message #944

    Hello. I have been on a world trip for a few months and i had no acne or blackheads before i left for my trip. I have started to develop alot of pimples and blackheads and i dont now what to do. Ereryone seems to think that accutane works can someone please give me information on how to buy and were. In belfast at the moment

    From: AUBREY. A 16 year old FEMALE.
    Date: 30/06/2004 at 18:32 - Message #943


    From: non of ya business in australia. A 15 year old male.
    Subject: response
    Date: 27/06/2004 at 05:13 - Message #942
    Web Site: BLAH BLAH BLAH

    after reading these letters i am here to tell everyone that is blaming roaccutane for causing depression, and loss of eye sight. what a bunch of POO your only depressed because acne itself causes depression not the drug and for the person who lost their eye sight you have issues that nedd to be dealt with. No isotretinoin tablet could possibly cause blindness. And all the side effects vay from person to person. Never be afraid to go on roaccutane thats just rediculous. it is only a prescribed drug and if it was dangerous dermatologists would of found it out during its tests before it was approved.

    From: Lisa in United States. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: 6th Week & Counting....
    Date: 26/06/2004 at 23:15 - Message #941

    I am on my 6th week of 40 mg Accutane. I've had acne since I was 14 or so, and though I have seen worse cases, it's always made me feel pretty bad about myself. I never leave the house without makeup, and there was a time when I didn't even let my family see me without at least a little concealer on. One doctor put me on Benzaclyn for a while, but it didn't do much. My first dermatologist put me on a few topicals, but no real results. My second (and current) derm tried some topicals, but eventually resorted to Accutane.
    In terms of side effects, the main thing is the dry lips. After reading through this website, I see that basically everyone goes through the dry lip thing. I go through a tube of Blistex every week, but at least the corners of my mouth have finally gotten better. My skin is dry, but I use Cetaphil moisturizer and it really helps. I've also had some lower back pain, but that's a small price to pay.
    As for depression, I was pretty depressed before I began Accutane. During my freshman year of high school, I was actually considered suicidal for a while. Accutane hasn't really made me any more depressed. I'm trying to be optomistic and hopeful. I know the odds are in my favor that this will work for me. :)
    One thing I do want to note is the fact that my image of myself has been sort of screwed up lately. Even though I'm 5'5" and less than 120 lbs, I sometimes become so convinced that I'm overweight that I won't eat for a day or two, or I'll eat as little as a possibly can in order to keep my stomach from grumbling. I don't know if this has anything to do with the Accutane, or if I just have a messed up self image? It's like I don't see what everyone else sees. Weird, huh?
    There are people that post comments on here saying that Accutane is horrible and made them want to kill themselves and don't take it no matter what, etc etc etc. Yes, this does happen in EXTREMELY RARE CASES. Don't let someone else scare you into not trying Accutane for severe acne. You won't just wake up one morning and want to kill yourself. If depression happens, it will be gradual and you will see the signs. If that's the case in your situation, just be sure to tell someone about it and take care of the problem. But I think for the most part, research shows that Accutane is really, really effective in treating acne. So good luck!
    I'd appreciate any advice or comments, and I'd be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!

    From: Janet in Arizona. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: Accutane/Hair Loss
    Date: 17/06/2004 at 04:05 - Message #940

    I took 2 cycles of Accutane for Acne. The medication really did not help in the long run- after I finished taking it my acne came back. My big concern is I experienced severe hair loss. Help has anyone else had this happen? What can I do to get my hair to grow back? I would greatly appreciate any advise on this. To me it was not worth taking the medicine.

    From: laura in Canada. A 16 year old female.
    Subject: POST-ACCUTANE
    Date: 14/06/2004 at 19:16 - Message #939

    Hello everyone, hope ur all good
    I started using accutane in october 2003 and took it for 5 months long.i totally loved it...nothing ever ever ever made my skin look this good, and before it, i had never went with clear skin for such a long time, even after finishing the treatment (on march 2004). i was then pimple-free for 2 or 3 months, until end of may 2004, and then i started breaking out again and i was really upset....since then i still break out and i really hate it...i just wanted to know if its possible to retake accutane,for a second time, and will the good effects continue for a long time ,like 10years as i was told by a friend, this time..?? please answer,im really upset i totally hate pimples!! thank you very much,lauraxxxxxx

    From: WORRIED in australia. A 20 years old year old female.
    Date: 10/06/2004 at 22:55 - Message #938

    hey guys
    iv been on oratane for the last 3 months but havent seen any differnces. i dont know whats going on im so scaerd that its not going to work becasue it has gotten soooo much worse, and they dont go away but continuesly get reinfected again,and it takes sooooo much longer for it to clear up as well. has anyone experianced this???

    From: LMA in England. A 34 year old Female.
    Subject: Update
    Date: 28/05/2004 at 13:03 - Message #937

    I've now only got 3 weeks to go on my course of Roaccutane (60mg per day for 4 months). I have not felt depressed at all - in fact more positive as I am no longer self conscious about my face - I have had 2 spots in the last month. I cut out alcohol, but have not changed my diet (which isn't that healthy) and have not put on weight.
    DO NOT have any form of facial waxing or use a sun bed. My skin has become extremely sensitive to the sun, which was expected.
    The only real side effect that I personally find annoying is the dry lips - I haven't found anything to really help.
    I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

    From: Loni in chicago. A 18 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 26/05/2004 at 21:48 - Message #936

    I was just wondering if there are certain foods that are better to eat with accutane? Sometimes I eat a salad with chicken or protein or something like carbs absorb the medication more efficiently than protein? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE HELP! I've been on accutane for about 5 months now and i hate my skin..i get depressed but i try to keep an positive outlook..i know it is bad to go tanning on accutane b/c it makes you more likely to sunburn, but could the sun actually make acne worse after it makes it appear better? Please respond, someone, please..

    From: Dawn in england. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 25/05/2004 at 12:04 - Message #935

    I have suffered severe acne for about 3 years now which is getting worse. I have just been referred to a dermatologist and am hoping to get roaccutane prescribed. I have heard a lot of bad things about it, but may people including doctors don't seem to understand how horrible it is to be progressively disfigured like this. I am also worried about it being banned in the uk either before I get it or before it has worked for me, I would choose dry skin over this any day of the week, and I am sure the last thing I will feel is depressed, but has anyone had a problem with gaining weight while on it, as this is my biggest worry?

    From: Chubbs in NY. A 17 year old Female.
    Subject: depression
    Date: 17/05/2004 at 01:27 - Message #934

    Hey guys.. I'm thinking about taking Accutane. I've actually been considering it for years now. My acne is not that bad, I guess to everyone else, but it is to me. Anyway, I've tried so many different meds and nothing works. So, I thought I'd give this a shot. It seems as if the side effects scares everyone. I know they are really serious. Of course I'm worried about the physical effects, but everyone is different so there is no way of predicting what will happen to me. One of my main concerns is the depression. I am already mildly depressed just because of my skin. I am a pretty self-conscious person. But, I told myself that if I felt depressed or any feelings that I don't normally feel, I would tell my dermatologist. I wanted to know if anyone felt, while they were on Accutane, if they were thinking irrational thoughts or became suicidal even if it was totally unlike the way they normally are. I'm just afraid that I'll snap when I'm on it or go crazy. I want to make sure that I can tell if I'm slowly getting depressed and can do something about it before it's too late. Okay, this is long. If you can somehow give me some advice, please e-mail me. Thanks a bunch.

    From: smoye in Pittsburgh. A 48 year old female.
    Subject: keyloids
    Date: 06/05/2004 at 13:12 - Message #933

    Do anyone no of anything that can help keyloids? My sister's on her ear is about as big as a buckeye. Everytime she gets it cut off it grows back. Please if any one can help, let me know.

    From: smoye in Pittsburgh. A 48 year old female.
    Subject: keyloids
    Date: 06/05/2004 at 13:06 - Message #932

    Do anyone no of anything that can help keyloids? My sister's on her ear is about as big as a buckeye. Everytime she gets it cut off it grows back. Please if any one can help, let me know.

    From: Susie in Ireland. A 26 year old female.
    Subject: Alcohol + accutane
    Date: 06/05/2004 at 07:35 - Message #931

    Hi all, I have just started my second course of roaccutane, its been 3 years since my last course and I did pretty well on it last time round. I avoided alcohol and fatty food completely first time round as I didn't want to risk high triglyceride levels. This time, I have the usual round of summer parties and BBQs and I would like to have a few cocktails! How much and how often are people drinking and has it affected anybody's blood test results?
    Thanks and good luck to all, I can't wait for the day when I can leave the house not caked in heavy concealer and makeup!!

    From: Depressed in USA. A 33 year old Female.
    Date: 02/05/2004 at 16:44 - Message #930

    Hello, I've lost my eye sight because I've used accutan.
    Today I need to wear glasses and I feel really depressed.
    Cannot wear contact lenses and cannot do the laser operation because of taking accutan.

    From: Kat in Australia. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: (Ro)Accutane
    Date: 01/05/2004 at 04:35 - Message #929

    I had bad cystic acne which appeared suddenly at 24 when I went traveling. I think it must have been a change in environment. Anyway, I waited a few years in the hope that it would sort itself out and it didn't. I tried the pill, anti biotics, but nothing worked. I had to take a high dose of Roaccutane for 7 months to clear it and I still have the occassional pimple, but it is soo much better that I can't complain. I've only been off it for a month or so now, so it's hard to tell. One side effect that I'd like to warn people of is that I got depression. I was very happy before I took the roaccutane and had no problems with depression at all. I wasn't even worried about my appearance despite how awful it was. I only took roaccutane to stop the pain that was constantly aching under my skin. Now, I am depressed and have no reason to be! The only explaination I can think of is Roaccutane. Please think seriously about it before taking it. I can't say what decision I would have made having known that this would happen, but nothing is worth your mental health!

    From: Allan in California. A 22 year old Male.
    Subject: Oratane
    Date: 29/04/2004 at 11:53 - Message #928

    Some of you may know that a pharmaceutical company in New Zealand (Douglas) launched the Oratane (a generic of Accutane) last year and Im going to see how it is. Although Ive suffered a few zits here and there in sixth grade and progressively got worse, nothing would have prepared me for what would happen when I didnt read the label correctly on the back of a protein powder in a health food store. Little did I know that what I read wasnt a protein but in fact a pro-hormone. So all the wonderful cystic acne came on my shoulder, lower back, face, neck, and chestnot to mention a major oil slick. Although is has seemed to mellow out and my hormone levels have recovered a little bit the acne is still present. So instead of using everything I could think and was told would work by message boards, toothpaste, sulfur, egg whites, egg yolks, oatmeal, clay, lemon juice, vinegar, Murad, ProActive, soaps, B5, high protein diets, Retin-A, peppermint extract, strawberry leaves, visine, scrubs, exfoliants, benzoyl peroxide, zinc therapy, azelaic acid, and I know Im missing many more. But one thing did work fairly well and that was Isotrex, an Accutane gel. Im on 4 days now with Oratane (80mg a day) and all is well. No crazy side-effects but sometimes my face does feel like it has a little sunburn and a few times my face does seem a tiny bit oily. I always heard people talk about the dreaded peeling and insanely dry skin but I have to tell you, I also have psoriasis that flares up from time to time when my skin is very dry. So, for all those people that say they hate the dryness, try having Accutane dry your skin twice what it does and then youll know what Accutane and psoriasis will be like. Ill keep all of ya posted.

    From: Samantha in Michigan. A 13 year old Female.
    Subject: Way to get zits to go away.
    Date: 26/04/2004 at 20:06 - Message #927

    Here is some ways to make your zit(s) go away. Before you go to bed put toothpaste on your zits. The toothpaste will dry up your zit(s) and then you just leave them alone and they will go away. The second way is to always keep your face clean. When your showering wash your face. When your boread wash your face. You should atleast wash your face three times a week.(Or you can even put mask on your face to help your zits.)

    From: DEE in Canada. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: scars
    Date: 25/04/2004 at 18:21 - Message #926

    I've read a bunch of posts and people are so scared of scars, let me be the one to tell you (I was on accutane 6 years ago I had really brutal acne) THE SPOTS/SCARS go away! When you take accuatne your skin looks a darker. Your scars/spots look dark soon as you stop taking your accutane the spots will go away. I was amazed. I have always had crapy skin, after accutane strangers actually complimented me on how lovely my skin was!
    I am on another course of accutane now (80mg OD)for 5 months because I started to break out again. derm said that is pretty normal, but usually a second course will last for 17 - 20 years. so its not a huge deal.(catch it early and it's painless no big breakouts)
    Oh, you can bleach your face. I still do it & I'm fine.

    From: LMA in England. A 34 year old Female.
    Subject: Update
    Date: 25/04/2004 at 11:42 - Message #925

    Hi, just a couple of positive points for you to consider. My dermatologist has had first hand experience of Roaccutane as she herself took a course, her skin is clear - that convinced me!
    I've been on 60mg from the start of my treatment (the past 2 months). My skin is completely spot free and has been for the last 4 weeks :>)
    My lips are dry as is my skin. However, I no longer get headaches as I did during the first month.
    Does anyone know how to get rid of the scars and pigmentation marks left behind?

    From: Aishah in Pakistan. A 24 year old Female.
    Subject: Bleaching Face on Accutane
    Date: 24/04/2004 at 11:51 - Message #924

    HI. I wanted to know if i could bleach my face while using accutane. My doc told me I could but i am still scared as i dont want to get any sort of reaction. As i have facial hair, i bleach once a month, i wanted to know if i could continue that while taking accutane.

    From: Raj in London, UK. A 27 year old Male.
    Subject: Roaccutane User Experience
    Date: 20/04/2004 at 11:22 - Message #923

    Hi Guys,
    I'd like to tell you my experience of Roaccutane, I sufferered from my teenage years with Severe cystic acne on my face and also my back, in my 20's may face cleared up, but my back got worse, to the effect that I started getting Keyloids (scar tissue) after my cystic pimple would go. My back would physically hurt and my shirts would be covered in blood.
    My Doc recommended Roaccutane, so I went to my dermatologist, and it was prescribed. After reading on the internet side affects like Depression, aches pain etc I really did not want to take it. I kept the medicine, and I never took it for one whole year. Then I got a real bad bout on my back, so I made an appointment with my dermatologist.
    I expalined I was very scared to take it so she said take only half a dose, (they give you dosage accroding to your body weight) I was perscribed 80mg, but took 40mg. I was so sacred to take it that I took my first tablets on front tablets in of my dermatologist. After taking them, I contibued for three months.
    I did breakout in some horrible spots on my back and face, but the soon cleared, the craked dried lips is so true, and be ready for it, I have a lypsyl stick on me at all times. My skin on my nose got very dry and forehaed, but you just deal withit with loads of cream. I never thought I would be putting moisturiser on my face in my life!! I found my skin to be very sensitive, and I use moisturiser esepcially on my legs as they get dry. I occasionally break out on my back one spot or so, but very rarely and goes pretty quick. My face has been great after 2 mths, not one pimple to be seen! Shaving is great less cuts and redness. My hands have sensitive, and I have had alot of cuts etc from doing work like in the kitchen or just cuts in general, so beware when doing any physical stuiff with hands.
    I had no other effects at all, no depression nothing, I am now in my 3rd month, and I saw my dermatogolist in London tdy (20/4/2004) and she told me its going well, I have to take it until end of June 2004, then I will be done! I am so glad I took it. And recommend others even though you could be apprehensive, its worh the risk.
    My advice as a user is to take half dose of what the dermatologist prescribes, and see how things goes if your are worried about this drug. Talk it over with your dermatogolist they have many patients in your situtation and are there to help you. My Derm is very good. I also recommend eveyone to a blood test which really should be mandatory ( I beleive it is in Lodnon)to check you liver and Cholestoral, this is because it can damage the liver and your cholestoral can rise, so if monitored through regular blood test you will be fine. A test before you start, on in-between your treatment. Then you are fine. If you Diabets in your family then this should be checked also. This is what I have done and have been good.
    I also met someone who had taken it a year ago, and had aches and pains in body form taking it, but now she is really happy she took it and has been acne free for 1 1/2 yrs now.
    Beware of drug but respect it because it can help cystic acne sufferers, we are all different it may not work on all!

    From: Sami in Hong Kong. A 27 year old Female.
    Subject: Diane 35 and Roaccutane
    Date: 14/04/2004 at 05:47 - Message #922

    I've experienced mild to moderate acne on and off which I have previously treated with antibiotics and topical creams. I had tried Diane 35 (dianette) and it worked well on my skin despite developing blackheads around the time of my period. I stopped it due to the prolonged and serious bloating I experienced. I terminated a pregnancy last year and it obviously triggered off my skin-- clogged pores, lots of little whiteheads, blackheads and many pimples. I started Yasmin to regulate my hormones, thinking it may calm my skin down. The doctor put me on antibiotics which didn't work, so I tried Roaccutane. I was on 20g for almost 2 months where I saw no improvement and no side effects. Infact it seemed to be worse, I got huge tough pimples especially along my jawline which I never had before. My doctor did BHA peels(betahydroxy acid) to accelerate the turnover of my skin. Somewhere inbetween my skin got infected and I ended up taking antibiotics as well as the roaccutane. The third and fourth month, I have taken 40g and there has been some improvement but not much. The skin is smooth on my nose,chin, upper cheeks. However I have major and huge breakouts closer to my period and I still have clogged pores. The flaking and dryness is minimal and it does not seem like my body is absorbing the roaccutane. I also started antibiotics again because of the breakouts and started using differin gel to accelerate the turn over of my skin.
    Both my dermatologist and my gyno suggest I switch from yasmin to diane/dianette to help control the acne until roaccutane does its job. After 6 months or so I can switch back to yasmin. I'm afraid if I start Diane, I won't be able to monitor the effectiveness of the roaccutane. Should my skin clear, I could mistakenly think it is the effect of the roaccutane. I wouldn't want the roacc treatment to be cut short for this misleading reason. Also, many women seem to develop acne again after stopping diane. I fear that once the roacc treatment is over I may think that my acne is sorted, only to find out that upon stopping diane, it will all come back. Anyone else taken diane and roaccutane and then stopped?

    From: Julie in Chicago. A 25 year old female.
    Subject: oilier on accutane
    Date: 08/04/2004 at 11:04 - Message #921

    Hi people, I started takeing some generic type of accutane (40mg) for my severely oily skin with moderate breakouts. Now, the breakouts are the same, but seriously, the oil is recockulous. I thought accutane was going to shink the oil glands. Any similar situations?

    From: Silver Penny in uk. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: roacutane
    Date: 02/04/2004 at 11:27 - Message #920

    I took the heaviest dose of roaccutane for approx 3 yrs- I did have very pimply skin. The side effects do happen- I felt physically sick for weeks in the beginning, had little cuts on my lips and had heavy mood swings. I also know people who have been very suicidal on the drug- so this is a real concern - especially if you are very emotionally vulnerable when u take it. Its a heck of a lot to deal with - however the effects on my skin has been great. I am still taking diannette and I am afraid of coming off it as I am still getting a few spots - yet doctors are saying you should only be on it for a few years.

    From: Anitra in chicago. A 22 year old female.
    Subject: acne scars
    Date: 31/03/2004 at 14:58 - Message #919

    I want to know if the accutain pill actually works in clearing up acne and the scars that they leave behind?
    And how great are the risk of the side effects to anyone?

    From: LMA in England. A 34 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 30/03/2004 at 15:35 - Message #918

    I've been taking Roaccutane for approx 1 month. Side effects experienced so far:-
    - dry lips
    - headaches
    - dry/itchy scalp
    - Cold Sores (if you experience cold sores when skiing or in the sun beware! You are more sensitive to uv when taking roaccutane)
    - Ladies, do not attempt facial waxing!!!
    I will keep you posted.
    Additional points.
    - Taking Yasamin contraceptive pill rather than Dianette (recent blood clotting scares with Dianette)
    - Skin clearing up nicely :-)

    From: Chris M in Canada. A 29 year old male.
    Subject: Accutane + depression
    Date: 29/03/2004 at 19:22 - Message #917

    So... I have a mild case of acne on my back apparently. Nothing too fierce or angry, but enough to make me self conscious of not having a nice smooth clear back - there's some marks from previous zits and lumps'n'bumps and stuff, leaving my back looking a bit "marked".
    I got prescribed Septra DS, which is some antibiotic + sulfur combination product. Today, my new doctor has extended that for a month and put me on 10mg Accutane for a month.
    The warnings about depression and stuff have me 5hit scared - I was depressed about 5 years ago and took Prozac for 6 months. I've been a bit under the weather lately, unsettled due to job changes and stuff.. I think I have some issues to work out there already, with general mood/happiness etc.. I'm just worried/concerned that I may have an adverse reaction to the Accutane.. any thoughts/advice? emails ok :-)

    From: Hannah in Wolverhampton, England. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: Scared
    Date: 28/03/2004 at 11:17 - Message #916

    I've just been prescribed roacutane. i would like to say that you lot have scared me with all your comments!!!!!!!!!i'm sure it will be worth it as i have suffered with acne for 7 years and at 23 my doctor has finally realised that i probably won't just grow out of it. despite some of your horror side effects i'm going to start the treatment its got to be better than having acne ruin my life by destroying all my confidence!if anything dreadful happens i.e. my face falls off i'll let you know!

    From: Ace5135 in Ontario. A 25 year old male.
    Subject: without a prescription
    Date: 26/03/2004 at 17:20 - Message #915

    Do I need a prescription?
    Am I able to get it without one?

    From: KOKO in CANADA. A 24 year old male.
    Date: 25/03/2004 at 04:24 - Message #914

    duuuuuuuudes!! Acne is WACKKK!! after being missing in action for around 3 yrs im bak on Accutane again for ma second time.First time i took it it worked AMAZING EVERYONE!!If i can recall, i only took it for like lil over 3 months an said BYEBYE to ma dermy cus i had the greatest skin ever,an stopped takin it rite there. I had skin like gold baby for about 2 yrs then all of sudden da creatures came bak again(prob cus i didnt finish da recommended time length which is around 5 months, cus my new sexy face distracted ma thinkin process).So yea,One by one dey started to slowly take over my face again. I tried to laugh the first couple ones off but then they called for backup and spread like wildfire. I went on antibiotics and Vitamin A acid for 2 months which ma fam doc recomended. Didnt do shiet so i wnt to bak to ma dermy an he laughed at me saying "80% of guys in ur age category clear up for good after Accutane...u fell in da 20% who don't.." HAHAHAHAHAHA!! hilarious eh?! not really. He then pulled out his prescription pad an said" you kno da drill...." an put me bak on it. Anyways, since im an Accutane veterin here, I feel its ma job to inform everyone on this stuff. From MY personal experience the only side effect I had wus dry lips people, so relax and stop reading about the bad stuff people are posting, cus it'll jus trip u out an make it worse for u. In the beginning it will suk (first couple weeks) but after a couple months trusss me fellaz....da ladess will melt all ova u yo....So imma end dis now cus its gettin longass.Boyz!! stock up on da gurly stuff like cetaphyl facial wash, moisturizing face lotion with sunblock 15(since your gunna turn into burnt toast in da sun), and VASELINE! our favourite eh guys?!!( for the cement lips ur gunna hav).So jus chill for a couple months while on dis stuff an if u hav lil breakouts here an der jus sneak into ur sis's makeup bag and cover dat sHieT UP Yo!! hah....GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!YOUR VERY LIVES R NOW OVER!!MUHAHAHAHH!! jus jokin....good luck.....

    From: fellow acne warrior. A 19 year old female.
    Subject: Roseann
    Date: 17/12/2001 at 00:42 - Message #913

    Roseann, check out
    tons of postings on the board about different treatments people have tried, diet stuff, products etc. you can search the archives about different treatments and ask questions that people are usually helpful with.

    From: Roseann in Belfast N.Ireland. A 14 year old female.
    Date: 16/12/2001 at 21:20 - Message #912

    Hi everyone! Ive been taking 60g roaccutane everyday since september and my course is due to finish in january. The thing is my acne hasnt improved at all,in fact it is worse now and to top it all of I have scabs around my mouth and can hardly talk. Im going to the derm in a couple of weeks and I am definately not taking another course because it (well for me) doesnt work. Does anyone know of anything else which i could use to help get rid of the acne without any major side effects?
    Thanx ppl!
    Luv Roseann

    From: David Chow in Cambridge U.K. A 25 year old male.
    Subject: Long term cheilitis (inflammation of the lips) after Accutane/Roaccutane
    Date: 12/12/2001 at 20:03 - Message #911

    I have experienced severe cheilitis (inflammation of the lips) for the past seven years after taking Roaccutane. This has now been classed a nearly a disability as I am unable to talk for any length of time and find it difficult to eat. Having looked through the FDAs reports of adverse drug reactions (ADR) for Accutane it seems as though I am not the only one as there are many cases of patients reporting long term cheilitis after taking Accutane, in addition lip disorders are quite prevalent. Seeing as an estimated 1 in 10 ADRs are estimated to be never reported, the numbers could be quite significant.
    Most people recover from cheilitis when they discontinue therapy however there are those that dont inevitably.
    Seeing as around 90% of people who take Accutane/Roaccutane suffer from cheilitis whilst on the drug this is clearly a side effect that should appear on the packaging i.e Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and Patient Product Information (PPI). It appears clearly as a sided-effect for Accutane, however this is not the case for Roaccutane marketed in the U.K.
    I have written a report to the medicines Control Agency (MCA) hear in the U.K and the documentation for Roaccutane will include cheilitis in the next print run, after it not being there for some 19 years.
    Anyway I am not hear to condone the use of Accutane/Roaccutane as it quite clearly has benefits for some people however as I hope you guys can appreciate this drug has ruined my life because having mild acne is one thing but not being able to communicate with people due to the pain is on a different level.
    Having looked over the posts in the last two months it seems I am not the only one suffering the long term side effect of cheilitis and I urge those people effected to get in touch.
    For anyone else interested please contact me and I will be glad to send a more detailed history of my condition and also the report I sent to the MCA.
    David Chow ( Joint Co-ordinator, Roaccutane/Accutane Action Group)

    From: David Chow in Cambridge U.K. A 25 year old male.
    Subject: Long term cheilitis (inflammation of the lips) after Accutane/Roaccutane
    Date: 12/12/2001 at 19:59 - Message #910

    I have experienced severe cheilitis (inflammation of the lips) for the past seven years after taking Roaccutane. This has now been classed as nearly a disability as I am unable to talk for any length of time and find it difficult to eat. Having looked thorugh the FDAs reports of adverse drug reactions (ADR) for Accutane it seems as though I am not the only one as there are many cases of patients reporting long term cheilitis after taking Accutane, in addition lip disorders are quite prevalent. Seeing as an estimated 1 in 10 ADRs are estimated to be never reported, the numbers could be quite significant.
    Most people recover from cheilitis when they discontinue therapy however there are those that dont inevitably.
    Seeing as around 90% of people who take Accutane/Roaccutane suffer from cheilitis whilst on the drug this is clearly a side effect that should appear on the packaging i.e Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and Patient Product Information (PPI). It appears clearly as a sided-effect for Accutane, however this is not the case for Roaccutane marketed in the U.K.
    I have written a report to the medicines Control Agency (MCA) hear in the U.K and the documentation for Roaccutane will include cheilitis in the next print run, after it not being there for some 19 years.
    Anyway I am not hear to condone the use of Accutane/Roaccutane as it quite clearly has benefits for some people however as I hope you guys can appreciate this drug has ruined my life because having mild acne is one thing but not being able to communicate with people due to the pain is on a different level.
    Having looked over the posts in the last two months it seems I am not the only one suffering the long term side effect of cheilitis and I urge those people effected to get in touch.
    For anyone else interested please contact me and I will be glad to send a more detailed history of my condition and also the report I sent to the MCA.
    David Chow ( Joint Co-ordinator, Roaccutane/Accutane Action Group)

    From: Shawn in U.S.. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: when will these stains fade away
    Date: 11/12/2001 at 18:20 - Message #909

    Hey everyone I have been on Accutane 4 about 6 months now. And my face looks so much better but I want it to look clear! U see right now I still have a bunch of scars, or stains as I call them, and I wanna know when they should be going away for good can some1 who has been on Accutane email me and tell me when their stains finally went away...please!!! Also I cant believe it but even after 6months I just go ta tiny breakout about 10 small pimples its no big deal because they are almost unnoticable but looking back I thought by now I would have clear skin!! I guess I was way wrong!! has any1 else been on this for over 6 months and still found pimples or still had lots of stains? please email me if you have!! Ohh and if you've just started the drug hang in there because I went through hell and I still aint very happy with my skin buit is so much better and I know that in a few more months I will have the type of skin I want!!

    From: Kimberley in England. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Lucy from England
    Date: 10/12/2001 at 17:22 - Message #908

    Lucy, Have have posted my email address at the top. Please if you need someone to talk to who understands what it's like to suffer from acne please, please write! Family and friends mean everything but sometimes its good to hear first hand from someone who has suffered too! Sorry this comes a while after you posted your message but havent checked the site for a while. Please write, I'd love to be able to give you some support and advice. Take care. Kimberley.

    From: Kiwi in England. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane and Drugs
    Date: 10/12/2001 at 17:04 - Message #907

    Joe: posted a question about E and Roaccutane myself some weeks back. I am a regular E used and have since made enquiries to a number of drugs helplines and their advice was never to mix prescriptive and non prescriptive med's. Didnt stop me mixing to two I'm afraid. I have found out never to mis an MOA inhibitor (antideppressants) with E as it causes severe side effects. If you are suffering at all from depression on Roaccutane I WOULD NOT touch E because of the combination of the come down and depression. You have to be aware that even thought you dont see any short term effects there may by long term complciations with mixing the two drugs.
    Also be aware that one of the main side effects of E is acne. I have noticed that these two are connected with me. I take E then I break out more than ever! If you are going to take it anyway then just be careful and keep an eye pattern of your acne. If you break out a week or two after taking E it may be that E is causing your acne.
    Be careful!

    From: viv in u.s. A 24 year old female.
    Date: 10/12/2001 at 00:22 - Message #906

    Hi. I am just writing to say that a friend of mine started complaining of very bad depression a few weeks after starting roaccutane. He shot homself three months later. I miss him so much

    From: Stuart. A 15 year old Male.
    Date: 09/12/2001 at 15:12 - Message #905

    I have set up a new accutane site for anybody intersted. It has heaps of links to all different accutane/acne related pages. It has over 7 accutane diarys, natural acne treatments, accutane and drug use. side effects & HEAPS more. The address is Thanks

    From: Stuart in Australia. Male.
    Subject: Accutane Site
    Date: 09/12/2001 at 15:11 - Message #904
    Web Site: Accutane Everything

    I have set up a new accutane site for anybody intersted. It has heaps of links to all different accutane/acne related pages. It has over 7 accutane diarys, natural acne treatments, accutane and drug use. side effects & HEAPS more. The address is Thanks

    From: Andrea in US. A 22 year old female.
    Subject: RE:Helene
    Date: 08/12/2001 at 21:51 - Message #903

    To Helene who has been experiencing headaches: Hi, I was reading some of the info my Dr. gave me about Accutane and thought I would pass this part along
    "Accutane can increase the pressure in your brain. This can lead to permanent loss of sight, or in rare cases, death. Stop taking Accutane and call your provider right away if you get any of these signs of increased brain pressure: bad headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, or vomitting. Also some patients on Accutane have had siezure or stroke"
    Hopefully none of this is you, but I wanted to pass on the symptoms just in case. Hope all is going well!

    From: Don in California. Male.
    Subject: Thirsty+Headaches
    Date: 08/12/2001 at 18:20 - Message #902

    I'm just finishing up my 6th week. Taking 100mg a day all at once. My acne wasn't considered "severe", but my doctor put me on Accutane for 5 months (he puts all of his patients on a 5 month course?). I'm 6'4", 200lbs.
    It sounds like the side effects are the same with most people. I'm thirsty as hell and have been drinking at least 100 oz of water a day. I've been getting a few minor headaches here and there, but Tylenol seems to kick it. I have a couple of beers or drinks each day, which doesn't seem to impact how I feel (doctor said that one or two ounces of alchohol is ok). I'm trying to watch my diet and not eat too much high fat food...unfortunately, I haven't been too good about that. Last month, I went on a real low fat diet two weeks before my blood test, because I was concerned that I wouldn't pass the test.
    I've seen the most improvement on my back, chest, neck, behind my ears, and most of my face. I'm still getting acne on my nose, but it's slowly improving. My wife says that she has seen a big change, which is nice. I'm still excercising, lifting some weights, etc. but my joints are a little more achy afterwards.
    Hope this helps others as they go through the process. I know that it doesn't seem like the chages are coming fast enough, but Stick with it!

    From: Oliver in Montreal. A 21 year old male.
    Subject: Frustrating...
    Date: 08/12/2001 at 17:54 - Message #901

    It's nice to know I'm not alone in the same situation. I've been on accutane for 6 weeks now. My shoulders are clearing up, but my face got worse. I get less pimples, but bigger ones and I have the bad habit to scratch them so it makes it worse. I was hoping the treatment would work fast, because I'm sick of suffering. Somedays I feel down and I know it's just because of my acne. Life would be wonderful without that problem. But if someday I don't have them anymore, I'll be happy to have survived to that horrible time. I wish you good luck to you as well...

    From: E. in Italy. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: to Marie
    Date: 08/12/2001 at 14:31 - Message #900

    Marie:yes I'm soooo thirsty and this IS roaccutan because your throat (not only skin) is getting dry.
    I've a sore throat,and have to drink every 10 minutes;-)
    I'm in my 3rd week, 20mg/day.
    good luck;-)

    From: Marie in England. A 16 year old Female.
    Date: 08/12/2001 at 13:44 - Message #899

    Im just at the end of week 8/beginning of week 9 (i get confused!) and my skin has TOTALLY broken out everywhere like it did at the beginning of the course (the initial flare up thing), then when my dose was increased at 5 weeks i also got another big flare up. Has anybody else broken out real badly at week 8/9 onwards? I thought i should be healing now? This had better be my last flare up cos its getting annoying now! Also, ive been really really tired (sleeping all the time!) and thirsty constantly lately, is this roacc? Any1 else get these? Thanks for any replies.

    From: Helene in Canada. A 35 year old female.
    Subject: headaches
    Date: 08/12/2001 at 00:57 - Message #898

    Hi- I am wondering if anyone else has had an ongoing headache from taking accutane. Its not too bad, just a dull headache but its get really bad if I try to run (I used to run a couple times a week)or even if I do any kind of exertion. I am on week 5 at 40mg a day, and I have had a headache for a week but otherwise haven't had any problems- skin is clear and no flare up at the beginning.

    From: what?.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 07/12/2001 at 14:22 - Message #897

    Heres the low down on accutane. It causes hair loss!
    Please think before you start his damn drug, sure it works but later on you start your new battle with hair loss. I rather have acne any day over hairloss.
    if u dont believe me just do a search on accutane and hairloss over the will see lots of people with the same problem. U HAVE BE WARNED!

    From: Help! in hong kong. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: nasty pimples from roa
    Date: 07/12/2001 at 07:25 - Message #896

    hi i've been taking 10mg/day roaccutane for 5 weeks now, and i haven't noticed much improvement. in fact, it has gotten worse because the acne i get these days are bigger and take ages (approx 1-2 weeks)to heal. not sure if i got the facts right but sometimes they get re-infected? (is that possible?) it doesnt hurt any more but the lump is still there!
    i notice most people's acne get better after around 5-6 weeks of roa.. is my dosage too low? i asked my doc if theres anything topical i can put on the pimples to make them heal quicker, but he said it will make it worse. is this true? does anyone know if i can use anything else? im taking tetracyclin also. thanks.

    From: Victoria in Australia. A 36 year old female.
    Subject: Completed My Course of Roaccutane
    Date: 07/12/2001 at 04:57 - Message #895

    I have just completed my first course of roaccutane. It's about 10 days since the last tablet and my face has started to break out. (My skin was beautifully clear whilst on the drug). I am SO disappointed. These new spots are not cystic but they are still painful. They are on all areas of my face. I am not taking the pill which used to keep me in check (Diane-35) and I wonder what I can do now. I do not want to be on the pill and I do not want to take more antibiotics but I will if my skin doesn't calm down soon... Has anyone else had this experience?

    From: Gert in Belgium. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: Roacuttane
    Date: 06/12/2001 at 19:51 - Message #894

    Hi , i've been on roacuttane for just 2 days now , and I just wanted to say that the dry skin isnn't bad at all , It constantly feels like you just washed it and it never aches anymore , but ofcourse this could happen in the next few weeks. This may sounf weird , but I already notice a difference. My face isn't as red as it used to be and the dry lips aren't irritating at all , in fact you barely notice it. I haven't had any of the side affects yet , but if they come I know it will be worth it . When you've had acne for a long time , you start to wonder what your skin really feels like. I'm reaally looking forword to looking normal again.

    From: Ivan in Belgium. A 25 year old Male.
    Date: 06/12/2001 at 10:34 - Message #893

    I forgot this one. It's very important that you take Roaccutane for a long time (apr. 6 months). It's very normal that nothing improves during the first month. For all people who just started on Roaccutane, hang in there. It will get better but it takes time... you can't change your metabolism in a few weeks. Hang in there. you're not alone...

    From: Ivan in Belgium (Antwerp). A 25 year old Male.
    Date: 06/12/2001 at 10:27 - Message #892

    Hi everyone,
    My acne is gone for about 7 or 8 years I think. I was about 16 when I visited my doctor for informtion on acne conglobata. She was shocked seeing my chest and back. So, finally, after taking some child remedy products like Mino-50 she prescribed Roaccutane. It was a 6 month threatment. First it got a little worse but after two months it slitly dissapeared. It was amazing.. My skin became very dry and my lips were like paper. Now, when I look back to that period, it was hard.. very hard... but the result is amazing.. no more acne for years..
    Hang on in there... and afterwards... as much sun as you can get...

    From: Christophe in Belgium. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: roaccutane & alcohol
    Date: 06/12/2001 at 10:22 - Message #891

    Hi all,
    I just want to say that you shouldn't have to worry about drinking alcohol when you're on roaccutane.
    I asked my dermatologist and she said that there is no problem if you drink while taking roaccutane.
    As I am a student, I really drink very much alcohol, and so far I haven't had one single problem at all.

    From: Elizabeth in NZealand. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: To Shaz
    Date: 06/12/2001 at 08:15 - Message #890

    I waited 6 months before trying for a baby and she is a "perfect" 14 month old now.

    From: JULIE in liverpool. A 37 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 06/12/2001 at 06:01 - Message #889

    Hi I have been taking roaccutane since August and in all that time i have had terrible side effects.My lips have been severley dry since the first week and there still chapped and sore,the other terrible side effect is my joints,im getting bad joint pain especially in my back,arms and shoulders.The acne hasnt cleared up completely but I can see an improvement.I must be honest Ive been really tempted to stop taking them but Ive persevered does anyone know what happens if you do stop taking them.Anyway good luck everyone who is taking it.

    From: Shaz in EIRE. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 05/12/2001 at 19:56 - Message #888


    From: Mel. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: Joe in NI
    Date: 05/12/2001 at 19:04 - Message #887

    Joe, did you ever find out re: drugs and Roaccutane?
    I was wondering the same thing myself
    anybody know?

    From: Jayne in London. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: Sarah
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 20:23 - Message #886

    Hi Sarah, I took Diannette for several years and it cleared up my acne really well - just the odd spot here and there. I stopped taking it about 2 years ago and unfortunately the spots came back, so i tried antibiotics to no avail and am now about to start on roaccutane as a desperate last measure. You may find the diannette works really well, but like all medication you may suffer the normal side effects associated with the pill. I personally didn't have any probs and only stopped it because i was on it so long and felt i needed to see if I was still an acne sufferer when off it. Its worth keeping a diary of how you feel/look each day as it helps you keep track of how things are panning out. Best of luck.

    From: Lee in South East, UK. A Early 30's year old Male.
    Subject: To Don
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 19:15 - Message #885

    Don, I'm pretty certain you shouldn't be using Benzoyl peroxide with accutane. Accutane makes your skin so fragile that using something as strong as even 2.5% benzoyl is risky and likely to lead to massive dryness.

    From: Don in California. Male.
    Subject: Benzoyl Peroxide
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 16:15 - Message #884

    I'm just finishing week 5 on Accutane. I've seen some dramatic improvements in the smoothness of my skin. My nose is slowly clearing up, but I'm still getting some acne (although the Accutane seems to really arrest any redness or major irritation).
    Question: My dermatologist told me to stop using all other prescription products on my face (like Differin and Clindamycin phosphate solution). I'm still using a little Benzoyl Peroxide (Neutorgena on The Spot) which seems to help when I have an outbreak on my nose. Is anyone else using Benzoyl or ?? to treat minor flair ups?

    From: shawn in london. A 18 year old male.
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 16:07 - Message #883


    From: shawn in london. A 18 year old male.
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 16:05 - Message #882


    From: Laura in London . A 22 year old female.
    Subject: Positive Feedback
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 14:34 - Message #881

    Dear all
    Just been reading the board and saw a few please for positive experiences. I came off a 5 month course of roaccutane 3 weeks ago (60mg a day) and my skin has improved a great deal. Its not 100% perfect and I'm left with what I think is a little bit of scarring on my cheeks but I haven't had one painful spot/pimple since about week 12 of my course. To be honest I didn't see much improvement til week 12 and then it seemed to happen quite fast so hang on in there! I'm seeing my derm in January so will see what she advises about the scarring and stuff. Roaccutane was a pretty hard drug to take for 5 months and it did get me down a bit but all I can say to you guys is that it was SOOOOOO worth it just to have "normal" skin not glowingly prefect but just "normal". If any of you want to ask me any questions or stuff just email me.
    Good Luck Laura x

    From: james in sydney. A 15 year old male.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 08:55 - Message #880

    hey i have just finished my treatment of roaccutane, i was on it for about 6 months i got dry skin, cracked lips, nose bleads(some times), and sore muscles but it was worth it. I sugest that if you have bad acne you go on it. You do get an out break at the start of the treatment but it is all worth it in the long run.
    ps. if any body knows how long it will take untill you stop getting the side effects of roaccutane can u please tell me thank u

    From: Britta in US. A 26 year old female.
    Subject: Hey Clue
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 03:00 - Message #879

    Clue- sounds like if you don't do it via doctor, you at least need to read up some more if you are so blase about it as to ask us. Accutane can be great, but it can seriously F#@K you up if you aren't really careful. The clearest most beautiful skin and the confident person waiting to come out inside isn't worth liver failure, or worse... good luck!

    From: Matt in England. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: Help!
    Date: 04/12/2001 at 00:07 - Message #878

    Ive had acne fairly badly for about 6months but in about the last 3 months its got completely out of control and my cheeks have basicly turned into massive cysts. The doctors rushed through my appointment to go to the dermatologist and he put me on roaccutane straight away. My skin got slightly worse at first but appears to have improved slightly now, however doesn't seem to be improving anymore! does this stuff definately work for everyone or only a few? im finding it hard to go out and have to take painkillers all the time because they hurt so much. The side effects ive had with this drug are nothing compared to the suffering ive had to go through over the past few weeks. Because my acne has come on badly so suddenly is it likely that my scarring wont actually be that bad? patches that have cleared slightly appear to not be scarred. I also have large tender areas of skin which discharge clear liquid and dont actually appear to be spots at all. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? hope someone can help, thanks!

    From: Rob in Canada. A 16 year old male.
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 21:16 - Message #877

    hey clue, i was on roaccutane about 6months ago, and let me tell u, the results are amazing.. and for ur question, i realy fo think that u should consult a derm b4 trying out roaccutane. its a powerful drug and sometimes u dont need exactly this drug, there are many others out there that might work for u.. even know u might have to wait a little longer, its always better to get a professional opinion on this, and plus, when u start roaccutane, ull have monthly check-ups at the doc's.. and if ur dose is to strong, or not strong enough, hell be able to adjust for ur needs.. think about it b4 u actually start.... oh yea, and one more thing, there are alot of side-effects such as depression, dry + bloody nose, itchy, dry and red eyes.. so an overdose can be really harmful for u... i suggest u see a doc first... it would be to ur advantage

    From: Sarah. A 16 year old
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 21:06 - Message #876

    i have to go on dianette for one month before going on roaccutane... can anyone who's been on dianette tell me if it is good for your skin?

    From: Joe in NI. A 19 year old Male.
    Subject: Dangers
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 20:38 - Message #875

    Can u take drugs i.e ecstasy whilst on roaccutane?

    From: clue in sg. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: acctune
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 15:42 - Message #874

    hi ppl,
    i can actually get roaccutane or accutane without going to the derm. do u guys recommend that i go for it? any important instructions i need to know?
    after reading some of the posts here, i really am leaning towards tryin it. I think i will buy it tomorrow & await for ur advice before i start.
    help me guys! appreciate alot!

    From: Geoff in Bristol. A 18 year old male.
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 13:21 - Message #873

    Ive recently started at university and have had a massive outbreak of acne which has basicly ruined my first term. Im in pain most of the time and am constantly worried when out because my face will just start bleeding at random. The doctors have put me on roaccutane which has done nothing as of yet. i find it very depressing reading comments about the bad side effects of roaccutane, could more people post comments about their success with the drug pleae. Im not trying to ignore the unwanted side effects but when your acne is as bad as mine anything is worth getting rid of it!

    From: shawn in london. A 18 year old male.
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 12:15 - Message #872


    From: nora in uk. female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 11:53 - Message #871

    Has anyone suffered from chelitis (very dry and peeling lips) that has not healed when the course of Roaccutane has been finished ? Should be glad to hear

    From: Angie in USA. A 23 year old female.
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 05:38 - Message #870

    HI!! What is the vitamin that people have been saying keeps oil and acne away if taken in semi-large quantities? Is it vitamin E?

    From: KELLY in USA. A 37 year old FEMALE.
    Subject: ACCUTANE
    Date: 03/12/2001 at 02:45 - Message #869


    From: luke in uk. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: To K
    Date: 02/12/2001 at 19:14 - Message #868

    The blackheads dont come up to the surface even though it may feel like that.It feels like that because ur skin goes dry and slightly flaky,especialy the nose where most people have black heads.The black heads just disapear.Though ive been off roaccutane now since october the 10th,and my nose has got greasy again and the black heads are starting to return,so ive been takin about 4 grams of pantothenic acid for last week and im going to continue to take it,so hopefully it can stop the grease thats come back.

    From: Steph in Canada. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: Dawn
    Date: 02/12/2001 at 16:10 - Message #867

    Hey Dawn,
    I can understand why you are so nervous and hesitant about taking the drug,because I was too. Especially after reading some posts on this board and others. But I have been on it now for almost 3 weeks and ,yes I have broken out a bit,but it is no worse than what it used to be like beforehand. Although,yes,some ppl do suffer from really bad breakouts I think it pretty much depends on the person and the dosage. For me I'm only on 20 mgs a day. But I think is is worth it,no matter what the initial breakout is like,just knowing that after its done,you'll be CLEAR! : )
    As for the creams that I use....I started applying just a no name brand moisturizer on my body twice a day a few days before I started treatment(and still do) just to be ahead of the dry skin to come.On my face I use Cetaphil moisturizer. Its non-greasy,non-comedogenic and its for sensitive skin. And for my lips...Vaseline Jelly Lip Therapy. It works really well!!!!
    Well I hope this helped you out a bit! And try to ignore some of the scary posts in here! I know many ppl who have been on this drug and it has only caused there lives to change for the better! Good Luck! : )

    From: Lee in South East, UK. A Early 30's year old Male.
    Subject: My experience
    Date: 02/12/2001 at 12:56 - Message #866

    I stumbled across this site and thought I'd post my own experiences with roaccutane to add to the information available.
    Firstly, I wish I'd taken it years before I actually did. I finally took it 4 years ago and was totally cured for a year. Even after that year I had / have what most people would call pretty decent skin. I'm now taking it again because I am starting to get more oily than I would like and am getting a few more spots. That said, however, the last 4 years have been absolutely wonderful compared to the previous ones. I've been able to do all those things that I was too self conscious to do before.
    Managing The Effect Of Roaccutane
    You do get unbelievably dry incredibly quickly. Tops of arms, shoulders but mainly around the mouth and lips. The best things I have used are E45 for the skin applied morning and night and Petroleum jelly for the lips. I have found nothing better than petroleum jelly for lips and make sure you apply it in the corners quite heavily as this area will crack if you don't keep it moisturised. It really is that good. Get a mega-conditioning shampoo. This felt particularly weird after years of buying 'for greasy hair' shampoos. Also don't wash with soap but use an emolient wash such as 'E45 Skin Confidence'. Another tip I'd recommend is not wearing dark shirts as these will soon show up flakes of skin. For the same reason don't wear dark clothes that rub against your neck. Whatever you do stay out of bright sun otherwise you'll burn badly and quickly. As regards headaches I suffered these early on but then they went after a few weeks and weren't too bad. Regarding depression there's clearly clinical evidence of it and I can understand how having your skin so dry your lips crack when you smile might cause this. Against that weighs the immeasurable depression of suffering acne for an extended period but unfortunately the sam research hasn't been done into this but if it ad I suspect that effects are far worse.
    This should keep you in a state where you can carry on with normal life.
    Getting Roaccutane
    (In the below I'm assuming you've tried all the normal antibiotics, creams etc. If you haven't then do so first.)
    The simple truth is most GPs are appalling when it comes to acne. "You'll grow out of it". "There's worse problems" etc... Don't give in ! It's simply their own ignorance. There is no point screwing up years of your life hiding from partners etc just because your GP is useless. Insist they refer you to a specialist dermatologist. Tne waiting list is long but worth it. If you can't bear to wait and have the money go private. The costs for which are typically as follows:
    Consultant 85 per appointment (you'll probably need 2). Blood tests / hospital facilities around 100. Prescription charges (12 weeks @ 60mg) 300.
    The other advantage of private is that you're spared the NHS guilt trip and can also use that as an argument with your GP who'll need to refer you.
    Don't be tempted by internet pharmacies as it's actually substantially cheaper to go private and have expert medical monitoring than pay a fortune to someone in another Country for pills that may not arrive, be ineffective and not be properly monitored.
    Finally, don't give up ! It can be beaten !

    From: K in uk. A 16 year old female.
    Date: 02/12/2001 at 12:03 - Message #865

    Hi everyone
    I was just wondering if somebody could answer me this question. Does roaccutane bring ALL the blackheads to the surface of the skin, or do some kinda, just disapear? I was wondering because, if ALL of them do come to the surface....I am gonna look AWFUL!! i swear every milimetre of my face back and chest have blackheads! Sorry if its a dumb question but id be grateful if someone could answer. Thanks.

    From: Dawn in UK. A 26 year old Female.
    Subject: Still worried
    Date: 02/12/2001 at 11:06 - Message #864

    I have been to the derm and been prescribed Roaccutane @ 20mg for the first month then 60 mg for a further 4 months - i am 60 kg. I have suffered form acne from bad to mild for 12 years and at the moment i seem to have a lot of scars and small spots under the skin which are itchy. I have oily skin but it also is very irritated and my lips get dry. I haven't started taking this drug yet even though its been sitting in my cupboard for a week. To be honest, i'm still really worried about how bad my skin will get considering its already so irritated and sensitive. I was told by the derm that i don't have to worry about what i eat, i dont need any blood tests and i have to take the exact dose, which i think may be too high for my condition. Can anyone advise me on how bad things get before they improve? Advice on creams and foundations to use (UK) and what to wash the skin with.
    I am reading so much negative comment on this site and i would appreciate a more balanced view so i can feel more confident about starting the drug (which i intend to do next week).

    From: Mike in London. A 30 year old Male.
    Subject: Side-effects
    Date: 02/12/2001 at 01:00 - Message #863

    Hi all,
    Many people seem to be worried about the side effects of this drug, well let me tell you what is happening to me.
    I took the drug for two years and stopped a year and a half ago because I started to get side effects, and these side effects still persist today. This mainly includes hair loss on my scalp and all over my body, muscle and lower back pains, really severe headaches, constant nosebleeds and eye irritations.
    These are some of the most common side effects and they don't seem to be letting up even a year and a half on from taking the drug. My derm claims these effects and the drug are unrelated but that is total bull. He knows that if he admits to them being related he'd be in court so fast his feet won't touch the ground.
    If I'd known what the potential side effects were I would never of taken the drug. The worrying thing is that these side effects can go on for years, may never reverse themselves, and that other potential side effects can rear their ugly heads many many years after you've stopped taking the drug.
    If your thinking about taking this damn drug I would strongly urge you to exhaustively explore all other possible avenues first, and even then think twice.

    From: Marie in uk. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: to Danny
    Date: 01/12/2001 at 13:25 - Message #862

    Hey Danny
    Im also 7ish weeks in, and my skin also takes ages to heal. It feels like my face is falling off! Im left with loadsa raw patches of skin, that take AGES to heal (and are PAINFUL!) Is this happening to you too? Good luck.

    From: Steph in Canada. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: Help!
    Date: 30/11/2001 at 22:56 - Message #861

    Hey everyone!
    Its good to know that other people know how I feel!
    But I'm starting to get kind of depressed now! I havent gone outside my house in 3 weeks,except with school. I'm on the 2nd week of accutane and I really just want to see results soon because I'm sick of this!
    Anyone with any words of encouragment??? I could sure use them right about now!! Thanks

    From: harry in ireland. A 19 year old male.
    Subject: experience
    Date: 30/11/2001 at 19:10 - Message #860

    hello all it is only after the emergence of my acne once again after being on a roaccutane course that i realise that we as collective sufferers of acne know a lot more about acne than any docter and i think we should all reply with the definate facts we know about acne such as the causes and cures.

    From: Shawn in london. A 18 year old male.
    Subject: marijuana
    Date: 30/11/2001 at 12:33 - Message #859

    Hi ,
    I was just wondering if there are any interactions between roaccutane and marijuana.Unfortunately medical journals only seem to list interactions with legal substances.I have noticed that when i blaze a spiff i have no dry skin problems the next morning.Is this because the effect/absorption of the drug has been reduced due to the bad boy?>??

    From: Annette. A 20 year old Female.
    Date: 30/11/2001 at 04:45 - Message #858

    Dear Danny
    I read ur posting and yup, while things were beautiful 4 me in the first month, my face blew up with acnes that were large and pus-filled! I had them re-emerging for abt 1month plus... then i stopped the R thingy! coz i never had acne at all, jus some odd pimples but doc said this is good to control pimples, apparently its some lie and deceit... he lacks professionalism... danny, i advise that u consult ur dderm, many ppl exp the big breakout... amybe u r going thru that phase... but i quit the drug coz i dun need this poyent drug at all... see ur derm, not many ppl can take the breakout. i hope ur skin heals... give it a month or two,.. god bless

    From: danny in Australia. A 24 year old male.
    Date: 30/11/2001 at 01:03 - Message #857

    Well its been 7 weeks now and im suffering from very large spots that take ages to heal. my skin used to heal alot quicker than this before. ive got no idea why this is. if anyone has this problem could you please please email me. i just need someone to talk to who has or is in the same position

    From: Robert in Canada. A 16 year old male.
    Date: 29/11/2001 at 23:02 - Message #856

    hey guys, this is for all of u who arent sure if u should try accutane or not, just so that u know, when i was first asked by my doc to try it out, i had some concerns and wasnt sure if i should try it or not... i ended up trying it out, and wow.. am i ever glad i did, its been 6months since ive been off, and the effects are amazing, besides the odd pimple here and there, and the odd scar from when i first started the accutane.. everythings gr8, im glad i started it when i did.. my coplection is gr8, im not emberassed to walk up to my friends and talk to them.. my life, which had been transformed due to my pimples, is now back to normal, im really happy i tried it, and i reccomend whoever is thinking about taking accutane or not.. yes, there might be side effects while ur on the pill, but in the long run... its worth it, trust me
    cya guys, and remember, stay strong!

    From: Becky in US. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: diane-35
    Date: 29/11/2001 at 19:48 - Message #855

    No, androgen causes acne and facial hair in some women, Diane-35 is sposed to repress the androgen. It doesnt cause facial hair.

    From: Lucy in England. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 29/11/2001 at 13:07 - Message #854

    I have suffered from acne since the age of 11, and have tried EVERY treatment available. Last December I started to take Roaccutane in conjunction with dianette (as the necessary contraceptive). I took R for four months and my skin cleared up completely. 3 months layer I stopped taking dianette (as I don't like to take the pill), and within a month my acne was back - worse than ever. I went back onto dianette but it has made no difference at all.
    I am almost suicidal now. Acne has affected my career progression at work (how am I supposed to meet corporate clients with a face like this?), and has almost ruined my relationship, although my boyfriend is very supportive. The problem is that I don't want to go out anymore, and my confidence has hit an all time low. Its got to the point where I can't bear to look in the mirror.
    There is a 3 month waiting list to see the Specialist again. The only thing keeping me going is my family and my boyfriend. If it wasn't for them, I think I'd have given up a long time ago.

    From: Kev in UK. A 22 year old Male.
    Subject: Today is the day...
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 19:23 - Message #853

    Hey everyone. Today is the day I start Roaccutane. I went to see the derm today and he prescribed it (a little too??) easily. Said it would cure my skin, said a blood test was unnecessary and that in four months my skin would be perfect.
    Mmm. Confidence in a product or what?
    Anyhow, I weigh about 75kg and he's recommended 65mg (1mg per kg - 10) a day which I've just took. I've read all the comments on here over the past couple of months while waiting to see the derm and despite reservations I thought, just go for it.
    I've got my lip balm and moisturiser and am ready to face the worst! I start a new job in six weeks a long way from home so I hope it doesn't get too bad.
    I'll keep you all updated. Good luck to everybody and feel free to email me.

    From: simon in scandinavia. A 23 year old Male.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 17:06 - Message #852

    I`ve been on roaccutane for 6 weeks now, (since 16th of oct). My dosage is 50 mg and my weight is about 83 kg, so it's not a high dose according to other peoples on the board. I've been suffering frome moderate acne since i was 18. i hoped it would go away but it didn't. In many was it limited my social life, some weekends i would not "go out" because of it etc.... . I tried benzo.. no luck my face got all red and itchy. Got oxytet.. from my doctor but after two moths it didn't worke anymore. So i desided to see a derme... she was really nice and said i could get roa.. if i wanted after a little hesitation i desided to go for it. As for me the side effects have not been that bad. in the beginning my pores started narrowing and drying out, and i got a little breakout. My lips are a bit dry, but it's not a big probleme. I use Blistex lip craem in the night, and labello in the day. My skin is also a little more red, and i've experienced some dry skin and peeling of but that is not a prob.. anymore. I use a lotion witch is working for me. I've also started loosing a little hair, it now can fall a hair or two on my book as i read, but not much more. After i started the cure i've also experienced that is warmer in my bad at night (anyone else ?). As for me roaccutane haven't stopped me from drinking, as long as my blood values ar ok( they were good after 4 weeks). Now the spots i have is located at my neck and some frome time to time on cheekbones , but not at the front of my face. At the time beeing it's working for me, and i have no regrets after starting on the drug. As for me i'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good facelotion (i'm using biotherme detox witch is good but very expencive 30$)?
    Will the haire you loose come back? Is it normal that it's warmer in my bed at night? Dose everyone else dink less after staring?

    From: ben in france. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: side effects
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 12:48 - Message #851

    Hi everybody!
    I am in my 4th cure of treatment with Roaccutane but I have never had all these side effects except dry lips.
    I guess the problem in UK or USA is you take too much pills a days . Take less your physician give you but for a longer time.(adapt YOURSELF the treatment) Do not take 1mg per kilos but 0.7mg for exemple. Believe me roaccutane has changed my life, but please don't be disappointed, this is a good drug. TAKE LESS THAN YOU SHOULD DO AND YOUR SKIN WON'T HAVE SIDE EFFECTS!!!
    Good luck. (excuse me for my bad english)

    From: steph in uk. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: over
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 10:44 - Message #850

    Hello everyone - I have taken my last tablet today - i have finished my 4 month course and it feels good to say that at last - ts been a battle of wills i can tell ya one minute clear the next spots - but i can tell you all i am spot free - a few scars and redness but i can live with that - i would recommend this treatment to anyone - i will post on here again every month to let you know how my skin is - now all im dreading is that it will come back in 6 months time but hey i know now all i have to do is get more roacc. Good luck everyone this board has been a v big help over the last 4 mths - take care xxxx

    From: tata in australia. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 08:20 - Message #849

    hey, i have read so many messages about people who are worried about whether or not to take accutane/ roaccutane (same thing). well all i can say is... listen up 4 a bit... when i was about 13 i started getting quite bad pimples, but nothing that i thought about too much. i swam alot, and at 14-15, the acne started getting incresingly worse. when i was 14, people used to make comments about my face, such as--- you need to shave, and how good i looked from the back, or how good i would look without my head. people used to love my body but fantasise about others faces on it. i became so depressed that i would not look in the mirror without the light off. i was put on numerous things for my skin, and they worked, but the acne always came back. when i was sixteen, i met this fantastic guy. i wanted to look the best for him, so i went to the derm and got put on roaccutane. not even three months into it, my skin looks great, and i cannot wait for it to further improve. side effects such as dry skin, and slight weakness do not deter me, because this is all ive wanted all my life. now i can try to fulfill my dream of being a bikini model, without the remarks of--- she would be beautiful, if it wasnt for her face. MORAL OF THE STORY: go on roaccutane, accutane, whatever you call it, because it gives you what you have been wanting so long.

    From: Angie in USA. A 23 year old Female.
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 06:04 - Message #848

    **** LAURA **** I'm still trying to decide whether or not to take Accutane. One day my face looks great and then the next day there is crap everywhere. I'm thinking the derm will try to put me on something milder first. (I was on Accutane about 2 years ago) I think my biggest problem is the oil. The oil is out of control. I read on here that Diane maybe clears it up. Did you notice that while you were taking it?
    **** BECKY **** So the Diane didn't cause the facial hair, right? You were just saying that your mom has excessive androgen? I don't think the hair loss would be a major problem for me, as I have enough hair for a small country :)
    About the depression...I found Accutane to be almost an anti-depressant for me. I felt so great knowing that something was finally going to work. I'm not saying that others' experiences are "made up", I just think it affects different people in different ways. What if one of your side effects is dry eyes, while someone else doesn't experience that. I doubt they would say you "made it up" (as dry eyes AND depression are listed as POSSIBLE side effects). This is a discussion about Accutane and its ramifications. I think you'll notice there is a relatively small % of depression sufferers and most of us would highly recommend the drug. I know I do. Good luck to all.

    From: stephanie in usa. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: smack
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 05:05 - Message #847

    I am currently using Accutane for my acne, and have checked this board several times seeking information as far as side effects and what to expect. However, in doing so, I've noticed that there seem to be an awful lot of posts regarding the negative aspects of the drug as far as symptoms of depression. Is it not possible that someone may have underlying depression to begin with, but then may feel oversensitive to it since they are conscious that it is supposed to be a side effect of the drug? I'm not saying that it's not possible for the drug to cause depression, my point is that it may not be totally fair to blame the drug and to scare people off from it-when i can honestly say that it made my skin at least %90 better in the first few weeks. If anything, I have to say that I am the LEAST depressed over this than I have ever been. Frankly, some of these posts look made up.

    From: Becky in US. A 23 year old female.
    Date: 28/11/2001 at 02:05 - Message #846

    Well, I have heard that Diane-35 is good for females who have too much androgen in them, it can cause acne and facial hair. My mom had acne when she was younger, and now she gets whiskers on her chin and can grow a moustache I swear. So Diane-35 might work for me if the male hormone is the problem. Might as well give it a try I guess. I kinda want to go back on birth control anyhow as sicne I have quit taking anything I have noticed I am losing more and more hair. I then read somewhere that birth control pills can make you lose hair AFTER you stop taking them. Apparently Accutane isnt the only drug that causes hair loss. Ppl sometimes act like Accutane is the only drug out there that can cause adverse affects in some ppl and not in others.

    From: john in ireland. A 24 year old male.
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 23:50 - Message #845

    dont take it. its not worth the risk. i was suicidal for five years after taking it. i went from straight a student to dropout. dont be foolish

    From: Susan in US. A 34 year old Female.
    Subject: Depression
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 20:19 - Message #844

    To Karla,
    There is debate that Accutane may be related to depression. If you are feeling depressed, please mention it to your doctor and maybe a good friend. Depression is an awful feeling, but there are ways to get over it, and talking about how you feel to someone you trust can help. Please know that you are not alone! Hange in there, best wishes,

    From: Karla in UK. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: Depression
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 12:45 - Message #843

    Is it just me or do these tablets just make you feel miserable all the time? This is not like me at all. I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want to go out, I don't want to stay in....

    From: Marilena. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: I've had enough
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 12:31 - Message #842

    week 3 of roaccutane and my skin is the worst it has ever been! side effects much better but my skin ... gees!
    this is considering that I only have a very mild infection on a small area of my face (derm reckons it's not even acne)... but it keeps getting worse and worse...
    don't know where 2 turn

    From: Laura in UK. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: Dianette
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 12:27 - Message #841

    Hi Angie
    I have suffered from acne since I was 11. My doctor tried everything possible to clear my skin, including Dianette. I have to say, if you're at the Roaccutane stage then I think Dianette is going to be pretty useless. It was for me. My dermatologist agrees.
    I have recenty changed pill from Dianette and haven't noticed the slightest change. I think that says everything!

    From: Steve in England. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Unreal
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 11:08 - Message #840

    3 days is certainly a long time in the world of Roaccutane. It was at the lowest ebb of all time on friday when I posted that message here, and now all of a sudden I've hardly got a mark on my face - absolutely extraordinary, I'm speechless really, - so everyone keep using it for christs sake!, well i'm certainly going to make the most of this incase it flares up again!
    good luck everyone.

    From: wilko.
    Subject: Eng
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 09:42 - Message #839

    Hi every1 i've been told by my dermo to use a face wash called hyac gel and very strangly it actually helps to keep them thingz away.

    From: Cecil. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: Some more points..
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 08:15 - Message #838

    Hi all,
    I'm also an acne sufferer and currently my derm gave me some skincare products. I've been using them for around 2 weeks. One of them is 'tretinoin', i think it's similar to roaccutane which is also called isotretinoin. I have very dry red skin and peeling after using the skincare. My skin seems to be better and the scar looks less deeply colored. But i'm sure i need to more for a clear skin.
    Just wanna suggest another rescort for those, like me, who are worrying about the side effects of roaccutane. I believe topical tretinoin will not pose side effects like joint pain etc.
    Keep you guys update about my progress. Hope this help.

    From: Cecil. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: To Toni
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 08:07 - Message #837

    I've asked my derm about whether Roaccutane will cause weight gain and he said no.
    He said for those medicines that cure acne, only hormones will result in weight gain. So are u currently taking roa and other drugs as well?
    I suggest you ask your derm about it.

    From: Angie in USA. A 23 year old Female.
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 05:50 - Message #836

    Hi everyone! I saw a couple of questions about what cleansers everyone uses and just wanted to add my 2 cents. I use Cetaphil bar soap and lotion. My dermatologist recommended it the last time I was on Accutane. (I'm currently trying to get back on it...hassling with insurance right now) Here's a **** QUESTION FOR THE LADIES **** How is this Diane/Dianette pill? Does it clear up acne and oil? I was a firm believer in Ortho-Tricyclin because of the commercials, but have heard some good stuff about Diane. Thanks for any comments. Good luck to all.

    From: Toni in New Zealand. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Mary
    Date: 27/11/2001 at 01:37 - Message #835

    Hi Mary
    Thanks for the response however I am not on the Pill and I definitely watch what I eat and am exercising about an hour per day. It's so frustrating!
    Thanks for the suggestion though.

    From: Mary.
    Subject: Toni
    Date: 26/11/2001 at 05:10 - Message #834

    Toni - perhaps it is the version of the pill you are on that is making you gain weight?
    Are you watching your diet and exercising?

    From: Toni in New Zealand. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Weight gain?
    Date: 26/11/2001 at 01:38 - Message #833

    Has anyone experienced weight gain while taking roaccutane. I have been on for 2 months 60mg per day and while I've encountered mild depression, sore joints, very dry lips I guess I have been relatively lucky as that is all I have noticed. However, I have started to gain weight - is that a side-effect? I haven't seen anyone post anything similar so perhaps it is just me???
    My skin is getting slightly better - not as good as I would have hoped. The cysts on my neck are getting smaller but they are definitely still there.

    From: Daniel in Israel. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: back pain
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 22:39 - Message #832

    hi I started to take accutan three weeks ago i take 80 m"g as my wait
    I do a lot of sport and I started to feel pain in my lower back
    does anybody know if there is a connection between this pains and and accutan
    and if it can damage me

    From: k in UK. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: To Becky & Alana in the US
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 22:00 - Message #831

    Hey Becky thanx for the info...It was the depo provera injection i had so maybe it is just dodgy!! mentioned about your friends having probs like me too...did they end up seeing their doc? Just wanna make sure its enough to. (Sorry 4 all the questions!!!) xxx

    From: Caroline in UK. A 25 year old female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 18:44 - Message #830

    To Brooke - Try Aveda sensitive range which I found really helped.
    I am going back to the specialist tomorrow about my acne. I am on dianette and have taken antibiotics for over 7 years in an attempt to rid myself of acne. Having read what dodgy side effects it has (none of which I have experienced) I am having second doubts. Can anyone give me an alternative?

    From: Annie in UK. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Thanks to all/Contraceptives
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 18:23 - Message #829

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post a couple of days ago with advice. I have decided that my overall health - especially mental - is much more precious than having a clear complexion. I will be giving Roaccutane a miss for the time being, but good luck to everyone else.
    Becky - post 828. I cannot recommend Diane-35/Dianette highly enough. If this is an option for you, try it. I had about 5 or 6 years without a single spot on it. Unfortunately I have had to stop taking it because of another medical condition which increased my risk of blood clots & stroke. It really worked for me.

    From: Becky in US. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: contraceptives
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 16:36 - Message #828

    Hey-this is to the girl who got a contraceptive shot and now has a freaky period. I tried a shot called DepoProvera about 5 years ago and right after I got it I had NO periods for a few months. Then after it wore off (I did not get another one cause I wasnt to thrilled with the stuff) I went back to normal. But I have heard some people will bleed for a month straight when they get off stuff like that. The shot contraceptives have some weird affects on ppl. I would like to try that Diane-35 pill, and see if it helps. Accutane sounds a little too expensive for my budget, hopefully it would be a last resort:)I have had acne since high school. It had gone away for awhile but now its back.

    From: K in uk. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: Thanks Alana!
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 11:25 - Message #827

    Thanks for replying, alana. I cant switch to the pill though however as my doctor tells me my migraines will increase, (or something!). So i figure im gonna wait another week or so and if it hasnt gone or at least calmed down im gonna go to see my doc!! (cos, its kinda annoying!) =0) Thanks, hope you & everyone else are doing fine with roacc! xxx

    From: Alana in US. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: to K in the UK
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 08:29 - Message #826

    K- I have not taken the contraceptive injection, but have several close friends who have. It can really screw with your menstrual cycles! One of my friends never really stopped bleeding all month- spotted every day. Another had very heavy periods, etc... I don't have any friends that stuck with it for very long because of how disruptive it was to thier cycles. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know that it isn't the accutane causing this, but it sounds like classic injection side effects. Could you switch to the pill? Good luck!

    From: CALEB in GOOD OL GEORGIA. A 16 year old MALE.
    Subject: YES OR MABEY NOT....
    Date: 25/11/2001 at 02:52 - Message #825

    Acutain for me has been some what good,but the side affects have kicked my butt.I was at one point very social,friendly,high self esteem,popular,and HAPPY :)
    (NOT all at once) Then 6wks after I got on it,I was screwed.I was depressed,spaced out,non sociable,and always grumpy.I had to get OFF this drug,and seek professional PSYCHIACTRIC HELP!It has been a year since I got off it ,and I only feel 60% better,and I'm still taking prozac (This sucks)pray for me....

    From: K in uk. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: ahem...
    Date: 24/11/2001 at 22:40 - Message #824

    Hey i have a question for the women on here, its kinda weird but i dunno if i should be worried or not so...basically i had to have the contraceptive injection before roacc.and since i had it, i missed two periods, however it arrived this month, and, 2 weeks later is still 10 times worse than normal. i just wondered if any other girls have experienced this, or should i be worried and see a doc cos i figured its either to do with roacc or the injection? Thanx,(i know its a strange question!)

    From: Beccy. A 15 year old female.
    Subject: should i go on roaccutane or not???
    Date: 24/11/2001 at 20:44 - Message #823

    i was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me- you see i have quite bad skin, not so bad on my face but on my shoulders, and when i went to a dematologist(for something completely different!!) she said she thought i should go on roaccutane.
    The thing is i am quite young, and there dont seem to be many others my age who have been put on this.
    I really want to have clear skin(obviously!) but i know that roaccutane does have a lot of side effects, and that thought really scares me as i am very self concious already!!
    Should i go on it or not? I really am not sure. If anyone has any words of wisdom, i would be very grateful!!!

    From: ade in uk. A 36 year old male .
    Date: 24/11/2001 at 06:24 - Message #822

    hi guys,bin on the accutain for two weeks now and its kicked my ass,im realy tired and spaced out all the time and dont feel like been sociable with anyone and i dont seem to have much to say ,which is not like me at all!!!!!!my eyes are realy dry and ive got extra lines under my eyes,my lips are bad an ive been gettin headachs some times this stuff makes me a bit nervous to say the least!! i would be interested in getting in touch with any one who has started about the same time as me to talk about the affects of drinking and rec drugs ,cus i like a beer!!!!!!!the hardest part for me will be no beer!!!!!!!haha.allthe best

    From: caleb in Ga.. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: depression
    Date: 24/11/2001 at 03:54 - Message #821

    I HAD TO GET OFF ACUTAIN! I'm not saying this treatment is a bad thing for everyone,I just had some very bad side affects from it.The first few weeks I felt okay,then I seemed to be angry a bunch,then I had mood swings (preety bad) (not like my usual temper)

    From: Brooke in US. A 25 year old female.
    Subject: skin products
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 21:34 - Message #820

    I am on my first week of accutane, and already I am experiencing REALLY dry skin on my face. I am wondering how other folks have dealt with this problem-what are good products? I am using cetaphil to wash, which seems o.k. and netragena to moisturize. Every couple of hours my skin looks like it will peel another layer. I am nervous to use a thicker cream, because I don't want to cause acne, but I hate walking around with a tingling, itchy, peeling face! Answers from the US would be particularly helpful, since I may not have access to some of the more obscure international products. Thanks!

    From: phil A.K.A wilko in Eng. Male.
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 18:58 - Message #819

    hi sarah,
    the answer to you question i think is that your dermo doesnt think that you need a longer course. i am on a 4 month course as well. i was wondering if you or anybody else would gr8fuly reply 2 my question. What is the best face was to use? because i was using something called Hyfac and i have lost the number so i can't order ne more. This stuff actually works!

    From: Jemma in UK. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: Steve
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 17:16 - Message #818

    I can't say for sure whether your treatment will work as I am no expert, please don't give up. My skin was really bad for the first few weeks of Roaccutane, it kind of peaks and you don't really see any spectacular improvement for a while. I am on 10 weeks and mine is just starting to clear up. I get a few still but nothing like it was. I had to go back at 8 weeks so you should make an appointment to go back soon, especially if you don't see any improvement in the next few weeks, they may have the dose to low.
    Just remember how precious life is and I know how you feel, there were times when I didn't think I could go on, you not the only one it just seems like it. Try and remember before you had spots did you think any differently of a person because they did! I don't know about you but I never - I just never understood the pain that poor person was going through.

    From: jemma in uk. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: annie
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 17:08 - Message #817

    Hi Annie,
    I have very moderate acne and unlike you got completely depressed about my skin. I knew that I couldn't live with it, so my decision was easy. I am on a fairly low dose, 20mg every other day for 4wks, 20mg daily for 4wks and now 40mg for 8wks, I am 10wks through.
    I have seen real improvement although scared in places, my skin wasn't bad compared to others, I just couldn't handle not being able to touch my skin without feeling lumps. I expect I had 3 or 4 a week, its just that they lasted 2 weeks at a time and looked horrible.
    The side effects I have noticed are:- I have been down, but I was down before because I was so miserable, I definetly don't cry as much as I did. I am a little snappy at times - although to everyone who cares - they understand - its nothing too bad.
    Very dry lips - its bearable though, aching limbs after excercise - I haven't had many nose bleeds - one maybe
    My skins really dry - so I can't cover my scars very effectively with foundation but apart from that its been ok, worse thing is not being able to drink acohol as I was quite a drinker before - but maybe its a blessing in disguise.
    I hope this is some help to you

    From: Steve in England. A 21 year old male.
    Subject: If roaccutane ever works..
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 16:59 - Message #816

    ...I'll look back on this day whenever anything goes wrong in my life, and remind myself that at least things arn't as bad as when I had acne, and was halfway (6 weeks) through a course of Roaacutane. This truly is as close to hell on earth as you can possibly get - for an entire week now the flare up has been chronic, and today was one step too far, I've had to stay off uni, theres no way I can leave the house looking like this, I slashed the worst affected part of my face with a razor a few minutes ago, which was highly stupid, so eveyone, no matter how bad it gets dontdo anything like that.
    My acne started when I was 19, and looking back at photo's of when I was 16/17/18 literally brings me to tears, I had no idea how lucky I was, I used to have a lot of success with girls back then, since then not a chance - I want my life back!
    Someone out there please tell me it does actually work, otherwise my life ends here basically.

    From: Marilena in Italy. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: Annie
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 14:13 - Message #815

    you can always try it for a few weeks and if the side effects are bad you can stop (maybe I am trying to convince myself here...).
    If you are starting on a low dosage u should be OK - I'm on 40mg and yes the first week I had lots of headaches, the dry skin is a definite and today backache has surfaced ...
    try it and see what happens and tell us about it!
    Good luck

    From: Annie in UK. A 29 year old Female.
    Subject: Undecided about roaccutane
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 13:57 - Message #814

    I was referred to a dermatologist by my GP who raised my acne on a routine visit for something else. In other words, I have pretty much learned to live with my acne (mild to moderate severity) and didn't approach my GP for a referral. The dermatologist has given me a script for roaccutane & left it up to me to decide whether to cash it in, as I'm still not convinced. The side effects sound horrific (despite the dermatologist's assurances that they see it as a very safe drug) and I'm wondering if roaccutane is for me. I have had very bad nosebleeds in the past and mild depression, so I worry about having these side-effects. Though I would love to have clear skin, I can't say that I am at all depressed by my acne. I have a lovely partner, plenty of friends & a happy life, in spite of my skin.
    Since none of the messages below say how bad people's acne was to start off with it's hard to judge whether the benefits outweigh the side-effects. Are the side-effects and benefits dose related? (I am being started on a low dose.) I would also love to know how quickly your acne worsens & how long it stays that way. I am also job-hunting at the moment & don't think a huge break-out would help my confidence at interviews. Your advice please.

    From: Laura in UK. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: Backache
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 12:11 - Message #813

    I know how you feel. Today I am suffering from backache, knee ache, nose bleeds, a very sore mouth and nose and a complete lack of energy. I've felt like this for about a month now.
    I'm sure it'll be worth it. I hope it will anyway!

    From: Marilena in Italy. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: Backache
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 11:53 - Message #812

    surely not another side effect? I am dying of it today ... and not even 2 weeks in the treatment

    From: Laura in UK. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 07:49 - Message #811

    I'm now on my 7th week of Roaccutane and have had just about every side effect possible. To begin with, things were looking good and my skin started to clear after a couple of weeks but now it's as bad as ever. After reading a lot of the posts on this site it's good to know that I'm not alone, I've been getting really upset about it. At the minute it seems like a lot of pain for not much in return. Only another 8 weeks and 5 days to go...

    From: Al in Pennsylvania. A 15 year old Male.
    Subject: Rash on Forearms
    Date: 23/11/2001 at 04:50 - Message #810

    I'm on week 2 of my accutane treatment. This morning I woke up and 3 things happened:
    1. My forearms (both) were completely covered by an itchy red rash that resembled poison ivy.
    2. My face had small breakouts scattered everywhere which could possibly be the worst I've ever experienced.
    3. My back was in intense pain, like I had slept on a wooden board all night. (this has been building up for the last 3 nights)
    After reading over some of the other side-affects posted here, I feel a little bit better. I just don't know what to do if this is only the beginning of my treatment. I'm especially worried about #3. I'm only 15 years old, I don't want back problems which might continue into adulthood now!
    Can anyone give me some advice?

    From: Lizzy.
    Subject: To Marilena
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 22:35 - Message #809

    I am racking my brain trying to remember the dosage but its gone, the only thing is that I remember at the time thinking it was the lowest amount recomended and being worried that it wouldn't help. Anyway the spots keep coming when your on roaccutane and my face got really sore and red. You need to take the whole course to see results and it takes some time after you have finished to really notice improvements. Just be patient it is a horrible waiting game and everytime you get a new breakout you feel like stopping the treatment but see it through and don't be disheartened yet.

    From: Stevr. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Pregnancy thing
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 18:29 - Message #808

    Ive always found that acne itself is a highly effective method of contraception!

    From: sandy in Namibia. A 27 year old female.
    Subject: pregnancy after R treatment
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 13:17 - Message #807

    Hello, ladies
    This information is somehow based on statistics and quite assuring.
    Isotretinoin Any fetal exposure during the first trimester within the therapeutic dose range of isotretinoin may be teratogenic. Isotretinoin has a short elimination half-life of about 20 hours and the recommended contraception period after cessation of therapy is one month. Estimates from prospectively reported (i.e., before outcome was known) exposed pregnancies place the risk of teratogenicity for isotretinoin for first trimester exposure at around 28%, reducing to around 4% for pregnancies occurring within one month of cessation of treatment.

    From: Marilena. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: Lizzy
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 10:20 - Message #806

    how far into the treatment did you see improvements? and what dosage were you on?
    I guess I'm impatient but I am now on week 2 and alongside the skin dryness and the many headaches, more spots keep coming out (of the variety that really hurts...). Basically, my skin looks worse now than it did before Roacc ...
    Is it worth having normal facials regularly? what else could help?
    (sorry about all the questions: a bit on the desperate side)

    From: Al in England. A 25 year old Male.
    Subject: Roaccutane Treatment
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 09:01 - Message #805

    Used to be a frequent visitor 2 years or so ago when I had a 4 month course of Roaccutane. This stopped acne from day 1 almost and I had no (bar maybe a couple of tiny spots) up until about 6 months after treatment. It has never been as bad since as oil production must be much less. However, I get quite a few small but annoying spots so I've got another round of 4 month treatment. Sarah - consultants tend to favour the safer route of building up treatment. I would'nt worry, it will cure you're acne no doubt but if it does relapse just make sure you book an appt. to get a review at regular intervals even if all seems ok. Just one question - what are your views on alcohol - what advice have you been told, first time I was told to have no alcohol but I am tempted to have small amounts with Christmas coming. All the best to everyone, Cheers, Al.

    From: johnny in singapore. A 24 year old male.
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 07:51 - Message #804

    sarah i suppose dosage can vary. im on 10mg/day for 2-3 months. its my 3rd week and yes, the acne i get now takes a bit longer to heal and chances of small pimples becoming larger ones are higher. but so far its not been that bad touch wood! it does dry my skin but not too severely (maybe coz of low dosage). oh and i am also taking tetracyclin. i suppose the doc prescribed that to counter the flare-up period. good luck everyone.

    From: Jack in ohio, USA. A 17 year old male.
    Subject: 1st day
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 06:41 - Message #803

    Well today I had accutane prescribed for me and I also got the prescription filled and took my first dose. I've been using all kinds of creams and gels and ointments and pills over the last 2 years, with no result. I avoided accutane because I have a history of depression and suicide in my family. But at this point I figure that acne is causing more depression than accutane could. Im down to my last option so im just going for it. I've been reading lots of accounts, most of them seem to be pretty similar, just in different degrees. I don't know how to tell how I will react to the drug, I'm pretty nervous and scared about whats going to happen in the coming weeks and months, so I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is willing would pray for me that I will have one of the more positive experiences and that God will guide me through the whole thing and keep my mindset positive. Here goes nothing...

    From: natasha in New Zealand. A 25 year old female.
    Subject: warts
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 06:06 - Message #802

    I don't know if anyone can help me, but I am looking for ideas about natural cures for warts. I have a couple of small warts on my face and would rather try a natural cure than have them frozen off.
    I would appreciate any ideas.
    Thank you

    From: Kirk in Melbourne, Australia. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Persist!
    Date: 22/11/2001 at 05:45 - Message #801

    Hey there everyone one, I'm on my last week of Roaccutane, it's been 8 months now, 8 long months, but it is totally worth it! To all you guys and gals that are having breakouts in the middle of your treatment, don't worry, that's what it's supposed to do. My face cleared pretty much after 2-3 months and has been spotless since, the biggest problem I had was my back and shoulders which still have some spots. But yeah, don't stress people, just persist with it and before you know it, you will be off it with clear skin!
    Oh, here is a question for the guys, does anybody have irritation problems with shaving and growth? After a days growth, my skin gets real itchy and there is so much dead skin that some of the hairs don't come out properly and if I try to shave after only one day, it just makes my face a mess. Anyone else out there have this problem? Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my experience etc, cheers! Kirk

    From: Lizzy in UK. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: Glycolic acid peel
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 21:00 - Message #800

    Marilena, I had badly pigmented skin from acne scars and had a facial peel and used the on going treatment of creams that was reccommended. It did nothing except make my oil production get ten times as bad! I know what it is like to pin your hopes on something but all I can say is it was a wastse of time. I went on to roaccutane after the treatment and it worked so well for me and the scars, - after 18 months-2 years have nearly all faded. Good luck.

    From: Steve in England. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Re: drinking
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 20:30 - Message #799

    Thanks sarah, although I only ever drink alcohol specifically to get drunk when I go on a night out, which means saturday I get hammered, but don't drink during the week at all, is this wise or not?

    From: Sarah. A 16 year old Female.
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 19:49 - Message #798

    Hi, I'm about to start Roaccutane but im a little confused because i saw most ppl around here said their dermatologists put them on 6/8 month courses. Im only goin on it for 4 months... this seems very short, does anyone know why this is? Does it vary on how bad your acne is or what? And has anyone here been on it for 4 months only - did it work?
    I'd be really grateful to anyone who replies!

    From: wilko in england. A 18 year old
    Subject: facewah
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 19:40 - Message #797

    hi. i bet ur getting bored of me posting here!just wondering what facewash people use here? plz post in wiv your replies.

    From: Eva in Italy. Female.
    Subject: To Marilena
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 16:07 - Message #796

    I think peelings are a good choice if you cured acne and want to cure scars or signs. but if you still have some acne,peelings do nothing:they cancel dark signs but after a while they're back because your acne goes on and leaves new scars.

    From: Marilena. A 28 year old Female.
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 14:22 - Message #795

    has any of you done a glicolyc acid peel to get rid of everything? (I'm thinking next steps in case Roac doesn't work - am getting dubious)

    From: Emmanuelle. A 20 year old Female.
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 04:48 - Message #794

    Dear ppl,
    I dunno what to say but i hope my account offers some help and in utrn some ppl can write back to me here.
    I began Roaccutane (it was Nimegen with the same composition here in singapore) and the first monthwas good... i had no oil. To begin with, i merely had oil on my face but no acne... only odd spots abd my dermtologist offered me that drug to "stop the oil"... guess what? 2 months later my face beceme a farm for acne... very very big and they can persist for weeks. the longest that took to heal was 1 month! it was a horible experience... so i went off the drug! Almost immediately! My skin was so dried and everything... and 3weeks after i stopped the drug, i am trying to heal this big zit on my face.
    I really wanna go on antibiotic but am so afraid that the drug will cross effect...
    ## How long will the drug stay in me?"###
    I had all the adversities-- depression, body ache, headache and mood swings...
    right now i juz feel unsure and hopless... ppl here can u pls help?

    From: danny in Australia. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: when will it end?
    Date: 21/11/2001 at 01:03 - Message #793

    Wilko im in the same boat as you pal. last week i thought it was the end of the dreaded acne (week 6), but about 4 days ago, bang! spots everywhere and not just little ones im talking about the biggest spots ive had in my life. To make matters worse a fellow worker asked "are you wearing lipstick?" i told him yes so give me a big fat kiss. he ran away and told everyone im gay. so now i have to crazy issues to deal with.
    okay next time i post i better have clear skin
    take care all

    From: sarah in uk. A 30 year old Female.
    Date: 20/11/2001 at 21:35 - Message #792

    Hey Steve from England, I think roaccutane affects the way in which your liver functions so although you will not notice any outward signs from drinking alcohol your liver's ability to cope with proccessing it is altered, so, who knows what damage is happening on the inside. That said I still had the odd drink cos I know its hard not to!

    From: Wilko in England. Male.
    Date: 20/11/2001 at 18:41 - Message #791

    To people that say they keep getting break outs, well i'm in my 11 week and it's still happening i'm really worried. In my last post i said that i had hardly any spots, well i spoke to soon. I hope these things are working they beta be!

    From: Steve in England. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Cheers Everyone
    Date: 20/11/2001 at 12:32 - Message #790

    Yeah, I'll just have to stick with it, its encouraging to hear that its not just me who's getting this stop - start (well mostly stop!) thing from the treatment
    To te people who are worried about the side, effects, the only thing i've had so far is dry lips in the corners, and I have carried on drinking the same amount of alcohol, to no bad effcts so far, has any oneexperienced any problems with drinking?

    From: Gerald in Belgium. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: fear!
    Date: 20/11/2001 at 10:34 - Message #789

    I'm 22 years old and have had acne problems ever since I was 15. My face has pretty much cleared up now. The problem is my back - it's starting to look like a lunar landscape because of all the scars. One month ago, I finally met a doctor that told me about Roa, but now I'm reading the posts on this site and the Roa enclosed paper and it's like... oh my god!!! It might clear my back, but my face will probably get worse.I wear lenses, I don't even have glasses! I had a hair loss problem two years ago called alopecia areata and although it's 'gone' now, I don't want to go through that horror twice (I know it isn't the end of the world, but you can imagine it doesn't feel great when one day you wake up, look in the mirror and notice you have an enormous bald spot).
    To summarize : I'm kinda scared to start the treatment. The box is right here next to me, but I haven't the guts to even look at it. I don't even know why I'm posting this, maybe I'd like someone to tell me how bad these side effects can get and/or push me a bit, u know?

    From: Sarah in UK. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: Adult Acne
    Date: 20/11/2001 at 08:09 - Message #788

    I developed adult acne at the age of 23 and after 4 miserable years of different treatments and skin care regimes I finally asked my doctor if I could try roaccutane,- after a lot of research into it's side effect etc. I had months of dry lips, face, dandruff and the inside of my nose which was sore and bled easily. I wear contacts but had no real problems with dry eyes. I begin the treatment with no real hope of a cure but now after 3 years of an acne free face I want to recomend this as a treatment and say that it is well worth the intial discomfort it causes. I still get an occasional spot but all the oil, - which was literally dripping off my face, has dried up.

    From: Stephen in Inverness,Scotland. A 17 year old Male.
    Subject: Off Roacc etc
    Date: 20/11/2001 at 01:10 - Message #787
    Web Site: Beat_Acne

    Hi everybody, me again, god knows how many posts ive put on now!ive been off roacc for 17 days now-its been ok so far.
    my acne was pretty terrible,well it got that way when i started roacc,and went bad 4 ages-but now im spotless,after a 27 week now really worried bout scarring etc so im tryin different things,mainly vitmain e topically and orally(it has2be the rite kind)
    since ive been off my side effects have pretty much gone,lips r pretty normal now,and my sporting inuries seem fine now.i dont know about the redness on my face yet,i dont know if it is less red,only time will tell.i just worried about it all coming back though,i really pray that wont happen.
    neway,i am happy with being off so far coz my skin has no spots so far,so thats good,at least 4 the time being.howvwer,if ne1 has ne further tips on scarrring+red marsks,other than pateince(coz that word annoys me!) plz let me know!!
    if ne1 has ne q's whatsoever about acne or roaccutane,or whatever,email me,about nething!
    also check out my site if u want!!!!and hey u could tell me how2make it better etc!
    ps-all i can say is-GIVE IT TIME,U HAVE2BE PATIENT-IT TOOK AGES 2 WORK4 ME,I THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER GO AWAY-BUT IT DID AFTER AGES-SO DONT WORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****************************************************

    From: Marilena in Italy but living in London. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: Help!
    Date: 19/11/2001 at 09:57 - Message #786

    I developed a mild form of acne last year (aged 27 can you believe it?).
    After a year of misery, my dermatologist prescribed Roaccutan to me.
    I have just completed my first week on Roaccutan (40 mg)and I am getting slightly depressed: I have heard all these fab stories about it and I know it's early days but, beside the dry lips and face, more spots have come out (4) and I am getting one headache after the other.
    Any ideas? Please help!

    From: Peter in Maine. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: After Accutane Treatment
    Date: 18/11/2001 at 23:46 - Message #785

    Hi, I just found this webpage while searching for any info on Accutane, and I just posted this same message on the accutane experience page, a mistake I would say, as it should probably be posted here. Anyway, I finished my treatment about a month and a half ago (or thereabouts) and since I have stopped taking it (which was a good experience, while on it I had the clearest skin of recent memory and only dry lips as a side effect) my skin has gotten worse for shot spurts and then better and then worse, and then better, like a cycle. Now this recent breakout I had this past week is possibly the most horrible one of my life. I have large whiteheads along my jawline and they are extremely itchy and kind of painful. I never really got this kind of acne before my treatment. Does anyone know anything about this? I am currently away at school and can't contact my dermatologist easily. She didn't tell me anything about bad breakouts after treatment is over, she just said that the treatment continued to work for about five more months. I am desperate here! Can anyone tell me anything about their time after treatment? Please help me.

    From: Dana in Israel. A 27 year old Female.
    Subject: A good moisturizer
    Date: 18/11/2001 at 15:58 - Message #784

    Hi, All.
    This is my second time with Roaccutane (as it is called in Israel). It is as tough as the first one, but I hope it's worth it.
    I would like to recommend Nivea's Active Daily Moisturizer. I was reffered to it by my dermatologist and must say it works wonders. Not too heavy but manages to tackle dry patches.
    Good luck to all of us....

    From: Angela in California. A 33 year old Female.
    Subject: Success Story
    Date: 18/11/2001 at 11:19 - Message #783

    I am 33 yrs old...I experienced vision problems, but I continued with the Actutane. My skin was so horrible I would cry some mornings.... My vision is back to 20/20. My cousins took Acutane and experienced vision problems and thier vision went back to 20/20 too.
    I have suffered from acne since I was 16....I started using acutane in 99 and I now have the most beautiful skin possible...yes my skin is pitted some...but the acne is completely color looks so pretty was very hard in the skin was so dry and my lips peeled off hair feel out for months, but to the point where others noticed..Cortizone cream works well on face and lips...fade creams help with the red scares...I kept going with the acutane and it all paid off....most of the side affects leave after a while...just keep trying...I plan on having laser surgery to get rid of the pitting in a couple of years....I just wanted to let all of you know there is light at the end of the tunnel...Hopefully I was able to offer some hope to all. Acutane is a mirricle drug!!!!

    From: E. in Italy. female.
    Subject: first day
    Date: 18/11/2001 at 10:20 - Message #782

    hi all,
    this is my first day on roaccutan, is there anyone in his/her first day?

    From: craig in texas. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: acutane
    Date: 18/11/2001 at 06:25 - Message #781

    I have been on acutane for about a week now. I'm taking a 6 month dose. I have expierenced dryness around the chin. I used to get this from taking proactive. My acne has not improved, but it hasn't got worst. It seemed everything i tried would work at first, but then my acne would return. When I went on acutane, I asked my dermatalogist about the dryness. He said he would write me a prescription for a medicated lotin. So if you want to try to get rid of dryness, ask your dermatalogist about a prescribed lotion. I hope acutane works for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From: wilko in England. A 18 year old Male.
    Date: 17/11/2001 at 22:11 - Message #780

    hi every1,
    steve and k and 2 whoever else this applies to i'm on my 10th week and m also suffering slight breaks outs ery now and then. its getting really tedious. and also got a rash on my hands which is something 2 do with your skin peeling, well mine is ne way so i've been told.

    From: Martijn in The Netherland. A 21 year old male.
    Subject: steve
    Date: 17/11/2001 at 21:07 - Message #779

    Hi there Steve,
    Dont give up yet! It took me about 3 to 4 months before I got results from Roaccutane. I wondered if it was going to work or if it was only making things worse then it already was. I kept on taking it and I'm glad I did! I'm now in my 3 month after taking a 6 month course of roaccutane and haven't had breakouts yet! I pray to god that it stays this way..... And good luck to you all!!!!

    From: K in England. Female.
    Date: 17/11/2001 at 19:04 - Message #778

    Hey Steve...i know what you mean cos what youve described has happened to me too! I seemed to be getting ok, then i broke out, started getting ok again, and now im just in my 6th week and its all comin out again...yuk =0(!!
    Dya reckon its just us or does this happen to every1?! I mean, 6 weeks already...thought it mighta been workin a lil bit by now!!
    I also noticed i have lil rashs on my hands this normal?! Thanx.

    From: Steve in England. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Hi again
    Date: 17/11/2001 at 15:28 - Message #777

    Hello, I posted on here about a month ago afer i'd been on it a week, its been 5 weejs and im a bit concened now.
    After the 1st week it flared up in a very bad way, which was to be expected, but a week later it was a bit better, and then in the next few days it started improving dramatically - I was absolutely buzzing, the best it had been in god knows how long, i really thought i was on the way to recovery.....then another week later I noticed 1 or 2 knew ones, and now coming up to the 5th week its dteriorated completely again
    So is this part of the process, or has Roaccutane tried and already failed?

    From: Jennifer in USA. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: Starting soon
    Date: 17/11/2001 at 04:59 - Message #776

    First of all I want to say this is a great site! I am going to start accutane in about 2 weeks and I am very excited and a little nervous. After suffering with acne for about 10 years now I am so ready to get rid of it. Hopefully this will work for me. All of your posts are so encouraging, first of all because they give me hope and second of all because it's nice to know there are other people out there who are going through the same thing that I am. I will have to keep you all posted on how my treatment goes. By the way, GW your post from about a month ago was really great. We all need to keep perspective on what is really important in life. Of course, we all still want clear skin, but maybe obsessing so much about it doesn't change anything. Believe me, I am VERY guilty of that. My mother tells me I'm crazy! Anyway, thank you for that post it was really some food for thought for me! Good luck everyone!!!! =)

    From: tschneid in Illinois/USA. A 46 year old Male.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 16/11/2001 at 17:51 - Message #775

    I have been reading the positive comments on accutane on this message board. I have a daughter age 13 about to use this product. Can you tell me of any severe or prolonged side effects. This product seems pretty intense and I am optomistic, however concerned. Thank you---

    From: LazzaG in England. Female.
    Subject: Reply to Sarah
    Date: 16/11/2001 at 10:59 - Message #774

    Sarah - I'm not sure going on Dianette at the same time as Roaccutane will make it even more effective, (it's very effective on it's own!) but it certainly won't hurt. And if you keep taking it after you stop Roaccutane things will remain good. Good luck!

    From: Daniel in Australia. A 18 year old Malw.
    Subject: Severe breakout
    Date: 16/11/2001 at 06:11 - Message #773

    I've been on Roaccutain for approximately six monthes now, and just this week I've had a severe breakout on my face. I've not done anything differently in my diet or habbits, but my face has developed dryness and redness a lot worse than what I had allready experienced (lips, nose) I'm also having severe blood noses, about 5 or six a day, mostly at night. I'm too embarased to go to work and into public, as a week ago, my face was near perfect. If any one can help me out, and let me know what will help reduce the redness and pain, it would be a great help.

    From: Charlotte in Ireland. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 22:20 - Message #772

    Im about to go on Roaccutane in about a month i think, but im a little worried about it and kinda confused. Could someone tell me what exactly to expect? Please! Does everyone get a bad breakout at the start? And does your face get very red and dry? Does it look very obvious? Im only going on it for 16 weeks but i saw some ppl here went on it for about 8 months initially - is 16 weeks v. short? Also i do martial arts, and would that be very painful to do if uve muscle aches coz of Roac.?
    Please give me some info!! I'd be very greatful.
    Thank you! ~Charlotte

    From: Wilko in England, Shropshire. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: On da up!
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 22:05 - Message #771

    Hi all, I've been taking these tablets about 11 weeks now and i fort that they were getting worse, untill my m8s said in col OH MY GOD you've hardly got any spots any more! i have da odd stuborn 1 or 2 which are rather annoying, but other wise i'm very pleased with the results so far. To all those people wondering are my side affects normal? well every1 varies. perosnally i've been very lucky with very bad dry skin and da odd nose bleed. I've also had da odd ache and pain after playin footy or going to da gym. The only major side affect was being mildly depressed but this is just a long term effect of acne! (I think) Hey these side affects are to be expected, cos these things are drying your insides out.
    NE way peeps keep ya head up and remember these tablets WORk!

    From: Neil in Scotland. A 25 year old male.
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 21:58 - Message #770

    I took Roaccutane about 7 years ago.When i came off it.65mgs a day for 5 months.I had no spots but my skin was very dry and looked pretty hideous.In time it got better and now my skin is perfect.Roaccutane is good but for years to come, even now years down the line i have to protect my skin in summer and winter.
    Glad i took it though.
    I can actually pull people now.

    From: Kevin in orlando. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: accutane and pot
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 21:55 - Message #769

    I was wondering if anyone smokes weed or knew anyone who does or did during their accutane treatment. I am just starting my 3rd month and my face isn't that clear, and i thought it might be due to the fact that i smoke weed twice a week, does weed affect the way accutane works? Does it lesson the effect of accutane, any thoughts would be appreciated...thanks...u can email me back at:

    From: Sarah. A 16 year old Female.
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 18:30 - Message #768

    Lazza G:-
    I am going on Roaccutane, and my dermatologist told me to go on Dianette at the SAME time - do you think that would make it even more effective?

    From: LazzaG in England. A 25 year old Female.
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 16:42 - Message #767

    To all the girls out there taking Roaccutane. There are only 2 drugs in existence that actually stop the production of excess oil (which is the cause of acne). One of these drugs is Roaccutane, the other is a contraceptive pill called Dianette. It's not as harsh as Roac but works in a similar way. I did a course of Roaccutane 3 years ago which worked brilliantly, I then took Dianette for 3 years afterwards. The moment I came off Dianette, the grease in my skin began to return as did the odd spot. I am now taking Dianette again and my skin is now fine again. It's a great drug to take after taking Roaccutane, and will help keep your skin oil free, which will help keep it acne free. I'm sure you'll all have heard of it already, but if you haven't, make sure you ask your GP. It really works.

    From: Mark in Australia. A 16 year old Male.
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 13:31 - Message #766

    hey dudes
    im on a 8 month cours of roaccutane, (40mg a day ) and have 45 dyas till i pop my last pill
    ive been acne free for quite some time now, hte only thing i am self concoius of now is the scars i have, and the dry skin, which sometimes gets so dry i wanna go home from school
    i was just wondering if anyone has gone on any efficient maedication for scars after taking a course of roaccutane?
    your help would be greatly appreciated

    From: steph in UK. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: FAO mat
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 10:43 - Message #765

    Hey Mat
    I have two weeks left on my 4 mth course of roac and i train at the gym 5 times a week (need wkends off!!) And for the first 2 mths or so i have back pains (kidney area) when i lay down and bend down - was quite bad for a few weeks but i didnt feel it affected my training much - if anything felt better after - but honestly it wasnt worse than spots so get on roac and be positive dont change ur lifestyle - the main thing is coping with the dryness but hey everyone gets a bit chapped in winter!! good luck and be patient with it :)

    From: Kramer in cosmos. A two figures year old male.
    Subject: acne
    Date: 15/11/2001 at 02:15 - Message #764

    Greatings Acneans! Acne is genetic! Its all in your bodys make up. People with acne have a genetic predisposition to it.I had it and blew it away with roaacutane enough said

    From: Mat in UK. A 29 year old Male.
    Subject: Aprehension...
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 19:40 - Message #763

    I am just about to start a four month course of ROAC and am rather aprehensive about the side effects. Have been on every biotic the DRs could prescribe on & off over the past 10 years with varying success, but this time my back seems to have mutated. My derm has prescribed me 90mg per day as i weigh 90kgs. I am very physically active - i train in the gym every morning and also do various boxing classes (upto 4 a week) in the evening. I spent alot of time and effort getting into shape and fit and am worried what the ROAC will do to me. The manufacturers garb says i may get aches and pains - what are these like? can anyone reassure me ?

    From: Luke in uk. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 17:30 - Message #762

    hey ppl.I finished my 6 month roacutane course on october 12 approx.But coz my acne woz quite bad i woz left with these scabs which ive been takin fucidin H cream 4 and its realy worked,that woz prescribed by the way.Also a moisturiser dermol 5oo which is the best.Dont use e45 cream its tooo thick.Now every day i take a zinc tablet and vitamin e,which r both gud 4 the skin.My skin is improving each day.I have no spots.My nose has got a little greasier so i thought id start takin 3 550 vitamin b5 tablets(pantothenic acid)Ive heard its gud for stoppin greasy skin or sumthin like that.My skin is also losing the rednessfrom roaccutane more and more,slowly but surely.I am left wiv marks on ym skin,smallish scars but the zinc and vit e seem 2 be helpin them.Ive bin off roaccutane 4 bout a month now and supposedly thats when u see more improvements so fingers crossed.Also if ur skin has scars/marks it think something like dermabrasion smooths the skin or sumthin i dont know.I mite ask my derm bout it when i see him in early jan.Keep goin to all those people takin roaccutane,as they say all good things come to those who wait.Best of luck people,i should know im still not out of the woods!!Ps,i woz on 30mg for 6 weeks then the rest on 75mg.

    From: Laura in London. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: BIG Improvement!
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 15:33 - Message #761

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd check in to tell you that I finish my 20 week course of roaccutane tomorow (yipppeeeee!. I've been on 60mgs a day since July and to be honest I didn't see hardly any improvement until weeks 12 onwards. I haven't had any "new" spots since then and whats left aren't painfull or sore they just feel like scabs so hopefully they will just drop off eventually? My skin feels fine very dry but I anyone who is from the UK will know what the weather is like over here at the moment which certainly doesn't help!
    I went to see my dermatologist last week and she is very pleased with the results, my cheeks are still slightly red but she says this is the roaccutane and when I finish it and it gets out of my system that should disapear.
    The BIG test now is whether my skin will stay this way or whether I have to go through this again, Hope not but if thats what I have to do then I will.
    My advice to all of you considering roaccutane is to speak to a professional (dermatologist) and also my theory was the quicker you start it the quicker it will be over the side effects are annoying more than anything having a sore mouth and nose bleeds is no fun but better than being paranoid about the state of your skin. My derm has been really supportive and I felt I could go to her if there was anything about the roacc I was worried about etc. Nothing ventured Nothing gained.
    Good luck everyone.

    From: bry in Indiana-USA. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Message 733
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 15:10 - Message #760

    Gw- I just read Message # 733 that you wrote. I am the queen of obsession. My face use to be horrible. It left me with some scarring that I feel is horrible but most people say is not that bad and I know I have seen worse. Anyways I have done so much to try to correct it. Micro dermabrasion, acid peels, laser surgery and more. I have lost so much of my life to my "problem". I know that Im far to concerned with my apperance and Im trying to take the focus off myself before I lose 10 more years of my life. I just wanted to say that the message you wrote was great and that I hope it reaches alot of people because it is 100% true. There have been points in my life when my "problem" was not my main focus and that is when i was the happiest. But I lost sight of the important things and regained my focus on myself. Im not saying that acne is not horrible or does not affect your life. I know I had severe cystic acne and I know nobody in this world wants to have acne or scarring but you are your own worse critic so you see things far differently than most people. If you are on medicine to clear up your acne or are taking steps to fix your scars just know that you are doing something to fix yourself and let it go. Its not going to do you any good sitting around looking at it or constantly thinking about it. Its not gonna fix it any faster. Likw GW said take the focus off yourself and put it on other people and soon the "problem" will go away. Its true although very hard to do but very possible to do.

    From: Angie in USA. A 23 year old female.
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 07:05 - Message #759

    ****GW**** I used to post under a different name and I remembered because you seemed like such a nice person. ****NICOLE**** Just remember that Accutane keeps working even after you stop taking it. My skin actually looked its best after I more dry lips or skin, no more nosebleeds. **** LIZO **** I would check with your Dr before you up it to 100mg. That is odd that you take different doses on different days. Keep the faith :)

    From: Nicole in Melb. Australia. A 18 year old Female.
    Subject: How much longer!!!
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 04:10 - Message #758

    Hi Everyone!
    I've been on Roaccutane for around 4 months now which means that i'm nearing the end of my 6 month course. By now i thought my skin would be really good but it isn't. There has been some improvement like my forgead has cleared up but my checks and neck are still really bad. If they havn't improved by now does that mean that they arn't going to clear up? It doesn't seem like it is going to be cleared up in 2 months! Can someone tell me how well their skin had cleared up by this point? Also i have been using a moisturiser that isn't oil free because it is the only type that works - is this bad? Please help me!! Email if you can.

    From: GW in Australia.
    Subject: Angie
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 01:11 - Message #757

    Angie, whats up!! I cant believe u remembered that!! You're a legend!

    From: LizO in Pittsburgh, PA. A 24 year old Female.
    Subject: Reply to NAT in London
    Date: 14/11/2001 at 00:19 - Message #756

    I have posted here before with the same problem of Accutane not working (in am also in my 4th month) It seems that we must be the only 2 people, because nobody had responded to my original post??
    I am (supposed to be)on 40mg on one day, and 80mg the out to 60mg/day. This has been my dosage since the beginning of my 2nd month. Last week I increased my own dosage to 80mg/day and I think there may be an improvement! The side effects (other than dry lips) are also kicking in for the first time, nose bleeds, flaky skin, RED eyes. I am going to give this dosage a few weeks before I increase it to 100mg/day.
    I would love to hear about your is finally somewhat comforting to hear of someone else in the same situation. Please email me. Thanks :-)

    From: Bboy sam. A 17 year old male.
    Date: 13/11/2001 at 22:46 - Message #755

    hey peeps!!
    I heard about lots of treatments for acne.
    from people going on diet crap to pills.
    i just wanna say that eating, exercising and drinking has not much to do with acne. people say eating chicken or junk food makes acne worse bullsh@#, this is just a stupid myth, eating has nothing! to do with your acne, the recent research have shown that eating foods u think it cause acne, is not the cause of acne. ask any dermitologist, they will say its just a myth, i dont know about drinking water, and exercise, but rememebr eating does NOT cause acne!! i have junk food at least once every two day, and my face is pretty clear!

    From: Bboy Sam. A 17 year old male.
    Subject: antibiotic!?
    Date: 13/11/2001 at 22:38 - Message #754

    antibiotics ?! this is very old treatment and should be avoided if neccesary, because, this is just a pill that kills the bacteria that cause pimples and it also kills the good cells that are in your body. Antibiotic is taken when u are seriuosly ill, and if u take it for long time, your body can create resistance against the pill and when u really need it later on your life when you are very ill it just wont work!!. plus as soon as your off this pill the pimples come back up next day, sometimes even worse!. dont take this u peeps out there, i went to a doctor, and asked for a treatment and he offered me antibiotics!! that idiot, thats the last time i ever go there, so i went to another (better) doctor who this time offered me antibiotics AND roaccutane and he recommended roaccutane, and i was like "sweetazz". dont take antibiotics, its stupid. trust me, i was on everything.
    any questions just post it up.

    From: Bboy sam. A 17 year old male.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 13/11/2001 at 22:30 - Message #753

    I've tried every single crap for my face to clear up, cream, face wash, skin support pills and crap.
    But i have to say that the only cure for it is roaccutane, lot of u peeps think its just another waste of money but, if u ask people who have been on roaccutane, 90% of them will say its the best treatment ever. This is true.
    Acne is caused by dead skin cells clogging the pores up. cream called Benzoly peroxide is ok, it peers the skin to unclog the dead cells that are blocking the pores but, it doesnt go deep enough, this will work for most of the people out there but for me it kinda worked. but Roaccutane is the BEST, it works ony our blood stream and unclogged every single dead cells , this is why u have dry skins and dry everything. with unclogged pores, its not possible to get pimples. so Theres my advice for u, if u tried everything and nothing seems to work, try roaccutane its the best treatment now days.

    From: callmepimple in san francisco, CA. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: retin a
    Date: 13/11/2001 at 22:16 - Message #752

    To mary in Usa- Retin-A micro is not going to help cystic acne......Accutane is the ONLY medication that is going to help you. Retin A simply makes the skin rejuvinate at a faster rate, thus the flaking of the skin. Cystic acne occurs wayyyyyy below the skin's surface, and retin A won't be getting there. Try accutane!!

    From: Travis in Oregon. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: to GW from Australia
    Date: 13/11/2001 at 22:08 - Message #751

    Hey GW from Australia, I saw your message. Your an idiot, most of us acne sufferers don't worry that much about our acne, we try to put it out of our minds but for many that is very difficult because of the physical pain. It doesn't hurt bad but after a few years of being covered in painful sores it really gets old, and no matter what you say, acne sufferers are often discriminated against. I have experienced this my self a lot in my past four years of high school. I am going to start a course of accutane in hopes of eliminating the majority of my acne which covers my face, neck, shoulders, full back and arms from the elbow up. I'm not looking to be a "beutiful person", as you seem to suggest, but to be a little more comfortable and happy.

    From: henry in san fran.
    Date: 13/11/2001 at 08:28 - Message #750

    does anyone know whether or not i shouldn't be using fading cream (containing 2% hydroquinone) while on accutane? I currently am using it to get rid of the dark spots on my face quicker. Please let me know if there's anyone there knows whether or not i shouldn't be using hydroquinone while on accutane...thanks, henry

    From: erin.
    Date: 12/11/2001 at 23:23 - Message #749

    nycole- Go to a dermatologist! If you have tried everything and the derm thinks it will help, they'll put you on it! good luck!

    From: JD in UK. A 16 year old Male.
    Subject: Finished
    Date: 12/11/2001 at 22:04 - Message #748

    Hey all.
    Just wanna say that I've finished a 4 month course of roaccutane and the difference is noticeable and my skin's pretty clear. Now that I've finished the course, will my skin continue to improve or get worse cos I really don't wanna go back on that stuff again.

    From: lynn in liverpool - uk . A 34 year old female.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 12/11/2001 at 20:45 - Message #747

    i was on roaccutane a couple of years ago - and yes it was fab for clearing my acne which i suffered with for so long.BUT.i could not train in the gym, i could not lift anything heavy as all my joints felt like they'd dried out.My eyes nose and mouth we dry and cracked.
    The main reason ive looked back into roaccutane is i feel that this drug has left me with premature facial ageing - I truly believe roaccutane to be the reason - does anyone else feel this - please let me know

    From: Mary in USA. A 32 year old Female.
    Subject: Retin A Micro to Accutane?
    Date: 12/11/2001 at 16:23 - Message #746

    Hey folks...I've had super-oily but very sensitive skin since my early teens and have always had breakouts, but things got REALLY bad when I turned 30. Then I started to get frequent cystic breakouts in my chin area (hormonal) and my skin was oilier than ever.
    Since February I've been on Retin-A micro which has improved the texture of my skin overall. I'm happy with it but my skin is still super-oily and I STILL get those cystic breakouts on my chin area!!!
    I had a rough adjustment period with the Retin A micro...Very dry for first month and terrible breakouts for the next two. I am eager to try accutane but must admit I am afraid of repeating that (although I hope it would be worth it in the end). Do you all think that I'd have the same type of adjustment period (lots of breakouts) since I've been on Retin-A micro for many months?

    From: Nat in London. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane course
    Date: 12/11/2001 at 11:17 - Message #745

    Please can you help me out here. i am on my 14th week of the accuatne course - I am on 50 mg daily. My skin is still spotty (as well as kinda dry!) Has anyone else taken this long to improve?? Is the drug not working??
    Thanks for any advice xx

    From: nychol in california. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: does it work,before i try it?
    Date: 12/11/2001 at 02:57 - Message #744


    From: erin. A 23 year old
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 23:14 - Message #743

    Good for your sis! I hope i don't have one. My sis took it 8 yrs ago, back in HS and she said it only got better. I've never had a bad breakout where I have these little ones all over. Before I would have slight flare ups... a couple undeground zits and a few pimples... I tried antidiotics and ALL the topical stuff. It always seemed to work okay... But this break out, I'm not taking any chances af letting it get worse. And i took antibiotics for a couple weeks, no luck. so accutane it is. 2nd day!!

    From: Nadia in Canada. A 26 year old
    Subject: Reply to Erin
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 21:39 - Message #742

    My younger sister (she is 17) just started on Accutane, too. So far, she hasn't had a major breakout. The usual dosage for Accutane is 1mg per kg of body weight, so if you weigh 104 lbs, that's about 47 kgs, and a doctor would probably put you on 40 mg/day of Accutane.
    Have you tried any other medications for your acne? I know my sister started on Accutane because antibiotics and hormones (birth control pills didn't work). As for me, I've tried everything over the past 10 or so years and nothing has seemed to work until this Accutane. I'm hoping the results last.

    From: Tom in Manchester. A 15 year old male.
    Subject: worried - roaccutane
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 21:25 - Message #741

    I'm 15 and i'm on week 11 out of 16. I've been on anti-biotics for about 2-3 years, but none of them have worked. When i started the acne got worse after about 4 weeks to worse than its ever been then it started to die down, but although the angrnesh has gone down a bit, there's still more spots then when i started. There doesn't seem to be any improvements. Has anyone else had this problem? will it get better?

    From: Paula in UK.
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 18:33 - Message #740

    Just posted this question on the other board: My son took a course of Roaccutane for about 6months last yr. The side-effects were awful, his acne was much,much worse on the drug. However after he had finished the course it slowly got better and better and stayed that way until about 6wks ago. His acne is now back as bad as ever. Question is does he take a 2nd course? He doesn't want to. Are the side-effects as bad 2nd time around?

    From: Emma in England. A 34 year old Female.
    Subject: Success Stories Please!!
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 12:50 - Message #739

    I'm on week 11 of a 16 week course of Roaccutane for acne on my back and I have to say it's the best thing I've ever done. I have not had ANY spots since starting the course. Having said that, Dianette + antibiotics do work for me and I'm only on Roaccutane because I don't want to take those drugs any more (I'd been taking them for more than 10 years and whenever I stopped the acne would come back). My dermatologist has said that she thinks Roaccutane will permanently cure me which is great but what concerns me is the lack of people on this site who are still free from acne years after stopping the drug. My derm says this is because people who don't have acne don't visit acne websites! A fair point but I'd still be reassured to hear from anyone who has been permanently cured if you're reading this!
    I promise that if I'm still free from acne in 2 years time, I'll come back and let you know!
    I thought it might help some of you to know that I have found taking Roaccutane an absolute breeze. I'm on 50mgs/weigh 57kg. The side effects I have experienced have been minimal - slightly dry skin and lips, relieved by using E45 cream on my face and vaseline on lips, dry hair that only needs washing once a week (a bonus!) and occasionally itchy eyes.
    I know I can only speak from my own experience and people react differently to the drug but hopefully this helps redress the balance a little!
    Good luck everyone.

    From: henry in san francisco.
    Subject: to Danny in OZ
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 08:24 - Message #738

    Danny, i remember accutane costs almost nothing in aust. Cuz i took my 1st course back in Perth,WA. They are so expensive here......i'd say 20 times more expensive or so.....i know that u can only get these drugs by doctor's there any ways i can buy these drugs in aust and have them sent here. Maybe u could help me....:) where r u in OZ btw?

    From: henry in san francisco.
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 08:14 - Message #737

    Danny, Glad to hear u r doing just fine mate.....i definetely like ur spirit, we need more positive people like u i guess :-) I am using petroleum jelly for my lips....and i guess it helps a lot. chapstick is just not good enough.
    Sarah, i took accutane 6 yrs ago....and my face was cleared for the next two yrs afterwards or so, and then i started having small break outs every now and then, nothing major, only one or two spots that can be cured by tetracycline. These pasts few months however, i've experienced a few pimples that are very persistant, occuring mainly along my right jaw line. I am on my 6th day now, and already i am experiencing some break out, athough i am not too sure if these are breakout caused by accutane since it happened on my 2nd day. I had two breakouts along my jaw lines, but i also noticed they healed up pretty quick......cuz of the wonder drugs i guess. Other than that, i haven't really noticed any improvement. I don't expect so since this is only my 1st week. Let's see what's gonna happen next week. i'll keep u posted. The thing is taking this accutane makes me reaaly confident that i'll be cleared up 5 wks fr today, dinger crossed! :-)
    hang in there girls! keep the faith! :-)
    Does anyone here know if accutane can heal the dark spots left by past acnes faster?

    From: Angie in USA. A 23 year old female.
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 07:22 - Message #736

    ****GW**** I remember you, big INXS fan...sounds like you have a new lease on life- congrats! ****NADIA**** The same Nadia that used to make jewelry out of the pregnant ladies tabs :) ****HENRY**** Tell me more about your first treatment so I can kinda gauge long ago, how long was it good for, what kind of side effects? I'm also a little worried about the initial break out. I really hope it doesn't happen to you, but if so, could you tell me in what week? No, I still haven't seen a derm...kinda trying to work out the insurance first. I think I might qualify for that needymeds thing, though. Later all...

    From: Erin. female.
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 04:33 - Message #735

    Nadia- you are making me feel much better. Do you know of more poeple than just you who have not had a new flare up? I have always had breakouts (with at most 6 zits and only a couple sort of ouchie ones) but this past weekend (i am on the east coast for the first time for 10 weeks) I broke out the worst i have ever- little pimples on my forhead, and a few bigger ones on my cheeks. My skin was perfect last week?? I can't imagine it getting worse because I've never even had it this bad!! What dose is usual? I'm 104 lbs. and my acne is not that bad....?? Anyone?

    From: Danny in Australia. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: The acne fight
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 04:00 - Message #734

    Cheers Henry
    my lip went down after a couple of days and i had perfect skin. i have increased the dose though to 40 mg per day and my skin has had a little bit of a break out, but not to worry i predict by the end of next week it will be better than perfect. To sarah i would try accutane if i was you. the initial break out is not that bad i just explained to my girlfriend, family and friends that my skin is going to go crazy for a while so be nice to me. but then it didnt get that bad (but they still had to be nice to me) and the dry skin can be solved with mostioriser (how do you spell that word, give me a break most blokes wont know how to spell it). any way i will keep you posted about my progress. if anyone wants to make a bet the odds are 3 to one that my skin will be almost perfect by the end of the week.

    From: GW in Australia.
    Subject: A MUST READ
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 03:11 - Message #733

    GUYS, GUYS, GUYS. For all of you beautiful people who constantly worry about your skin, let me start by saying I know how you feel. I know exactly in no uncertain terms how your mind plays tricks with you. Guys it took me so long to finally see it, but I know the root of the problem, if you have been worrying about it for so long. GUYS - the problem will NOT go away, physically or emotionally, until it ceases to become the focus of your life!! Nothing could be more true!! Take the focus off yourself and put it on someone else. Do some volunteer work, get a job, help people, stop using life for you're own personal gain and you'll start to notice the difference, in your attitude AND your skin. If you continue with your current attitude you will contninue to wake up and everyday will still be the same. If you dont quite follow, then go to the video store today and rent the movie Groundhog Day and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
    If you continue to obsess about your "problem," you'll no longer be able to see yourself or the improvement accurately. You will lose sight of reality. Just ask Michael Jackson.
    Stop being rude to your parents, trust your dermatoligist, play some sport, look in the mirror once a day ONLY and just get over yourself.
    These might seem harsh words but trust me I know how you all feel, I promise. I know whats its like be totally disheartened and depressed and think nothing's going to work.
    And for those people wondering about taking roaccutane - go for it and stick with it, it works. The more serious side effects are extremely rare. You have more chance of being hit by a bus than experiencing some of these! You have nothing to lose! Follow the advice of your professionals. NOW STOP READING THIS BOARD AND STOP OBSESSING ABOUT YOUR SKIN!!
    So long guys and girls.
    Love you all. GW

    From: ShellBelle in Australia. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: Reply for Kiwi in London
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 02:04 - Message #732

    I was on Roac btwn March and finished it early October this year. I was on a super high dose for a female at 80g a day and I would occasionally use xtc whislt on it. If I knew I was coming up for a bit of a bender on Saturday nite I wouldn't take my pills Friday or Saturday nite and everything was fine. Something to note is that you pills or powders can seem much stronger whilst on Roac so I would suggest easing into to see how you go. I was in the same predicament as information available about recreational drugs and Roac. No one wants to talk about it, and the only people that do give you advice are the ones that have never even used the drugs and just say "don't do it" cause they are against drugs altogether. Be cautious, tell your friends you are taking xtc and roac just in case something happens and take care!

    From: Nadia in Canada. A 26 year old Female.
    Subject: Reply to Sarah
    Date: 11/11/2001 at 01:21 - Message #731

    First, I have been on Accutane for about a month now. I did not experience a breakout when I first went on it, and many people do not. The dryness is not too bad. Your lips and skin my get a bit dry, but that may be helped by using a good moisturiser on your skin and Blistex Lip Conditioner on your lips. Also, taking 400-800 I.U. of Vitamin each day should help to counteract the dryness. As to the topic of birth control, you need to be on it when you're on Accutane because Accutane can cause birth defects in babies if taken during pregnancy. If you don't want to wait so long for the pill to take effect, you could always request a pregnancy test to make sure that you're not pregnant, and then go on Depo-Provera, the birth control injection, which takes effect immediately. That way, you could start on Accutane sooner. Hope this helps.

    From: Sarah. Female.
    Date: 10/11/2001 at 20:34 - Message #730

    Hi. Im 16 years old and I've had acne for about 2 yrs and it's really getting me down. My dermatologist said I should go on roaccutane, but im really confused about whether to or not... could someone tell me if the dryness is really bad and obvious, and does everyone get a bad breakout when they first start using it? Im really worried about going to school with my face all dry and red and a big huge new breakout.
    Also, my derm. said i have to go on the pill at the same time, but i can only start that on my period which wont be for at least a month, and after that i have to wait another month before i can start the roaccutane... that seems a long time, at LEAST two months from now. Is this usual?

    From: AJ in Wales. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: back
    Date: 10/11/2001 at 13:55 - Message #729

    I was reading a few posts and quite a lot of you mentioned back pains. I get a small surge of pain in my lower back as I lie down. Its nothing bad but just something I'v noticed, and nice to see others having the same problems. Well iv been on the drug for 2 weeks now and see no improvement so far. My skins dried completely and the acne around my mouth is completely dry. Anyway i got some E45 and Eucerin today. Can I apply these moisterisers over my acne or should I avoid doing so?
    Good luck

    From: henry.
    Subject: to Danny in aust
    Date: 10/11/2001 at 10:28 - Message #728

    Danny....don't worry about the swollen lips.....mine's swollen too, and i'm only on my 5th day, but i don't really care, besides my gf said i look sexier with swollen lips :) I also think that just means that the drug's working. Check out with ur derm anyways...good luck with ur treatment!

    From: henry in san francisco. male.
    Date: 10/11/2001 at 10:16 - Message #727

    Angie, sorry to hear u gotta get back to this site....:-) We're definetely in the same page...i too am a very impatient guy. i'm on my 5th day on accutane for the 2nd time.....feels the effect of dry lips already. This time however, my acnes condition are not even near as bad as when i 1st took accutane. I've only had some around my jaw lines but boy they are so persistant....don't waste ur time and money with antibiotics....they are craps...i'd also tried proactive and murad.....they too are craps....:) i now am depending on accutane and really am praying hard that my face would clear up in the next 5 wks since i'd have to attend a best friend's wedding and be the wedding's best man 5 wks fr today. I hope that since my acnes condition this time is not as bad as the 1st would clear up a lot faster too....does anyone know whether or not my theory's rite?

    From: Angie in San Antonio, TX. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: I'm BAAAAACK
    Date: 10/11/2001 at 07:59 - Message #726

    Well, unfortunately I am back at this site. I used to post here on my first round of Accutane. The other posters were so helpful and kind. I was on Accutane for almost 8 months (40 or 60mg) about a year and a half ago and- oh, the dry lips and- oh, the nose bleeds...but OH, the BEAUTIFUL skin. I was on cloud 9 for about a year and a half. My skin never looked so great...hardly any oil and no breakouts. But alas, looks like those days are gone now. I haven't been to a dermatologist yet, but I know what I want to say..."I want Accutane. I have tried every lotion and potion out there and only Accutane works on my skin. You couldn't pay me money to use Retin-A again and antibiotics aren't strong enough. I promise I won't get pregnant or kill myself." That's actually not funny. I feel for those who have killed themselves or are depressed on Accutane. I found Accutane was actually an anti-depressant for me. I felt so good about myself because I knew I was going to look better after taking it. Anyways, to make a long story short ("TOO LATE!"), I hope that everyone here will help me along again. So far, it sounds like ~HENRY IN SAN FRAN~ and ~VANESSA~ might be in the same boat as me. Hope to talk to everyone.

    From: gracey in new jersey. A 15 year old
    Subject: doing some research
    Date: 10/11/2001 at 00:52 - Message #725

    hey guys....i went to my derm...and they said that my case of acne is serious enough to go on accutane...but- im a little worried about all the side effects and am i gonna gain any weight when im on this??

    From: Marie in uk. A 16 year old Female.
    Date: 09/11/2001 at 20:26 - Message #724

    Hey ppl, ive been on roacc. for a month now and i just went back to the derm today, my dosage has been upped from 25 to 45mg and he said somthing about another flare up,(i already had one in about my second week) does this happen to every1 when they get their dose increased? cos i really dont wanna go through ANOTHER!! Thanx to any1 that replies x

    From: steph in uk. A 21 year old FEMALE.
    Subject: FAO Kiwi
    Date: 09/11/2001 at 10:49 - Message #723

    hiya - in my opinion E does cause spots - cos thats what triggered my acne off - had mild acne since 13 but split with my boyf jan2001 and went on a mad one for @1 month took E for the first time and was out nearly every night, i did take other stuff but did nt mix. anyhow a few weeks after i started to calm down i got massive sore spots on my face and i mean sore - its just been downhill since then got worse and worse.
    so id defo say that the drugs flick the switch with my skin - happened so quick i was devastated but managed to get on roa in august and got 1 month left and my skin looks almost bac to normal

    From: Ab in UK. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: Blurry Vison
    Date: 09/11/2001 at 02:48 - Message #722

    I have just finished my second course of Roa @ 4 months and it has dont the Job spots. Just one question I have had blurry vison since about the 3rd month. Will this go away in time?

    From: aaron in Ark.. A 17 year old male.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 08/11/2001 at 01:44 - Message #721

    Accutane was excellent at clearing up my acne. I was unlucky enough to get pretty much every side effect there is though. I could deal with all of the side effects such as dry skin, decreased night vision, etc. . The breaking point for me was the depression. I lost 25 pounds, lost all energy, had no will to do much of anything, and lost all appetite. I just got taken off accutane today. I hope that the depression will fade. I would be interested if anyone could give me information on if depression is long lasting after use of accutane is discontinued.

    From: henry in san francisco. A 28 year old male.
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 21:06 - Message #720

    i was wondering if anyone know whether or not taking accutane can get rid the brown spots (discoloration) left by past acnes quicker.......I am fr asian descent with brown skin and on my 3rd day with accutane, 40 mg a day, so far no side effects kick in yet. I have mild to moderate acnes occuring only around jaw areas. However, they are very persistant and once the acnes gone, it left this ugly brown spots that don't go away for at least a few months. Anyone in my position, please tell me ur experience.....thanks

    From: Johnallen01 in UK. A 24 year old Male.
    Subject: Dapsone
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 20:27 - Message #719

    Has anyone ever taken a drug called Dapsone to try and bring thier acne under greater control? I beleive you only take it for a few weeks. If you have, please let me know what it was like. Thanks

    From: justcallmepimple in San Francisco, CA. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: Age
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 19:38 - Message #718

    I am 30, not 39! Yikes, seeing that scared me.

    From: justcallmepimple in San Francisco, CA. A 39 year old female.
    Subject: progress
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 19:37 - Message #717

    I have been on Accutane for one month now, 40g a day......and I am doing quite well. The only side effect I have is dry lips.......and BLISTEX medicated lip cream does wonders......even makes your lips cool and tingly! My face has improved....nothing drastic, but a definite turn for the better.

    From: E. in italy. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: to kiwi
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 19:25 - Message #716

    exstasy causes a serious(serious) toxicity to your liver,and accutane can cause toxicity too,even if it's a very little damage if compared with that caused by exstasy.I think you should stop exstasy while taking accutane...

    From: Kiwi in London. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Ecstasy and Roacc
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 13:57 - Message #715

    Hi there. I am a frequent ecstasy user and have also just started my 2nd course of Roaccutane. I am wondering if anyone can answer these questions:
    Can ecstacy cause acne? (I have heard of E causing a rash that can be mistaken for acne)
    What are the side effects of mixing the two drugs?
    If anyone has any info please post it on the website FAO KIWI.

    From: Danny in Sydney, Australia. A 21 year old Male.
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 08:17 - Message #714

    Hi. I have been on 2 courses of Roaccutane in the past, the last being 6 years ago. The side effects were less severe second time around. On both occassions my eye sight got worse and I have become dependent on lip balm. My acne has not completely dissappeared and i have been on antibiotics ever since I got off Roaccutane. Having consulted my dermatologist today, she recommended I go on a 3rd course!! Having recently read that suicide is a possible side effect of taking Roaccutane, I don't think I will be going on a 3rd course. This serious side effect along with depression were not apparent to me 6 years ago.
    The only regret I have about taking the drug is my blurry vision. The antibiotics have been a great help, but i think it's about time i got off them. I feel like I'm back to base one again, where I was 10 years ago. My options are limited, namely creams, antibiotics and Roaccutane. Fingers crossed that the creams will take care of it this time. I don't want to have to go through the torture of taking Roaccutane again. Best wishes to all!

    From: mark in us. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: stay on medication
    Date: 07/11/2001 at 03:02 - Message #713

    Hi. I read these last few messages and my suggestion is stick with whatever works. I used accutane for awhile, but it caused too many side effects, so I took several oral and topical medications, such as tetracyclin and benzamycin, which works pretty well. Basically, it is a trial and error method that must be corrdinated with a dermatologist. no matter what,even if your acne looks clear, continue taking medication (for several years if need be). Better safe than sorry. Got it!

    From: Haakon in Norway. A 28 year old male.
    Subject: longterm effects
    Date: 06/11/2001 at 17:16 - Message #712

    Until last winter I had acne. Then I started using Roaccutane. It worked fine ...for a while at least. This summer acne started appearing again and it is getting worse by the week. Does anyone know if it is common to use several treatments of roaccutane before the condition is "healed"? Will it ever go away, or will one only get less acne a few years after being treated?

    From: henry in san francisco. A 28 year old male.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 06/11/2001 at 09:37 - Message #711

    hi everyone, i took accutane once b4 6 yrs ago or so, and i had to admit the drugs worked wonder. However, my acnes got worse b4 it got better. Now i am taking it for the 2nd time after 6 yrs (40mg aday). I was just wondering if there's anyone in my position that can share with me their experience on their first few weeks. Did you experience the same effects as when the first time you took it?

    From: Dinosaur in Southwest USA. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: End of Course 1 of Accutane
    Date: 05/11/2001 at 20:03 - Message #710

    I took Accutane (40mg/2xday) from April through September. I have been off of Accutane for 1 1/2 months now and my lips are no longer dry, it only took about 2 weeks for them to go back to normal, and my face is as oily as it used to be. But no acne. I use oil-free and talc-free products. I actually had a couple of breakouts while on accutance, mainly once a month at menstruation, but I haven't since I got off the stuff. I noticed I got one blemish near my temple, but that was a few days after sweating during a workout and it was small and went away after a couple of days. I already know that I have to wash my face immediately after working out or else I'll get breakouts wherever the sweat was. I had forgotten just how oily my skin was. I am glad it's almost winter because my skin doesn't reveal how oily it is in the colder months. My pores look big though and I'm afraid I'll have my father's skin as I get older. Anyone know of any good pore minimizer/mattifiers?
    I pray that I don't ever get acne again.

    From: danny in Australia. A 23 year old male.
    Subject: boxing
    Date: 05/11/2001 at 02:13 - Message #709

    Dear People
    Ive been on this roaccutane for 2 weeks now 20 mg per day, i will up the dose to 40mg tommorow. my skin does look better but im having a problem with my lips. they are swollen and feel numb. im just wondering if anyone else has suffered this side effect and does it go away, or should i discontinue the treatment now.
    if anyone has any answers it would be great help to hear them

    From: ross in up north like.. A 23 year old male.
    Subject: destination anywhere
    Date: 04/11/2001 at 19:37 - Message #708


    From: mackenzie in usa. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: should i go on acutane?
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 20:53 - Message #707

    hi, my name is mackenzie and im 17 years old. i had some acne when i was about 13-14 and then it went away. i thought i was home free, but i wasnt so lucky. this summer, right before i turned 17, things started to get bad on my chin. now my chin is horrible... i dont know what to do, ive tried everything from the stores and nothing works. ive also tried benza-clin from the doctor. three of my friends went on acutane and it worked beautifully for them. its starting to spread a little to my forehead and im getting worried. im sick of wearing makeup. do you think its okay for me?? i get dry skin and my face peels from some medications. will acutane make it worse? HELP!! thank you!!

    From: JohnAllen01 in London. A 24 year old Male.
    Subject: NHS & Accutane
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 17:51 - Message #706

    Has anyone in the UK had problems with getting the doctor to refer them to a dermatologist? My skin changes from ok, to bad. This means my doctor, and other doctors in the same surgery, are refusing to send me to a dermatoligist as I have already seen one three time; and been on accutane the same number of times.

    From: Allie in England. A 27 year old Female.
    Subject: ROACCUTANE
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 17:34 - Message #705

    I started taking roaccutane in May 2001 and like most people suffered from dry lips (they were quite crusty) but a large tub of vasoline helped cure the dryness. I was taking 60mg a day foe 4 months and HALLELUJAH it disappeared, BUT it returned 1 month later. I visited the Dr yesterday who has given me a lotion to apply but I feel pretty fed up as whilst I was on Roaccutane I had the best skin that I'd had in years and I know coz EVERYBODY commented but now I'm back to looking like a pubescent kid at 27 years of age. Anyway I'll give this isotrexin a try for a month and if not I'll be going back to the dermotologist that actually made me feel NORMAL for a while. So to all you that have yet to try Roaccutane I would say GO FOR IT, it works (whilst your taking it anyway

    From: Trent in Australia. A 16 year old Male.
    Subject: Raoccutane
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 03:57 - Message #704

    Hey guys. I went to the doctor and I am now waiting to go to the dermo. My doctor said it would take about 2 months to clear most of my acne up. I am wondering if your doctor gave you an estimate for how long it would take, and was he/she fairly close ?

    From: Vanessa. A 19 year old Female.
    Subject: 11 wks c nothing
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 03:10 - Message #703

    This is my second round on Roaccutane 40mg a day, and at the moment im 11 weeks into it (3months) and so far i havent see any improvement. Right now there I have 15 scars left from ance and 2 pimples. I wonder why this time it took so long for it to go away and to heal. The lucky thing that I must admit while im on roac was that I dont suffer dry skin nor dry lips, the only thing was the initial flares up. Some days im so depressed that I was once have such a beautiful and clear skin and now im back to where I was before with ance and scares. Right now im using something call SKIN TONE to remove all the scares and it does work but it takes times. Does anyone in my situation into their 11 weeks but havent actually see the improvement yet? My first time on Roac was last year and the result was MARVELOUS within 1 month on it (I was on it 7 months). After on the roac my skin remains ance free and shiny for about 6 months and then it suddenly return overnight. I then quickly went back on it straight away and yet now after 11 weeks into it I still see nothing. Good luck everyong, i will keep u all inform..

    From: Ross. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: Um
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 01:18 - Message #702

    Well i have a firned who is on it and i didnt know that till now i just thought she got lucky over the summer and it went away but she used to be like horrible and now its almost all gone and i just founf out liek 3 days ago she was on it when i told her i wanteed to go on it. She has only had chapped lips and her face seems dry but she uses chap stick and a face moistuiser and she says it goes away...The thing im worried about is right now i am having no scars after my acne dissapears. Is taking accutane gunna cause me to scar. Cause so far i havnt and the docotor says it doesnt look liek i willl but she didnt say anything bout if i would on accutane. Also how bad is the redness that occurs before the stuff actually starts to work

    From: Rachel in Faroe Islands. A 17 year old female.
    Subject: Starting on Roaccutane
    Date: 03/11/2001 at 00:16 - Message #701

    I've just been to the.."skin doctor" (I don't know what you call that in english...) and he put me on Roaccutane. I haven't got the pills yet but i'm probably gonna get them in about a week or two. I haven't heard much about this product before and when I read the phamplet (isn't that what u call the little piece of paper with information about the drug?) I got a bit scared.. And now that I've read some of the side effects that ppl here on this site have told about I am really scared.. Is it really that bad that your nose will bleed and your lips will dry up so badly that u cant drink from a cup??? And I've read about ppl whose acne got really good on the drug but when they stopped it got much worse...Is it a good idea to start on this drug? Does it permanantly get rid of blemishes?? Thats the main thing i am worried about. That I will suffer from bad side effects but eventually get good skin, but when i stop i am right back where i started..
    I don't go surfing on the net often, so if you could maybe send your stories and/or opinions to me by e-mail I would be very happy.. And by the way.. I know my english is terrible so please bear with me..

    From: Ross in NY. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: Havnt tryed it
    Date: 02/11/2001 at 22:44 - Message #700

    Well my doctor gave me differin gel and told me that i can use it for two motnhs and if it doesnt clear up we can try accutane but....if i want to try it now i can its up to me. So i said bring it she took my blood and i went to my local drug store and got it today and she took the blood two days ago and now im set.

    From: Wendy from London in London. female.
    Subject: arter effects
    Date: 01/11/2001 at 17:55 - Message #699

    My son's acne has cleared up after five months of Roaccutane.. he had some dry skin while taking the drug but since he as stopped taking it his lips have dried up completely and he has been told the drug has damaged the stem cells of his lips. His lips don't hurt but the skin looks very rough and chapped and white. If he drinks without a straw he leaves lumps of skin on the cup as the skin sheds several times a day. Has anyone else suffered from this ? We have been told his lips will get better - but can anyone say when ?

    From: Alan in Scotland. A 26 year old Male.
    Subject: Just started
    Date: 01/11/2001 at 17:08 - Message #698

    On my 4th day now of my 1st course of roaccutane. I'm on 45mg a day. My lips def seem a bit drier and I noticed this morning that my face was flaky although by lunch it had cleared up (guess I should get the moisturiser on in the mornings). I do feel though that I'm finding it harder to concentrate on things at work and that my coordination is a bit out and that now and then I find myself in a little world of my own all be it briefly. Is this a side effect or am I just worrying about nothing? I noticed that someone mentioned splitting up the dosage. If I was to take 20mg in the morning then 25mg at night would this help? Cheers!

    From: Sara in Iowa. A 24 year old Female.
    Subject: just over 2 months
    Date: 01/11/2001 at 16:54 - Message #697

    Hi everyone! Am just over 2 months on my Accutane, I haven't taken it for a few days to let my face heal up a little bit, anyone know if its okay to stop it for a few days? My face is completely clear! So is my back! I never thought it would come to this! Its beautiful! Going in for my blood test tomorrow and to get more pills. I hope it goes this well for the rest of treatment :) Hang in there everybody, it gets better!

    From: Nameless in Australia. A 19 year old Male.
    Date: 01/11/2001 at 01:52 - Message #696

    Yes, the person who posted and said they prescibe it easily in australia is absolutely fact if you kick and scream they let you off without a blood test as well, they send you off with one script, then if you go back they basically give you the rest of the script, so you only have to see the derm 2 or 3 times. My derm said in the US they had to go back once a month because the doctors are afraid of being sued. This is a disgrace. Sure, roaccutane is powerful, but so are a lot of other drugs, and I think ts poor that in the US and UK it is not prescribed as readily. It might have something to do with the laid back attitude of us Aussies!!! We treat things aggressively, its the only way to go. I see roaccutane as short term pain for long term gain - you'll start to see the real positives towards the end of treatment and for months after when your skin gets back its own constitution. So for all u guys thinking about quitting half way through - I know how you feel, stick with it, you'll be glad that you did.

    From: Stephen in Inverness,Scotland. A 17 year old Male.
    Date: 31/10/2001 at 23:47 - Message #695
    Web Site: Beat_Acne

    hello every1! ive been posting here 4 eternity i think,since i started roacc 26.5 weeks ago!since the end of april!in that time ive had some very difficult times,with many bad breakouts+false dawns etc took ages 2 see ne small improvemenst.things were still bad after a few months.however,after all this time its paid off,by the looks of it!i have been spot free on my face,or as good as,for a while now-must be like 2mohts or something!actually that amaazes me,doesnt seem like long ago i had terrible acne.i have 1 n my back rite now,not nice,but only1!it has also got much better!
    and im off on friday the 2nd nov!im kinda scared it'll come back but kinda excited the side effects will go+the redness mite start2fade.ive been on all sorts of doses.i weigh(or used2,all that time ago!)71kg,no doubt its more now!idid:12weeks@40mg,4weeks@60mg,3weeks@80mg and the remainder@70mg.kinda allover the place,but it had2be done coz things wernt goin well,though they r now.i hope it'll be gone4good now,when this 1 on my back goes,but im worried about comin off.i have loads of mraks etc,so im tryin vit e 2try+help it,we'll see!neway.if ne1 wants2 ask me nething my email is there-whatever u want,ill try2help-also if u have ne advice or ne1 can tell me there expereinces after roacc or helping with scars that would be great.also,i have a site now,and ne acne pics etc,or expereinces would be gr8,i could put em on the site!email is in case u miss it!

    From: Wally in New York. A 23 year old Male.
    Date: 31/10/2001 at 23:29 - Message #694

    I just finished week 1! So far my skin is all red but my skin is already as good as it has been over the last ten years. My lips dry out for a few hours after I take each pill (40mg 2x Daily)but Aquaphor seems to work the best. How long does the redness last? Will I be all red for 20 weeks or is my body just getting used to the accutane? No complaints, though. I hope that the next 19 weeks are as easy as this one was. Actually I think I've experienced another side-effect, but it isn't anything bad. I've been sleeping so soundly this week and I've had long, clear, vivid dreams. Usually I have short dreams that don't seem to make much sense and I usually don't remember them, but this week they've been like watching movies and I've been able to replay them after I've awoke. My mood this week has been better than it usually is, probably because my skin is looking better and I'm so relieved that I'm on my way to normal looking skin. Anyone who hasn't atarted yet or is starting week two with me send me an email. If anyone out there has any insight that they're willing to share on what I should expect over the next few weeks, I would surely appreciate it.

    From: LizO in Pittsburgh, PA. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: How much longer until I see results??
    Date: 31/10/2001 at 22:17 - Message #693

    Hello everyone..
    Has anyone experienced accutane NOT WORKING?? I am in my 4th month, and no change - actually slightly worse. (I take 60 mg/day) I would greatly appreciate hearing any "late bloomer" stories to give me some hope. THANK YOU :-)

    From: Jeanie in North Carolina. A 36 year old Female.
    Subject: Differences in bowel?
    Date: 31/10/2001 at 17:53 - Message #692

    I have been on Accutane now for two months and WOW what an improvement! I did not see any difference the first month, but this last month I have seen a big improvement!! I do have a question though....has anyone ever seen any difference in their bowel movements? Mine are still regular, but I have noticed an oily like substance in the comode the last two days. What could this be? I feel great otherwise. Any thoughts?

    From: Debra in Ontario, Canada.
    Subject: After effects of accutane
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 23:54 - Message #691

    Help! Help!
    My daughter has just had to stop taking accutane after about 6 weeks, even though it worked great for her acne, but she had too many side effects. The major one being depression.
    Can anyone out there tell me how long the side effects after stopping the medication last????? Especially the depression. Thx. Debra

    From: tom smith in UK. A 20 year old male.
    Subject: where can i buy
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 17:41 - Message #690

    hi, i was on Roaccutane for 3 months and i think it was a miracle. after one month my face started to clear up and after the full 3 months my acne had gone 100%. but the only problem with it is that i have to wait ages to get it. does anyone know a place on the internet where i can get it?
    thank you

    From: Michael in Australia. A 30 year old Male.
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 10:56 - Message #689

    Oh yeah..
    STEPH: In Australia, we don't have to sign anything to get Roaccutane. You lob at the Derm's office, he looks for 15 seconds, says "Roaccutane!", and in 2 or 3 days you get a prescription in the mail. Then, off to the chemist to get a box of 60 x 20mg capsules for $AU25. When I saw my derm, my face was pretty clear as well.
    Apparently in the US and UK, you wait months for an appointment, have to convince them you desperately need Roaccutane, then pay a fortune for it. Weird

    From: Michael in Australia. A 30 year old Male.
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 10:49 - Message #688

    BA: If you're concerned about the serious side effects, you can give it a try, and if any of them eventuate, you can just stop the treatment. Any decent derm should make you have a blood test before you start, and another one every coupld of months to make sure you still have a liver that works, so you should be covered there. Also, any decent derm should be available for you to ask questions if you notice sede effects that are a concern to you. Sounds like a shame to have acne for 20 years, wait 5 months for an appointment than not even try it.
    CORINNE: If you want a site devoted to the long term side effects of Roaccutane, try The site makes it all sound a bit scarey, but if you've been taking it for 6 years or so, you probably already know how it's going to affect you long term anyway.
    KITTY: Taking mega doses of Vitamin B5 (5g-10g per day) seems to have the same effect as Roaccutane on oil production, without the side effects. It's become quite popular recently, so you might want to give it a try before Roaccutane.
    RIZZI: Roaccutane has no effect on male fertility. It will create abnormalities in unborn children if women take it while pregnant (or get pregnant within 3 months of stopping treatment), but us guys can happily chew down those pills safe in the knowledge that our boys are blissfully unaffected.
    Good luck all!

    From: Rizzi in Finland. A 23 year old male.
    Subject: Roaccutan & making child
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 08:37 - Message #687

    HI EVERY1 and yeah i founded this GREAT site again!
    k, sorry for my bad english =(
    so, can anyone tell me bout, if i use roaccutan and same time i try to make child, then is the any risks or something... i am a man, i know that there are risks for if woman use this medicine and then same time try this one, k??? if u know something, pls, then HELP ME, THX!

    From: Kitty in Singapore. A 24 year old Female.
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 04:50 - Message #686

    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know what can we do to control the oil on our face beside roaccutane?

    From: Lady B in Mexico. A 27 year old Female.
    Subject: Second Round
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 02:28 - Message #685

    Hello CJ, I'm in the same situation like you, exactly 2 years ago I take Roaccutane for first time, it did wonders and I was so happy.
    But 4 months ago, the pimples and awful acne was back, I was astonished!! I've suffered acne since 15, honestly I thought I was over it. NO.
    I changed derm and the new one advised me that this is the Roaccutane revenge, because they didn't give me the correct dose last time, I weight 55 kg and I took 2 pills of 10 mg/day... the new doctor says I should have taken 2 pills of 20 mg/day, double!!
    Now, I'm about to start Roa again, and I'm afraid, because the side effects, and the fear of this second round not to be the last one....
    I understand you CJ, any comments?
    Lady B

    From: cj. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: down the road
    Date: 30/10/2001 at 01:48 - Message #684

    I have a question for anyone out there who has already gone through the "sentence" of roac. I was on 60mg for 6 months almost a year and a half ago. As is ended up I stayed on the medication for almost 7 months because my dermatologist recomended it. I was experiencing all of the normal side effects at the time, and as promised they all subsided after a few months. Well, here I am almost two years later adn my acne is in working order again. It is not as bad as it used to be, but much worse than what I ever thought I would have to face again. Is there anyone out there like me? Any suggestions?

    From: steph in UK. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: argh! in Perth
    Date: 29/10/2001 at 13:11 - Message #683

    FAO: ARGH! in Perth
    Who ever told you that Roac works like the pill????? that is the most scariest thing i have read yet on these discussion boards!!!
    You shouldnt even be prescribed roac unless you have been on the pill for at least 1 month beforehand and at least 1 month after - this is to make sur eu dont get pregnant - roac is in no way birth control - it will damage an unborn baby that is why any decent derm will not let you take it unless you are on the pill - didnt you sign the agreement saying that you understand all the precautions and that you wont purposly get pregnant whilst on the treament? im sure this is standard practise with all derms?
    so, make sure you stay on the pill the roac will in no way protect you - hope the treatment is working anyway x

    From: steph in uk. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: for lizO
    Date: 29/10/2001 at 12:46 - Message #682

    this is a msg for lizO - why are you taking different amounts on odd and even days? surely this is making you body un balanced im on 40mg per day and in my 3rd month - i had a breakout a few weeks ago and decided to up my dosage myself to 60mg for 2 days and i strongly recommend that you dont because it made me very depressed and fed up so i went back to my usual dosage and the breakout cleared up in time and im nearly 100% spot free - so my advice to you is to definitely perserver and sometimes it does get alot worse before it gets better but its the roac pushing all the crap in your skin to the surface - dont worry, but if i were you i would question why you take different amounts on certain days - surely consistency is all your skins needs? a regular treatment? maybe this is why you skin is taking so long to heal because it cant get used to the up and down treatment?? just a thought - but hang it there it had worked for me. Good luck honey xx

    From: Corinne in Australia. A 35 year old Female.
    Subject: Repeat Users
    Date: 29/10/2001 at 10:13 - Message #681

    Hi all, Just looking for any info on long term side effects of roaccutane. I have been taking it every year or two for the past six years. Will be continuing on a course every year (that's the plan) but am afraid of possible long term side effects. Bone spurs, depression? Are any known of that I need to be aware of? Is there anyone else in my shoes, had to keep taking it every year or so because the acne comes back.

    From: Glitter in M.E.. A 33 year old Femme Fatale.
    Subject: To BA in UK
    Date: 29/10/2001 at 07:39 - Message #680

    Yes, there are serious side effects and you must weigh up for yourself if it is worth it or not.
    For me, I had tried pretty much everything in the past and was just fed up and decided it was the big R or nothing.
    From the first tablet I waited nervously to see what might happen and have been deligted to discover that the dose I'm on is perfect for me....yes, my lips have been dry and I have to moisturise my body regularly however - that's been the extent of it (aside from headaches during the first week which went away - may be related or may not be).
    My Dermo put me on 60mgs/day (I'm 52 kgs) and this works for me - I was lucky - didn't have the 'big breakout'either although I was totally expecting the worst. My dermo did warn, 'this isn't a CURE' but I have been spot free since mid Aug and hope to continue that way after treatment.
    To all on the board:
    If you have questions about the dosage or length of treatment I strongly urge you to discuss them with your dermo - a lot of people here seem to be posting questions which, really, they should bring up directly with a qualified medical practitioner to have their concerns/questions/fears addressed from a medical viewpoint....that is why they charge so much afterall! I would urge you to question/challenge your Dr.

    From: LizO in Pittsburgh, PA. A 24 year old Female.
    Subject: Will I ever see results?
    Date: 29/10/2001 at 04:10 - Message #679

    Hello Everyone..
    I am just starting mt 4th Month of accutane, 80/mg on the even days & 40 mg on the odd days. My acne is WORSE and I have had no improvement yet!! Does it take this long for some people? My side effects are not bad at all, just dry lips (but Carmex solves that problem). I feel like I want to take 100mg/day so it will get better - obviously I won't, but you can understand the frustration.
    I just got a new breakout several days ago where my nose and forehead's like the size of a pencil eraser under my skin!! I have NEVER had a pimple like that before. Is this normal? Is there hope for me? Could accutane just not work for me?

    From: Kim in Singapore. A 24 year old Female.
    Date: 29/10/2001 at 03:44 - Message #678

    Hi, does anyone know what will happen if we stop the medication half-way? Thanks...

    From: BA in UK. A 35 year old Male.
    Subject: 2 GO or not to GO
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 18:40 - Message #677

    Hi,You've probably heard this all before. Anyway I've suffered form this dreaded disease since I was about 15.Antibiotics worked in my younger days and as soon as I was off them the acne returned. I eventually settled with a topical lotion which controlled my acne until about two years ago. Nothing seems to work anymore. I've had all the usual antibiotics and lotions (Minocycline, Erythromycin and presently on Oxytetracycline). I was referred by my GP in June and had to wait 5 months. Anyway I went last week and have been offered Roaccutane.I've been doing a lot of investigation on it and my main worries are the serious side effects.Any advice would be very much appreciated

    From: jace in USA. A 21 year old male.
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 18:37 - Message #676

    Eva in italy: Your english is perfect! dont worry about it.. Good luck on Roaccutane.. I have heard the same. I know my acne is not severe and i don't have major cysts but I did hear that accutane/roaccutane is great for people with moderate acne because usually 100% of the time you will clear up completely forever. It is just the stubborn cysts that do not react as well and I don't have as many of those.
    Michael in australia: Thanks for the info.. I am very reluctant to go on antibiotics for more than a few weeks. I will only take them if my doctor prescribes them for a sore throat or something that goes away quick. I do not want to be taking antibiotics for months or even years because your body can develop a resistance to them. And when you really need the antibiotics, they won't work anymore! I have heard the same thing, once you go off antibiotics your acne will come back twice as worse.

    From: franklin in USA. A 20 year old male.
    Subject: 4th time?
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 16:00 - Message #675

    I was wondering if anyone has gone on a fourth course of treatment. It seems like i am on a two year cycle, i take accutane, my pimples realitivly clear up for a year or two, then usually after summer i start to get these little pimples all over my neck, back, shoulders and chest. i don't know if they are pimples or what they are some form whiteheads and some don't, but they stay forever and they leave red blotchy marks when they are gone. i don't get the severe acne i once did but these marks are still quite noticable. i was good with taking the pills on time and the only things i did "wrong" was drink usually on weekends, and habitually smoke weed. i also was a landscaper in the summer so mabyee excessive sun exposure has something to do with it. i am frustrated that accutane has not been the miracle drug for me and i am willing to try anything, even quit smoking weed. if anyone has any info they think will help, please email me. thanks.

    From: Eva in Italy. A 24 year old female.
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 09:22 - Message #674

    JACE: I have moderate acne, never had cysts,but it seems to be non-responsive to creams(differin and others...)so I'm starting with Roaccutane in about 2 weeks(I'm a bit afraid...). I read that roaccutane is good even for moderate acne, if it's non-responsive and it's an "aged" acne.
    I'm sorry for my there anyone from Italy??
    good luck everyone :)

    From: Michael in Australia. A 30 year old Male.
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 09:05 - Message #673

    HMM: I got an eczema-like rash in about the 2nd or 3rd week. The literature says that Roaccutane can cause rash and dermatitis, so that's probably what it is. Mine was on my elbows, and the back of my hands. It was itchy and red, but I got Sigmacort cream from a GP, which cleared it up completely. Doubt it's anything to do with your liver, just a normal side-effect.
    JACE: I also have moderate acne like yourself and did the antibiotics thing for years. Worked kindof OK, but as soon as you stop, it's zits ahoy again. Since Roaccutane is as close to a cure as there seems to be, I decided to give it a shot, rather than take a handful of antibiotics each day for the rest of my life. I'm in week 7 and where I used to get cysts, if I get anything new at all, it's a smaller, flatter version that vanishes a lot quicker than those two week monsters I'd get previously.

    From: GW.
    Subject: Look whos company you're in...
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 08:17 - Message #672

    Some well known people who have suffered from acne/acne scars:
    Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek)
    Brad Pitt
    Cameron Diaz
    Kate Winslet
    F. Murray Abraham
    Bill Murray
    Harvey Keitel
    Ray Liotta
    Nicolas Cage
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Edward James Olmos
    James Woods Salvador
    Dennis Farina
    Robert Davi (Profiler)
    Richard Belzer
    Russell Crowe
    Geoffrey Rush
    Greg Germann (Ally McBeal)
    Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue)
    Laurence Fishburne
    Dustin Hoffman
    Katherine Ross
    Jimmy Cagney
    Burt Lancaster
    Elizabeth Hurley
    John C. Reilly
    Jet Li
    Robert Redford
    Ricky Jay
    Mike Myers
    Danny Trejo
    Rene Russo
    David Warner
    .....and musicians
    Bryan Adams
    Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
    Keith Richards (Rolling Stones
    Janis Joplin
    Melanie C. (Spice Girls)
    Courtney Love
    Elliot Smith
    Jimi Hendrix
    Ace Frehley (Kiss)
    Lionel Richie
    Michael Stipe (REM)
    Michael Hutchence (INXS)
    Shirley Bassey
    Britney Spears
    Vanessa Williams
    Janis Ian
    Li'l Kim
    Ricky Martin
    Whitney Houston
    Roy Orbison
    and others.......
    Grant Hill (Basketball)
    Mark Philippoussis (Tennis)

    From: Ollie in Tucson, USA. A 31 year old Male.
    Subject: First timer
    Date: 28/10/2001 at 04:46 - Message #671

    I've been on accutane for almost three weeks. The dried skin been somewhat bothering. Is there any good lotion that will reverse this condition?...Also, how long will I start to have an initial clear skin ?(I'm weight 130lb, about 60 kg-on a course of 30 mg/day)

    From: jace in USA. A 21 year old male.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 27/10/2001 at 18:50 - Message #670

    i've been on differin since March and my face is still breaking out, i've tried BP and I don't want to take antibiotics because it is bad to take them long term, your body can build up a resistance to it.. and antibiotics seem to only be a short term solution to acne. So I am going to ask my doctor if accutane is right for me. I have tried enough treatments out there over the past few years and nothing works in the long run. They work for a few months and then stop working. So I am wondering, has anyone here been prescribed accutane for moderate acne? I get pimples a lot and maybe 3-4 a week are cysts, my whole face isnt covered in cysts so it isn't "severe" but it's bad enough. I am just hoping to skip the B.S. and get going with accutane and get this over with!!! Also Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, it has been great to read this site.

    From: Hmm in Aus. A 20 year old Male.
    Subject: Eczema?
    Date: 27/10/2001 at 07:20 - Message #669

    Hi, I have been off Roaccutane for about 20 days now.
    I don't get any acne, but I am getting this eczema. I got a cream for it from my dermatologist. It goes away the next day, but still it's itchy and stuff. I don't know what is causing it. Firstly thought it was food, but not any more. My derm says that there must be something to trigger it, but could it be from bad liver? or... I don't know the source!! I had it for last 10 days, and it's really annoying. It doesn't get red, so it's okay, but when I scratch it, then it goes red (duh.. )
    Anyone with this sort of problem?

    From: Sarah in new orleans, LA. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: red face!
    Date: 27/10/2001 at 02:55 - Message #668

    Right now, it's the second month of my second try at accutane. I first took it when I was 16 and it worked wonders. I started breaking out again last year and at the end of the summer it was so bad that I decided to try again. It's week eight now and I'm finally starting to clear up again but my skin has this awful redness to it, like I'm sunburned. Anyone got any tips for reducing this? It's really pretty unsightly, almost as bad as the acne.

    From: dawn in us. A 40 year old female.
    Subject: hair coloring
    Date: 26/10/2001 at 19:04 - Message #667

    I colored my hair while on accutane and my scalp and hair did fine. i had my hair colored professionaly and she used something for very sensitive scalp. good luck!

    From: Jet in Aus. A 19 year old Male.
    Date: 26/10/2001 at 16:04 - Message #666

    Does anyone know if it's okay to dye your hair while your on roaccutane????. I'm on 60mg a day. Any feedback would be great

    From: Flakey in Eng. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: Skin !?!
    Date: 25/10/2001 at 18:12 - Message #665

    Hi All, hope this stuff is working for u! i'm in my 8th week skin really flakey but spots r starting to go OH YEAH! Theres still some minor break outs. This i've been told is normal. I went to da demo 2day. good report but i'll have 2 take these things for another 2 months. They had beta work. Can somebody ans me a few questions:
    1) How do they feel after drink Alcohol?
    2) how do they feel after physical sport (not sex) lol!
    Ne way peep's keep ya head up. THIS STUFF WILL WORK! :-) Keep on smileing

    From: TAN. A 21 year old FEMALE.
    Subject: HELLOOOOO
    Date: 25/10/2001 at 12:32 - Message #664

    Hi ya, ive been on Roacuttane now since april and its not been easy going at all.I have had acne since about 12 years old mainly on my face but over the years its become a major problem on my back and across my shoulders.Finally my GP refered me.Every single side effect that you could have I think ive pretty much had it.I started off on 20mg a day.Within two days i was majorly depressed and had sore lips and nose bleeds.The depression and mood swings was what hit me the most plus the split lips, I just felt like hiding from the world, not even my mum or my other half could help, although they were and are fantastic x.I didnt have too much of an outbreak but still had some quite nasty painful ones.The moods seemed to settle down and I became less depressed although I certanly had my moments.Then I went up to 40mg alternate days, that was harsh and I found the moods creeping back lips have been really hard to cope with they just never mend and constantly spilt.Bliseze is good and im on my second tub of vaseline.Im now on 60mg a day till jan and then ive got to come off it.I have only just found out aswell which I was not too chuffed about was not to take them all at once, the side effects are more harsh if you do.The skin on my face is alot better and if im honest so is my back, there is still a way to go yet but I can bear my boyfriend to touch my back and ive got more confidence now than ever.Im just worried that when I come off the pills they might come back.I guess we will just have to see.Take care everyone and if you do feel low just remember that your not alone there are others going through the same thing.Just talk to people and dont shut yourself off.E-mail me if you fancy a chat.Laterz x

    From: Deb in Australia. A 26 year old Female.
    Date: 25/10/2001 at 09:45 - Message #663

    KRISSY: you can suffer mood swings whilst on Roaccutane. I've been yelling at people and carrying on like you wouldn't believe. My mood swings changed in about my seventh week. I was snaping at EVERYONE, including my poor fiance! We suspected that it was due to this treatment, so we then surfed the net and found some interesting websites about this very issue. (Look at some international websites). Take care of yourself!!

    From: Krissy in Australia. A 16 year old female.
    Subject: Help!
    Date: 25/10/2001 at 08:23 - Message #662

    Does roaccutane make anyone else feel really depressed?
    I've been on roaccutane for about a 2 months, and my skin has cleared up almost perfectly. I just get so depressed when i'm on this and has made me even think to kill myself, and i don't know why. Help! i can't stand it anymore...

    From: Trent in Australia. A 17 year old Male.
    Subject: Roaccutane
    Date: 25/10/2001 at 07:52 - Message #661

    Hey guys. I am thinking of going on Roaccutane. Can I just go to my local doctor and get a perscription, or do I have to go to a dermo ?

    From: Wally in NY. A 23 year old Male.
    Date: 24/10/2001 at 20:52 - Message #660

    I'm not sure if you're aware of this but Roche has a Medical Needs Program which covers the cost of Accutane if you don't have insurance. I got my accutane for free and I take the first pill tomorrow morning with breakfast. Just call the 1-800 number and they'll send an application to your derm...Here's some more info:
    As far as your progress is concerned, be patient. My doctor told me that it sometimes takes the full 20 weeks and sometimes longer for accutane to do its job. I can't wait to get started and get it over with. If all else fails your luck has not run out. For those of you who have had bad experiences with Accutane or it just hasn't worked the way you thought it would there is a new drug that will be out soon. Everyone who reads this discussion has probably used a few different topical retinoids. Tazorac (Tazarotene)is usually effective and very strong but causes more redness than differin and Retin-A. There is an Oral form of Tazarotene that is being tested now which seems to be as effective as Accutane (statistically)without the side-effects that are associated with Accutane. This is good news for everyone. I've had cystic acne for about ten years and although I feel terrible for the people who've suffered longer than I have, I think that we're all very close to leaving the humiliation and embarassment behind. Good luck to everyone. Send me some emails with your stories.

    From: Lori in Milwaukee, WI. A 28 year old Female.
    Subject: Update
    Date: 24/10/2001 at 18:45 - Message #659

    Hi all! Update. Week 14 and things suck. I had to stop taking accutane during my 12th week because my triglycerides level jumped up to 660 which is not good. Had to go on a medicine to reduce that and it is now 202 and I started back on 60mg a day instead of 80mg. My jawline has been my problem and still is. I will have to do another treatment. Bummer. Being off for a week sucked. Now my face is extremely red and dry. Otherwise I have not had any bad side effects. I just must have very stubborn acne. I hope my second treatment will go good. It sucks because it cost me $3000 per treatment. No insurance. I still have 6 more weeks maybe it will be better by then. Wish me luck!

    From: Marie in uk. A 16 year old female.
    Date: 24/10/2001 at 11:21 - Message #658

    Steve,it probably will get worse first,its an 'initial flare up' skin seemed to be getting a lot better in the first week but in the second brooooooke out totally,im almost in my third and its still breaking out worse evvvvvvery day...damn annoying!! and from what other people have said, im expecting this for weeks yet...:-( Newayz,Hope every1 else is doing fine x

    From: danny in perth Australia. A 24 year old male.
    Date: 24/10/2001 at 06:55 - Message #657

    well 6th day on 20mg per day of roaccutane and its starting to work. its making my skin better not worse. i think im on a winner with this. in two weeks i increase the dose to 40mg per day i will probably out break then.

    From: Steve in England. A 21 year old Male.
    Subject: Just Started
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 21:39 - Message #656

    Hello, I've been taking it for just over a week, and I'm wondering how long I'll have to wait to see it improve, coz i've had enough of spots basically, the dermatologist told me to take a lesser dosage first and build up to the 55mg, but frankly I started on the full dose straight away because i'm at the end of my patience with acne basically.
    So how long can I expect to wait to see an improvement?, 1 week and im already getting impatient!, my lips have gone a bit dry etc but i can put up with that no worries as long as the acne improves, but no sign yet, in fact, I might be paranoid but im sure its got a little bit worse.

    From: JustCallMePimple in San Francisco, CA. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: swallowing accutane
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 20:29 - Message #655

    I don't think anyone has this problem but me. I find it VERY hard to swallow pills. My whole life I have crushed pills, or taken things in a liquid form. I have the same problem with Accutane. My doctor told me to pierce the tablet and then swallow the liquid inside. Does ANYONE do that? In my "drug handbook", it says it is okay to do.........but I was wondering if anyone had experience with doing this.

    From: mel. A 27 year old female.
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 16:09 - Message #654

    I am on my 3rd courseo f accutane and my Dr. just startedme on 100mg at the beginning of the 3rd month. Anyone else ever take that high of a dosage? I am only 5'3 and 140 pds, and have never heard of anyone else being prescribed 100 mgs.

    From: argh! in Perth. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: Is Accutene something like the Pill?
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 14:14 - Message #653

    hiya all...juz wondering whether if Accutene acts like the Pill then at least i wouldn't have to take both right??

    From: S Quine in Australia - Brisbane. A 15 year old Male.
    Subject: Oratane
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 09:53 - Message #652

    How come roaccutane and oratane are so much cheaper in Oz then in the US and other countrys - I mean roaccutane only cost 25 bucks for a pack of 60 20mg tablets and Oratane is even cheaper? Is it cause we have medicare? Anyway, jsut curious.

    From: Michael in Australia. A 30 year old Male.
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 09:22 - Message #651

    Hi guys.
    SAM: You can't buy accutane online. You need a prescription from a dermatologist.
    DANNY: Hey dude, don't stress about the mail boy. I know how hard it is when you have a face full of nasty zits so you obsess about them every minute of the day. Just try to remember that you're taking steps to clear your skin up, and every day that passes, you're closer to that goal. Either that, or mail some anthrax to the guy. :)
    MARIE: I got the initial breakout in about week 2-3 like you. That's all it is though, an initial breakout, and after that things started to clear up nicely.
    KAREN: I think women are supposed to start their course at that time to ensure they're not pregnant, since isotretinoin virtually guarantees to result in a deformed baby. A few months after you stop, you're free to get down to the baby-making business.
    JUSTCALLMEPIMPLE: I was the same. I loathed starting because I couldn't handle the thought of being worse that I was already. The hideous zit-fest I feared didn't happen, and was more of a mild worsening before it got better. Just think of it as short term pain for long term gain or something. Apparently some people completely avoid the initial flareup, so you might even be one of the lucky ones.
    Good luck anyway.

    From: Kristy in Queensland, Australia. A 21 year old Female.
    Subject: Karen
    Date: 23/10/2001 at 08:06 - Message #650

    Karen, from the information I have read, Roaccutane has no effect on fertility

    From: JustCallMePimple in San Francisco, CA. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: starting!
    Date: 22/10/2001 at 22:04 - Message #649

    Well, I just started on Accutane after 5 years of suffering and not wanting to leave my house. I am on 40mg every OTHER day, because i took my first two pills and then my back really my derm said try every other day. Question: Does everyone get the increased flare up when they start? I really hope not.....I can't handle that. I have enough facial issues!

    From: Karen in Dubai. A 22 year old Female.
    Subject: Roaccutane precautions
    Date: 22/10/2001 at 20:44 - Message #648

    I read the pamflet of my roaccutane prescription yesterday and found out that women are only supposed to start their roaccutane treatment on the second or third day of menustruation.My doctor never mentioned this to me and I'm quite worried now.Will these pills make me sterile?

    From: bry in Indiana. A 25 year old female.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 22/10/2001 at 16:50 - Message #647

    Hi Im getting ready to start my second round of accutane. The first time completly cleared me up. My acne is not bad now but the dozen I do have are taking weeks to go away. I saw my derm. and he said it would be ok to start again. Went and got blood work. I only want to start again to fix it before it goes back to how it was before. Aweful. I remember the first time but not completley. Like I was kinda excited to go on it because it shrinks pores, takes away oilyness and blackheads. I remember my skin looking real good. It doesnt look terrible now but its on its way. Anyways after reading posts on here Im kinda scared to go on it. I feel like Im forgetting what it was like the first time. Anyways must not have been to bad if I dont remember. Please any info from 2nd time users would be great. Thanks so much.

    From: Marie in uk. A 16 year old female.
    Date: 22/10/2001 at 12:12 - Message #646

    Hey guys im just coming to the end of my second week on roaccutane,and i think ive got the initial breakout thing, just wondering though,cos a lot of ppl seem to get their breakout around the 5th week? did any1 else get it around the 2nd/3rd? Thank God its a hol and no college!! Thanx & good luck all of ya :-) x

    From: Danny in Australia. A 24 year old Male.
    Subject: 4 days
    Date: 22/10/2001 at 07:15 - Message #645

    Cheers Steph for that info, some good advice. I did the blood test and everything was okay so ive been on the roaccutane for 4 days now. nothing really to note except dry eyes. Ive still got the spots though infact today the mail boy at work asked me what was wrong with my face. i hate situations like this im at a loss at what to say, i just hope this drug works and starts to work quickly.

    From: Sam in us. A 24 year old female.
    Subject: accutane
    Date: 21/10/2001 at 20:54 - Message #644

    Anyone know of a place to purchase accutane online?

    From: Bee in Asia. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: Acne Scars!!!
    Date: 21/10/2001 at 17:09 - Message #643
    Web Site: Accutane Journal

    Hi everyone, I have been taking Accutane 40mg for 10 weeks and finally it shows some improvement. The main concern I have right now is those red but flat acne scars. Does anyone know how to get rid of them? Can any gals suggest me what concealer/foundation/powder are good at covering deep acne scars? The MAC Studio Fix that I'm currently using doesn't seem to provide enough coverage. Any recommendations?

    From: fiona in australia. A 20 year old female.
    Subject: keiloids
    Date: 21/10/2001 at 07:31 - Message #642

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there has been given a course of roaccutane, but after finishing the medication ended up with very bad scarring called keiloids???? i hope that's how you spell it. Im just really worried for i have tried to illiminate the redness using a variety of prescribed and bought skin products, plus the swelling/raised look of the scars do not look appealing. Could anyone help me.

    From: Kevin in orlando. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: accutane & marijuana
    Date: 20/10/2001 at 20:33 - Message #641

    I was looking for some help from somebody out there. I have been on Accutane for 5 weeks now and am pretty pleased at the face still is not clear, but it has improved after one month on the drug...i am now on 80 mg's a day, from 40 mg's last month. But i waas wondering...did anybody out there smoke pot when they were on accutane, because I've basically stopped drinking but i smoke a couple of times a week just to keep my sanity ya know? And also does anybody know if pot reduces the effectiveness of accutane..i've been told alcohol does, but i don't think marijuana affects the liver in any way. Somebody please answer my question, because i have no friends who took accutane before. Hopefully i will get a response because i know some of ya'll smoke out there, and if you did, how many times a week, and did you see any additional side can email at:

    From: Sara in Iowa. A 23 year old Female.
    Subject: Hair color
    Date: 19/10/2001 at 15:13 - Message #640

    Hey all! 8 weeks now on Accutane. I wanted to know if any of you highlight your hair professionally, and if there had been any problems. I have not had any hair loss yet but I am concerned. My face is really scabby from those big breakouts healing up but they are going away. Whew, because I am going on vacation in a month and a half and I want to look my best! Take care all :-)

    From: james in uk. A 23 year old male.
    Subject: afterwards
    Date: 19/10/2001 at 14:56 - Message #639


    From: Steph in England. A 21 year old female.
    Subject: danny
    Date: 19/10/2001 at 10:37 - Message #638

    This message is for danny - Ive been on roac for 2 1/2 months now - had to have a blood test before i could go on it to check my liver etc - but other than that you will be fine - just some advice for you, make sure you monitor the changes you have in the first weeks and ask the derm loads of questions - make a list tonite of all the things you need to know and go in there prepared - this'll probably the strongest drug you will ever put into your body and if you get it wrong its not nice! (im 8 stone 7 and im on 40mg per day)
    im not trying to scare you at all this drug is our friend it can work miracles (i think) but you have to make sure you happy with everything before you start.
    Drink loads of water and look after yourself - your immune system will be weak so exercise and eat well -
    good luck and i beleive itll be the answer you are looking for. God bless xxxx

    From: Michael in Australia. A 30 year old Male.
    Date: 19/10/2001 at 09:47 - Message #637

    TJ: My Derm did the same. No mention of side-effects, although luckily I'd found out about them already from places like this. I'm 6'2" and about 90kg and I'm on 40mg/day, so either my dose is low or yours is high. :)
    I've tried the B5 thing as well and it does seem to work kind of like Roaccutane, but seems to be only temporary. I chose to try Roaccutane because it's at least got the potential to keep you clear for months or years instead of you having to chug a handful of pills every day. If only they'd forgotten about landing men on the moon and worked towards a cure for us instead. :)
    Anyway, good luck.

    From: TJ in Canada. A 24 year old Male.
    Subject: What to do ..What to do..
    Date: 19/10/2001 at 03:27 - Message #636

    Hey All,
    I just got back from my derm today and he talked to me for 2 mins and said ACCUTANE is my cure. I am kinda worried about taking it.. my derm didn't even mention much about the side effects and didn't ask for a blood test. I weigh 165 and he put me on 40mg twice a day for the next 3 - 4 months. I was wondering if this is a high dosage from me? I mean shouldn't I start at a low one then work my way up? I just hate to lose my hair or have my liver fall out the side of me =)
    So anyone can give me some insight? Also should I try the b5/Panthetine thing before I resort to accutane. It's really the only thing I haven't tried except accutane!!
    I have these pills staring at me .. thanks for tha insight

    From: dolly in L.A. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: cortisone
    Date: 19/10/2001 at 02:10 - Message #635

    hi all.............
    does anyone knows something about the cortisone injection?i had a cyst b4 2 weeks and my derm gave me an injection on it ?
    anyone has this b4?
    sorry 4 my english

    From: Siohdan in Canada. A 24 year old female.
    Date: 18/10/2001 at 19:09 - Message #634

    LULU: Your acne sounds very similar to what I had (minor to moderate breakouts with a few cysts here and there), and I have been pretty much free and clear in the year and a half since I finished my Accutane treatment. I found that while my skin did get slightly worse at the beginning, the initial breakout wasn't any worse than the worst it had been before. Also, it wasn't like my whole face broke out at once, it was more like one area would break out and then clear up at a time. My forehead was the first to clear up, then my nose, cheeks and chin in that order. I think it was worst during weeks 2-5, but I had some trouble spots that sort of hung on for a while (mostly chin). I looked at it this way: all the oil/dirt/bacteria in your face causing your acne has to come out some way, and it ain't gonna be sucked out from the inside. What Accutane basically does is push it all to the surface really quickly, but once it's gone, it's gone, and your face will be clear (more or less).
    There's a couple of things you can do to minimize the breakouts. First off, be sure to use an anti-bacterial soap and a moisturizer - it sounds weird, and I hated it at first because I was used to avoiding moisturizer like the plague, but if you don't use it the breakouts will get flaky and scabby, which takes longer to heal, not to mention makes it impossible to wear makeup. Speaking of cosmetics, yes, you can use concealer, but make sure you wear as little as possible and that it's specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. But try not to wear it if you don't have to, because your skin will heal twice as fast when it's exposed to the air. And drink tons of water. GALLONS of it. That will help a lot of the symptoms - chapped lips, dry eyes, etc. Take a vitamin E pill twice a day with food. I also found that getting some sunshine every day (but not too much or you will burn like an ant under a magnifying glass) helped as well. I wear contacts too and my eyes got a little itchy and red from time to time, but use Visine whenever you can and it's not too bad. I never had to resort to my glasses. I didn't notice any difference in night vision, but other symptoms I had were achy joints (like I'd excercised too long, but not bad and fixed with Tylenol), chapped lips (Carmex is the best lip balm ever, and avoid getting toothpaste on your lips, it's really drying), and a weird rash on the insides of my forearms (gone in a few days with some hydrocortisone cream from the doc). Other products that helped me out were SpectroJel soap (it's like gelled water and feels really awful at first, but it's anti-bacterial and won't dry out your face no matter how often you use it), Cetaphil moisturizer (not oily at all, put it on while your face is still slightly damp and you won't get flaky), and Freeman's beta hydroxy facial scrub (cheap, smells great, good for scouring away dead skin, but don't use it if your face is red or sensitive). I tried a LOT of different products during my treatment, and I found these worked best for me. Other advice I can offer is never EVER touch your face. And don't let anyone else. Change your pillowcase and towels as often as you can. Don't let the phone touch your face. Avoid greasy foods. Keep your hair away from your face. Most of all, be patient. Accutane is a very up-and-down experience. One week your face will be great, the next you want to hide in a closet. My skin didn't actually completely clear up until about six months after I finished the treatment. I still get spots on occasion, but they're minor and as long as I don't pick at them, they go away quickly. Most of the time my skin is perfectly clear. A really great thing to use after your treatment is Stieva-A, which is a mild topical form of Accutane that my derm prescribed for me as a sort of "maintenance" product that will keep my skin from backsliding. It's simply a cream that comes in various strengths that you put on at night and while you sleep it cleans out your pores. It also has the wonderful side benefit of lightening marks or scars leftover from the treatment. I've been using it for over a year and my scars have faded so they're barely noticeable, especially since I have freckles.
    Anyway, I hope some of these suggestions are useful to you. My younger brother also had acne (much worse than mine) and Accutane did great things for him too. I realize that it doesn't work for everybody and for some people the side effects are intolerable, but if I ever met the people who invented it I would fall down and kiss their feet for giving me back my life. Good luck and hang in there!

    From: Luke in uk. A 16 year old male.
    Subject: b5
    Date: 18/10/2001 at 12:29 - Message #633

    I finished a 21 week course of roaccutane but unfortunatley i woz in the 5% of people whose acne does not completely clear after a 4 month course and it still has not completely cleared so i am now left with these wierd scabs which i'm now takin cream 4 and there eventualy going.I started 2 take sum b5 a few months ago but after 2 weeks decided i didnt want 2 risk anythin.Then last week when i finished my roaccutnae i thought i'd start takin a couple of b5 tablets,after 2 days i got 2 spots under the skin,by my chin.I panicked thinkin that when i stopped takin the roaccutane things go bad again.So i stopped takin the b5 and those 2 spots literaly went!I would tell ur derm if u thinkin of goin on b5 first.Ps,i woz on 75mg of roaccutane,but as i said i am the unlucky 5%,we are all different.Though roaccutane did clear all my spots but as i said, it left me with like cystic scabs!

    From: Michael in Australia. A 30 year old Male.
    Date: 18/10/2001 at 12:17 - Message #632

    Howdy all. May as well add my tale to the list. :)
    I've had acne for the past 15 or so years I guess - since high school anyway. It was the usual story of thinking it would clear up by itself, but of course it didn't. Various GPs gave me firstly Vibratabs and then Minocyline, which I've been taking for the past 4 or 5 years. Apparently you're only meant to take this for short periods because it MAY have some kind of long term effect. Still, any doc that told me this would inevitably prescribe it again when I'd say "Yeah well, I already KNOW the long term effects of acne, so gimme something for it" :)
    So, the minocyline worked kinda well (I also get rosacea which is treated by antibiotics like minocyline and apparently reponds to Roaccutane as well) but finally I decided that there must be something better and got a referral to a GP.
    I pity all those in the UK that say they have to wait 10 months to see one - I had to wait 2 months and that felt like forever. Within 60 seconds of seeing him, he was prescribing Roaccutane. I'd had a blood test a few weeks before (to see if I still had a liver after all the minocyline) and that came up completely normal, so with no real mention of any side effects I got a tiny little into booklet and off I went.
    Lulu: Like you I was pretty worried about the initial breakout. The other side effects like dry skin, cracked lips etc. all seemed to pale into insignificance next to the thought of my skin being even WORSE than normal. I considered taking time off work and actually delayed starting the treatment by a week because I dreaded the zit-fest so much. Anyway, finally gave it a shot, waking up each day dreading to look in the mirror. The first week there wasn't much difference, but by the second week, my skin was marginally worse. (not sure if this was Roaccutane kicking in, or the effects of the other stuff I was on wearing off). Still, it was mainly concentrated around my nose which makes me think it was more rosacea than acne. But, it wasn't horrible like I feared it might be, so as much as you're dreading starting, just remember the longer it takes you to start it, the longer it'll be before you finish it. Since about the 2nd or 3rd week, it's been progressively better.
    Some things to note though are that with my male bravado and memory of only gross, grease-laden skin, I figured I'd never need to use moisturiser. I was also gulping back handfuls of vitamin B5 (works well incidentally) with dried your skin as well. So after a week or so I had dry and flaking skin, and very dry lips. I also had a very red and inflamed neck for a couple of days, until I saw a GP and got some cream called Sigmacort which worked miracles. (also stopped taking the B5). Anyway, so get a chap-stick or something and use it from the time you start, and some mousturiser and be prepared for the dryness.
    Also, don't mess with any zits that come up. Picking and squeezing makes them a lot worse when you're on Roaccutane, in my experience. If I get one, I still dab some Benzol Peroxide cream on it, and it helps it dry up, but generally the cystic zits I got before are nowhere near as bad. ie, before I used to be able to feel them brewing a day or so before they appeared, then they'd hang around for a week or more like an unwelcome great auntie. Now, there are much fewer, and they're a smaller, less nasty type that just kind of lamely try to appear, and then just weakly fade away as the mighty Roaccutane assaults them.
    As for other side effects, there were a couple of days in the first few weeks where I had a slight headache, and fever-like symptoms. (weak, runs, headache, tired). Apparently these are signs of an enlarged liver, but that lasted only a couple of days - the derm said it was nothing to worry about (dunno if he'd got any real idea actually :) and I've felt fine ever since. No nosebleeds or anything else (yet).
    Ahh yeah well, pfft, that's almost my life's story so that's all.
    I'm on week 5 now, so I'll let you know how it goes. Good luck everyone. :)

    From: Deb in Australia. A 26 year old Female.
    Date: 17/10/2001 at 08:44 - Message #631

    Hi again, DANNY: When I saw my derm, he prescribed Roaccutane straight away. I did however, do a blood test the next day. He started me off on 40mgs a day, but when I went for my check up 5 weeks later he thought I wasn't 'suffering' as much and increased my dose to 60mgs a day. I'm now really suffering!! LULU: I had a huge breakout a week ago and now my skin is clearer. Like I said, I'm on 60mgs a day and I'm suffering more now than when I was on 40mgs. According to my brochure we shouldn't worry too much about the breakouts, they're a sign that the drug is working. I do suggest though, that you try eating non-greasy food (cut out oils and fats), I've been doing that for a while and I believe it's helped my skin look clearer. It helped me.

    From: danny in Australia. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: tommorow
    Date: 17/10/2001 at 07:08 - Message #630

    Well ive just about had all i can take. ive had an acne problem now for 8 years, tried all the antibiotics under the sun and the only thing that seemed to work is septrin forte. this really did work though and kept me happy for a few years. but know im off the antibiotics and my acne is bad. My skin is all i can think about and im really feeling depressed, i think we all know what its like. But tommorow i go to see a dermatoligist and with a bit of luck i'll fight this and win. i just want to know if you get the roaccutane drug straight away or do you need tests before you start a course? cheers for listening

    From: Lulu in Michigan. A 26 year old Female.
    Subject: To start accutane end of Nov.
    Date: 16/10/2001 at 22:55 - Message #629

    I'm so glad I found this board! My dermatologist recommended Accutane. Since I was 15, I've taken everything under the sun: all the "cyclines", Retin-A, Benzaclin, Clindamycin, etc. and my acne had calmed down for a month or two, then it would flare up again. I get cystic acne from time to time and when I do, it's bad.
    I'm really concerned about the initial breakout. I think I have moderate acne with a few cystic pimples now and then. How bad is the initial breakout? Did you break out all over your face, and were they cystic or just regular acne? How long did the breakout last and when did it occur into the treatment? Is there anything I can do to lessen the severity, like drink a lot of water and eat healthy? Does dosage amount affect the breakout i.e. the higher the dosage, the more severe the breakout? I'm already so self-conscious about my acne, and I'm so scared that the initial breakout will be too much for me to handle. I've actually called in sick because I would wake up with cysts. And, I'm a basically a hermit now because I don't want anyone to see me.
    Can you wear makeup during treatment like concealer?
    I wear contact lenses and my eyes are already dry. Was anyone forced to wear their glasses? I also have bad night vision already. Did anyone go through bad night vision?
    Any replies would be so much appreciated! Thank you! Sorry for all the questions...

    From: Bee in Asia. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: Nosebleeds - freaked me out
    Date: 16/10/2001 at 03:08 - Message #628

    I am on my 3rd month of Accutane 40mg per day and I just had a nosebleed for the first time in years! It lasted for about 20 minutes. Does anyone know if it is normal to take so long to stop bleeding? I know that it is a common side effect of Accutane and I have been applying a lubricating nasal gel every night. I have 3 midterms this week and I am worried that I might get a nosebleed when I am writing a test, that will be extremely messy and embarrassed! I'm so scared right now, can anyone tell me how to prevent nosebleeds? Please help.

    From: LightFoot in NY. A 16 year old Male.
    Subject: Accutane Blood Test Question
    Date: 16/10/2001 at 02:32 - Message #627

    Hey, I'm planning on getting accutane. But I'm wondering if they test the blood for THC or anything to do with marijuana, or if marijuana can alter how your liver works (making them suspicious)?

    From: DARREN in ENGLAND. A 21 (FOR 2WEEKS ANYWAY) year old MALE.
    Subject: WHAT DO YA THINK OF 20MG
    Date: 15/10/2001 at 22:13 - Message #626


    From: Meaghan in australia. A 34 year old female.
    Date: 15/10/2001 at 13:14 - Message #625

    My acne started when i was about 25. My older sister always had shocking skin and we have both been diagnosed with polycystic overies. This condition is caused by a slight elavated male hormone level which in turn can does the following. BAD skin, weight gain, excessive hair growth i.e face, irregular/no period and fertility problems. I have the bad skin and I never get my period unless I am on the pill. Polycystic overies are also linked to diabetes. Infertility in woman has been treated using "metforman" (spelling?)which is the tablet they give type 2 diabetics in the early stages of the disease.
    My sister first wnet on roaccutane and has had good success but will require another course, she is also on the mini pill which she seems to think has also helped. I am tolerating roaccutanne incredably well with no major side effects. If you have history of depression jsut hit the anti Depressants before you start the course.
    ROCK ON I am nearly makeup free!!!!!!

    From: Martijn in The Netherlands. A 22 year old male.
    Date: 13/10/2001 at 18:49 - Message #624

    Hi there,
    I have taken roaccutane for 6 months, and have stopped the treatment 2 months ago. It has totally improved my skin, I'm able to wake up every morning and look in the mirror not feeling bad! The side affects where nothing compared to the result I see now. I really hope it stays this way, because I just can't go back to how it was!!!!! I have really noticed that girls judge you by the way you look. A girl from work asked me last week if I wanted to take her out, I really wonder if she would of asked, if she would of met me 9 months ago... Maybe that seems strange, but that just the way I think these days...

    From: Jake in U.S.. A 30 year old Male.
    Subject: how does isotretinoin work?
    Date: 13/10/2001 at 03:34 - Message #623

    Has anybody found reference as to how isotretinoin (Accutane) treats acne specifically--> We all know what it does (dries everything in your body out until the acne disappears) BUT how & by what chemical pathway is cellular function altered in order to achieve this systemic effect?
    What type of cells are changed(& how) & what is the effect on a microscopic level?
    I can find no medical description of how isotretinoin works.
    If we can find this info, we can begin to diagnose the side-effects.
    Peace everybody!

    From: Marina.
    Date: 11/10/2001 at 21:38 - Message #622

    Somebody help me! I finished taking accutane last year round about March but now its seems that the problem is returning all over again. I really dont want to take it again, as the side effects will be worse, but I see no other option. Will dianette help? Is this just a temporary cure? If I stop taking it will all the acne come back again? Can it be combined with vitamin B5? After everything I went through last year with accutane I feel so depressed that it was all for nothing. Can anybody help me?

    From: sweet_cherry in L.A. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: sorry
    Date: 11/10/2001 at 17:13 - Message #621

    im using my second course of accutane.i dont have this severe acne but im much better now .my problem is when having sex i feel so dry like its burning(sorry to talk about it)does any women had the same thing ?pls i need help

    From: Dawn in US. A 40 year old Female.
    Subject: Aches
    Date: 11/10/2001 at 12:39 - Message #620

    when i was on accutane i had alot of aches on my back, joints and feet. After i finished the 6 month treatment my aches got better. Unfortunately about 6 months after finishing the treatment i started to get the ache in my feet, specially my heels and till now i still have this problem. i finished my treatment october of 2000, i need to go see a foot doctor and see what he says but for a fact i know its the accutane cause i had this same pain after i started the accutane, thank God its not as bad as then but still does trouble me. I still am happy i went through the treatment even though i might have to suffer from this the rest of my life. to those that have aches apply bengay or flexall or even vicks rup at bedtime in the areas that hurt and you will feel better in the morning, this is pretty much my routine b/4 i go to bed. i was also left with some stiffness in my shoulders when i exercise those muscles, still worth the treatment!
    Good luck to all.

    From: Dawn in US. A 40 year old Female.
    Subject: Aches
    Date: 11/10/2001 at 12:38 - Message #619

    when i was on accutane i had alot of aches on my back, joints and feet. After i finished the 6 month treatment my aches got better. Unfortunately about 6 months after finishing the treatment i started to get the ache in my feet, specially my heels and till now i still have this problem. i finished my treatment october of 2000, i need to go see a foot doctor and see what he says but for a fact i know its the accutane cause i had this same pain after i started the accutane, thank God its not as bad as then but still does trouble me. I still am happy i went through the treatment even though i might have to suffer from this the rest of my life. to those that have aches apply bengay or flexall or even vicks rup at bedtime in the areas that hurt and you will feel better in the morning, this is pretty much my routine b/4 i go to bed. i was also left with some stiffness in my shoulders when i exercise those muscles, still worth the treatment!
    Good luck to all.

    From: Laura in london . A 22 year old female.
    Subject: 14 weeks in........
    Date: 11/10/2001 at 10:11 - Message #618

    Hello to you all
    Haven't visited the site for a while now last time was when I was about 9 weeks into my course of roacc (60mgs a day) and to be honest at that point my skin was still very up and down so to speak. Now I am 14 weeks into it and I am starting to see more and more of an improvement. The side affects seem to have worn off a bit and my lips aren't so dry, less nosebleeds and only a little bit of aching (usually after a nights clubbing). My skin feels a lot smoother and where the acne was (and still is a bit) doesn't feel as raised so I am not quite as terrified when my boyfriend runs his hand along my cheek! (girls you know how it is). I'm seeing my derm next week and my course is supposed to finish in a fortnight but I really think that I need another 2 months or so to well and truly get rid of it. At the moment the acne is still visable but not nearly as red and angry looking as it once was (and a lot easier to cover up with make up)also its nowhere near as painful as it used to be. Fingers crossed a few more months and this will all be over. I'll keep you posted. Oh and another thing I found worked really well for me was plain E45 cream as a moisturiser and Blistex Intensive Moisturiser on my lips was the best! Good luck to everyone and chin up.
    love laura

    From: Michael in UK. A 22 year old Male.
    Date: 11/10/2001 at 09:33 - Message #617

    Hi people, how you all doing? I finished my course of roaccutane in January and so far so good, apart from one problem which I'm not sure is connected with roaccutane and was hoping someone could help me out.
    I find that I am getting pain in my knee joints, especially after I do any sort of exercise and it can last up to 4-5 days afterwards. I'm not sure if I heard somewhere that joint-pain was a side-affect, so if someone could let me know I'd be v.thankfull.
    good luck guys, I have no regrets about taking roaccutane and I hope it works 4 everyone!!!!

    From: Deb in AUSTRALIA. A 26 year old Female.
    Date: 10/10/2001 at 11:42 - Message #616

    Hi, I've been on Roaccutance for 7 weeks and I already feel as though I've been to hell and back. I'm on 60mg a day and boy am I suffering all the side effects!!
    Within the first week, I experienced the dryness, in particular to my lips and I've developed a rash on my arm, which looks like Ring Worm. I have dandruff, sore eyes and a painful lower back. To top it off, I suffered four nose bleeds at work today and cramps in my legs. Am I the only one suffering all these side effects at once?
    I'm glad I found this web site because I know I'm not alone. I too have suffered the 'break out' (last week actually). I honestly didn't want to leave my house. My skin was dry, I had pimples everywhere and I looked like something out of a horror film. It was terrible. This week has been quite good. I don't have as many pimples and my face looks clearer.
    On a serious note, my biggest concern is falling pregnant AFTER the treatment. I am aware that under no circumstances are women aloud to fall pregnant within the first month after completing the treatment. However, how accurate is that information? How do we know it's not going to cause defects later on? My derm reassures me that this won't happen. Are there any other concerned women out there?

    From: Betty.
    Subject: To Sascha
    Date: 10/10/2001 at 09:07 - Message #615

    Sascha - Have a look for Dr Sandra Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet (she is based in Sydney and the book is available worldwide and it isn't expensive)- read and follow her overall summation of how to be good to your liver and you will find your cholesterol will lower.
    She explains what your liver is and how it works - and will make you think twice about what you are putting in your mouth!
    Good luck, you can do it.

    From: Betty.
    Subject: to Sascha
    Date: 10/10/2001 at 08:57 - Message #614

    Sascha - Have a look for Dr Sandra Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet (she is based in Sydney and the book is available worldwide and it isn't expensive)- read and follow her overall summation of how to be good to your liver and you will find your cholesterol will lower.
    She explains what your liver is and how it works - and will make you think twice about what you are putting in your mouth!
    Good luck, you can do it.

    From: Sascha in Australia. A 20 year old female.
    Date: 10/10/2001 at 03:04 - Message #613

    Hi everyone. This is my 11th week on Roaccutane, and my skin is really looking heaps better. The improvement came by week 10, with hideous breakouts in weeks 4-5 where I thought my skin was never going to clear up. But now it has! Unfortunately, my cholestorol has gone up so I have a few weeks to lower it or else I have to stop taking Roaccutane. So I've gone on a low fat diet advised by my GP. Has anyone else successfully lowered their cholestorol, and how did you do it? Also, in the Roaccutane info booklet I was given, it said not to use hot rollers in your hair. Can someone please tell me what would supposedly happen if I did?

    From: Mel in uk. A 30 year old female.
    Subject: hoo-ray for roac
    Date: 09/10/2001 at 20:56 - Message #612

    Hi there all you sufferers,
    i only have 6wks left on the course,,and my hair is fine my eyes have been fine,,my lips dry dry dry,,but vaseline works a treat,inside my nose very dry again vaseline helped a lot,,,,,my skin YAR-HOO YEE-HAR,, not a spot or blackhead in sight,,,,Just another thing as well,, I have been on the course 14wks i have never stopped drinking (in the house or out) i have been off my trolley with drink every either friday night round town and night clubbin,,or saturday night bottle of vodka (litre) to share with my partner,,,what we drunk i one night,,,they only thing i have found with drinking is that the niext day inside of my nose is very very dry and sometimes there is dry blood there --- who cares i have had no probs,,my monthly blood tests have been fine,,i am actualy drinking a can of fosters now ((tut tut tut).
    So i do feel for all the people who have major side affects,,but you can not base your decision to go on this drug on one persons opinion as this drug is different for everybody. I gave it a go as the side affects were worth it for me thankfully ive not been bad and have nearly finished my course. I have noticed also that i can now wash my hair every other day as it isnt as greasy as it was (i used to have to wash it every morning) so that is megga news too. I now go out of the house without any make up on ,,i just have moisturiser on it is FAB a few months ago i wouldnt even let my kids see me with out make up. Good luck to all,,, i hope everything turns out ok
    thinking of you all

    From: james in london. A almost 23 year old male.
    Subject: just one regret
    Date: 09/10/2001 at 10:33 - Message #611

    You learn by experience and making mistakes. Male bravado and vanity essentially compelled me to take accutane. I am studying to take my finals, am going to trial for the British rowing team and contemplating a relationship. My face is completely clear of spots. Only one problem remains and that is the continuation of side effects from the drug. And suddenly nothing seems important. Least of all my appearance. My days are characterized my listlessness and depression. It is obviously impossible to understand looking at a course on accutane from beforehand and imagine that it may affect you to such an extent that it is not worth it. Had I known this I may possibly have reconsidered taking it. I have learned the hard way. When I go to bed at night, when I lay down and think, I pray that my normal self will return . and as much as I hate to consider it also, the realisation that the acne would then also come back. As it is I am unable to function. I suppose it is a matter of time before the body recovers from the drug. So after a time both the depression will leave and the disease will reappear. I f anyone has had any experience with this I would be grateful to hear.

    From: Stephen in Inverness,Scotland. A 17 year old Male.
    Subject: roacc +stuff!!!!
    Date: 09/10/2001 at 00:02 - Message #610
    Web Site: Beat_Acne

    i have been posting here for months!and it has been getting less+less regular!!!u know why-coz things have been getting better!!im 23 weeks in2 my course of roacc.ne1 who has read my posts(prob no1) will have seen that it hasnt been an easy 23 weeks!it was very very very bad@times!!!!but it is worth it.i am totally spot free on my face!that sounds so good im goin2say it again!!!i am TOTALLY spot free on my face!!!woohooo!if some1 had said that2me a few months ago i would still be laughing@them now!!!its been really bad-and my back isnt quite perfect yet-though it is almost there-and my chest is fine.touch ALOT of wood!!!!
    i have been on for 23 weeks+ and im back@the derm in a week 2moro.he may take me off then-but prob in nov-when ive done say 26 weeks.the side effects have got bad in a way in the past few weeks-well now its dry skin etc(as usual,no prblem)but ive been injured so its been hell playin footie4the skool,back etc.however-a small price2pay!my skin still looks pretty bad-mainly smooth,a few inperfections,but lots of red marks in the ex acne spots!im tryin vitamin e 2 help that-topically mainly while im on roacc.neways-it has got alot better-it feels fine-doesnt look gr8 yet-but alot better!stick in with roacc-in my expereince it takes an absolute age2work-but i think its done it-but4how long?!?!?!?hopefully 4ever!!!!
    ive got a site myself,
    its kinda new.well now ive plugged it im off!!
    email me with ne q's or nething.Stephen

    From: Simon in NYC, U.S.. A 23 year old Male.
    Subject: First two weeks
    Date: 08/10/2001 at 23:27 - Message #609

    Hey, everyone. I started using 40/mg per day accutane pills around two weeks ago, and today had to balm my lips almost every hour. The black heads are visibly disappearing, although I've had daily flare-ups of intensely painful, deep red cyst-type acne (that well-documented and common worsening). My case isn't the gravest, for sure, but the cysts I get from time to time are huge, and the overall complexion problem is chronic--no other product or antibiotic has worked. Today I got my first nosebleed, too, which is how I ended up here looking for input. Can anyone recommend OTC products commonly available in the US for moisturizing skin (matte, non-greasy, and with a high spf)? Also, is it possible to prevent nosebleeds? Although I'm optimistic about this drug and entered into treatment quite well-informed, I'm realizing that in my 23 year old rugged masculine stupidity I was a little cavalier about the side-effects--this is the real deal. I'd appreciate comments, et cetera, maybe I can even answer a question or two (I've done tons of research on this)...take care all.

    From: Gali in Israel. A 22 year old female.
    Subject: side effects
    Date: 08/10/2001 at 02:43 - Message #608

    hello people..
    i had a very bad acne for about 3 years..i tried alot of things and it didnt help.. and then it got better some how with doing nothing.. but i still have a very oily skin and..there is not a day that i dont wake up with some breakups around the T area..
    my doctor said the only thing that will help me is Accutane.. cause after stoping takeing the other treatments the acne will always come back..
    i dont know if i should take it.. im afraid of the side effects..i afaid that something that is not convertible will happen...
    thank you..

    From: Erik in Canada. A 15 year old male.
    Subject: side affects
    Date: 07/10/2001 at 19:22 - Message #607

    Hi ive been on accutane for a week now and my lips arent dry yet, my back is hurting(could this be from the accutane or its just a coincidence?).
    It seems to me that there is less oil production on my face but the acne isnt clearing up when should i see an improvement and when will i get dry lips and those other high% side affects? Please email me thanks

    From: eddi in sweden.
    Date: 07/10/2001 at 19:15 - Message #606

    When youre talking about the dosage, how exactly do one think, the dosage on my pills are 10mg, and I take 6 pills per day, does that mean that my dosage is 60mg?! Plz someone reply!

    From: Denise in USA. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: oratane?
    Date: 07/10/2001 at 16:17 - Message #605

    So what is the difference between oratane and accutane besides the price? Does anyone know. I had pretty bad acne in high school but after I graduated it actually cleared up pretty much, just an odd break out here and there. Then I got pregnant and AFTER having my baby my skin got kinda bad again. Im kinda sick of this and would like to try something to control it. Id really appreciate any information you all have to give me. Thanks.

    From: dolly in L.A. A 23 year old female.
    Subject: somebody answer me
    Date: 07/10/2001 at 13:15 - Message #604

    im on acutane for 2 months my face is getting much better but i feel like i dont want to eat i lost 4 kilos does anyone know something about this .and the other thing i had a cyst on my face brfor two weeks and my derm gave an injection on it to remove it does any one had this befor? does it work ?pls answer me

    From: philip _cheung in HKG. A 20.5 year old male.
    Subject: roaccutane
    Date: 07/10/2001 at 09:49 - Message #603

    Just want to share my recent experiences of taking roaccutane,I have been on it for nearly one months now.....I can say the conditions now is satisfactory compared to the beginning of the course, but I feel that roaccutane has already tried its best to improve my know what I mean ? it's only satisfactory but not "perfect"!!! I feel that if I stop taking roaccutane at once or even finish the-four month-course, acnes ,pimples, big pores, oilyness,black/white head would come back......That's annoying me, even now my facial oil is not all dried out, I mean I still have oil on face even taking roaccutane for 1 month at 40-60mg at day!! Though the oil is not too much compared with before, it 's always sticking on face little and little!!! Hate it! Can any good friend tell me what to do?? I am nearly 21 now I don't want to have oil skin and acne whitehead ,poor skin,etc.... I pray God everyday and night.... I want to's unfair to all of us suffering acne!!!
    CAn any one tell me : please ! I beg of you! Consuming too much bad fats such as Macdonald's food ice-cream chocolates,etc ,will make your skin more oily ? will it ?? I want to know if I am different from the other people ,I sometimes feel that I am an alien because I seem not to be able to digest fats!!!!!!!!! After eating MacDonald's ,my face will become sticky!! more and more whitehead then coming on the surface of the skin with lots of oil!!!!! MY GOD!! then some become acnes..... only some!!! but not all , the rest of them are remaining whitehead that are very stubborn stick firm on the surface.....Sigh....
    Now I am trying to make my skin accustom to my diet!! I mean I eat Macdonald's every day together with Roaccutane for a period of time to let my skin get used to high fat food!!!! I want to cry !! : . (
    I am having it for 3 days, and find that the skin become oily and sticky and more sensitive ( becoming red ) even with the anti-action of Roaccutane(suppress the sercetion of oil) so I conclude that after stopping taking roaccutane ,my oilyness must come back in a very quick time!!! Can any one tell me what to do ???? The most is that my body can't digest fat no matter it's good fat or bad fat, they all come to the surface of my face!!and that's why I am thin!!!Hope u can help me

    From: Kristy in Queensland, Australia. A 21 year old Female.
    Date: 07/10/2001 at 07:12 - Message #602

    I have suffered from acne for approximately four years now. Although, it has only been the last two years that I felt that I have a real problem.
    My Derm. has just suggested that I undertake a course of Roaccutane for at least four to six months as I have exhausted my other options. I am pretty much ready to try anything to clear it up as I have come to the end of my limit!
    It was great to find this website as it is good to know that I am not alone. Although my family and friends are very supportive - it is hard for them to understand how I feel.
    I am hoping to start Roaccutane within the next week or so. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is at the beginning of their treatment.
    I would appreciate any advice!!!!!

    From: barry in Ireland, live in US. A 24 year old male.
    Subject: accutane experience
    Date: 06/10/2001 at 23:56 - Message #601

    I have not looked at this site in almost a year. I took awccutane about two years ago for six months, 80mg a day as far as I can rememeber. It didnt really work to tell you the truth, it did clear my skin up but I ended up having to take another treatment. This time things were very different. The side effects were terrible but about threee months into the second course, my skin was looking good, I ended up finishing the course and almost died when about three days after finishing it I had a breakout. Thankfully things settled down again and about a year later, I am acne free. I feel bad because I remember when I checked this every day and wondered if it ever really worked, but let me tell you that despite the side effects in the long run you will be so glad that you took this pain in the butt drug
    if anyone has any questions or needs a little support feel free to contact me with any questions you have
    hang in there

    From: Camelia in S'pore. A 25 year old Female.
    Subject: Is it worth it?
    Date: 06/10/2001 at 04:07 - Message #600

    I'm thinking aloud wit rgds to roaccutane.
    I was also a fellow acne sufferer, having only stopped treatment end of march'01. To start with, acne is a normal disease, having occurred in most people at certain times in their lives, tho' some people would never go beyond 1 or 2 pimples. But of course, the trauma of walking around with acne all over your face is extremely detrimental to your self-esteem, since this world takes things at face value. I couldnt' bear it so even tho' I had moderate cysts, I chose to go ahead with this treatment, both at the expense of my health and wealth. At that time, I was willing to trade anything for good looks, anything.
    Looking back, I realised I had made too big a hoo-haa over appearance, especially with the side effects, and I need to emphasize here that these side effects are real and would occur to most people, not a rare few as mentioned. It was too much to bear, to put up with physical as well as psychological distress. Our derms are definitely not interested in our health any more than making extra $$. Your own judgement is very important. I've frens who also experienced outbreak all of a sudden but they leave their face alone. after a while, acne cleared and they're ok. So wat does that say abt our treatment? However, do note that roacc is an extremely strong med. and chances of recurrence is slim, tho' some of us still see a stageback.
    I can say that the 6 mths in taking roacc was the worst period in my life. I just simply cannot handle my own emotions and I felt that everything in my life is falling apart rite before my own eyes yet I was so helpless. I'm not pushing responsibility on roacc for watever ills I've committed. However it is true that roacc is not a med. to be taken lightly. If you say it's to restore your self-esteem, then how abt some of my frens who had acne all over their faces but live with it? At the end of the day, no one would shun you or dislike you based on a few acne. Life is bigger than that. I've seen people who are beautiful despite their flawed complexion. I mean physically beautiful.
    Given a chance, I would not take roacc and I do regret my decision. So pals, pls take some time to think before you take the plunge. You're not quite the same after you embark on this irreversible journey.

    From: Augusta in Uk. A 17 year old Female.
    Subject: WILL!
    Date: 06/10/2001 at 00:57 - Message #599

    Hey Will!
    Thanks for your reply! :) I got your email as well, but I wanted to reply here as well so people reading the board could see that I get the back pains too and... Oh I don't know it's 2am and I'm knackered! ;)
    Fancy massaging my back for me then? ;) Yeah, the aching when you lie down for bed is what I get. Annoying, but now I know you suffered from it too I am less paranoid!
    I don't quite fancy snogging a fit bird, but a fit bloke maybe. ;)
    (And as a side note, if "Wilko" comes back here again and sees this- by any chance do you have the first name of Michael?)

    From: Melissa in Australia. A 21 year old Female.
    Date: 05/10/2001 at 14:53 - Message #598

    I was on Roacutane for 9 months (60mg/day) and finished about 4 months ago. It definitely was the 'wonder drug' that has cleared up my skin so much. Like everyone else I'd tried everything, and had suffered from acne pretty badly for 5 years. Now my skin is good but not great, it is not as I've heard from others 'perfect' and i mean I still get pimples and it's not totally clear. Don't get me wrong I am sooooooooooooo thankful for the improvement but I was wondering if there are others out there who've been in the same position. I am worried about starting another course, people have talked about all sorts of long term health prob's. I don't know if I should just be happy with what I ahve now- about 89% of the way there or go for the 100%? Anyone been here?

    From: james in london. A 22 year old male.
    Subject: over
    Date: 05/10/2001 at 11:32 - Message #597

    The course has finished a while ago. And now i have the feeling that my normal being is gradually returning. Naivety and inexperience led to me to draw premature conclusions of accutane. The four months of treatment were symptomised by depression, lethargy and irritability. Admittedly it had the desired effects on the disease. Now i realise that the side-effects were too much to take, too much of a sacrifice for the disappearance of the disease for a given time. I was simply not able to function. And even now a month after finishing i still feel a degree of lethargy and depression which i hope will quickly alleviate itself. Normal functioning, friendships, relationships, sport, behaviour, actions, thoughts were impossible for me on this drug. I am grateful for the positive effects it has had but i would not consider another course purely for these reasons. I honestly think that i put myself in danger and only now am beginning to see how foolish i perhaps was. I was unable to think clearly.
    Whether or not this is individual to me, or particular to my manifestation of the disease would be impossible to say or determine. At the moment my skin remains in a good condition and i enjoy this. However i know that with the return of my normal self - which i crave since it will allow me to reurn to normal life - the disease could reappear. This now seems less daunting a prospect. I have learned a lesson in humiliation. That everything has its price and in my vanity i came close to messing up quite seriously.

    From: Tiffany in australia. A 16 year old Female.
    Subject: i never knew!
    Date: 05/10/2001 at 07:18 - Message #596

    ive been on oratane for 2 months and a bit, and its doin so good that i recently discovered i have freckles! haha. my redness has gone away.. and i can see my true colours! yayyy!! cant wait till my course is done and i feel completely human again~!

    From: Emma in New Zealand. A 30 year old Female.
    Subject: Kate #590
    Date: 05/10/2001 at 03:47 - Message #595

    Hey Kate, good to see you are still there and doing so well. I completely emphasise - I'm worried that after my next treatment, the acne will come back and I'll then have to face having it for the rest of my life, because I told my partner I wouldn't go back for a third time. Its different when you get to my ripe old age and are still struggling with acne. I went on Diane (think its called Dianette over there) a couple of years ago, but I was such a cow to everyone I had to stop taking it (avoid estrogen at all costs, I think it messes with your emotions too much!). Then I discovered a history of deep vein thrombosis in my family, so I can't take estogen anymore anyway. Accutane is my last hope. I think your partner sounds like mine - he is only worried about my health too, but I still feel guilty about being kind of .. shallow?
    Anyway, I won't start my treatment until October 19 (I hope!), so I will let you know how it goes. Take care and good luck.

    From: Wilko in England. A 18 year old Male.
    Subject: Nearly Two Months
    Date: 04/10/2001 at 19:19 - Message #594

    Hi every1,
    I have been on roaccutane for about two months and i have started notice that my face got bad in the first month. Then it has started to slowly get better. I have bad dry skin and the usual side affects. I have noticed that i get really bad backs, but i have realised that doing my normal amount of sit ups (100) a day makes it worse. NE way everybody keep up the good work these tablets will work!

    From: Jet in Oz. A 19 year old Male.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 04/10/2001 at 08:37 - Message #593

    Hi guys,
    I've been on Roaccutane for about a month and a half almost 2 months and it hasn't seemed to get any better. It got worse as expected and hasnt improved.
    I'm getting a little worried. Is it normal to take so long to kick in?

    From: John Pyle. A 20 year old Male.
    Subject: Shortened Dosage
    Date: 04/10/2001 at 04:17 - Message #592

    HI People,
    I was wondering, if the accutane works within the first 1 1/2 to two months, would it be ok to stop taking the dosage and would my acne, which is not severe, come back immeadiatly?

    From: Bee in Asia. A 20 year old Female.
    Subject: how to cope?
    Date: 04/10/2001 at 01:47 - Message #591

    Hi everyone, I have been on Accutane for the past 7 weeks and my condition keeps worsening every day. I'm getting very worried and upset about it. It is the feeling of helplessness that is causing me distress. It's like you have no control over your life. Any suggestions on how to cope with the huge breakout? I want some advice from you guys because I couldn't seem to find a way to let my emotions out.

    From: kate in england. A 28 year old female.
    Subject: emma in new zealand#582
    Date: 03/10/2001 at 19:49 - Message #590

    Hi Emma Thanks for your message.My husband is still not thrilled with me for taking Roaccutane.Every time there is the slightest thing wrong with me,he throws his eyes up to heaven with a "what do you expect" expression.I do understand his concerns though-it is only because he cares.My treatment is going really well,my only worry is that the acne will return.I only have a couple of weeks to go now.Best of luck Emma

    From: Wally in New York. A 23 year old Male.
    Date: 03/10/2001 at 10:19 - Message #589

    Thank you for the info MishMish

    From: MishMish in Mid East. A 33 year old female.
    Subject: To Wally
    Date: 03/10/2001 at 04:44 - Message #588

    It is very hard to tell you about the 1st few weeks.
    I read this board and expected the WORST break out anyone could ever have but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my skin began to clear almost immediately - within a couple of days I had no new pimples on my face and now if I get one my best friend teases me because I whinge, she says 'geez, a couple of weeks without a pimple and then you get one and you go off your rocker' :-)
    Anyway, I'm still having breakouts on my back but I'm hoping that is just the cleansing process as I understand torso acne takes longer to respond.
    Also, someone mentioned not going on the medication during summer - I started in summer and I live in the Middle East - I actually think the season was beneficial as the weather was humid which helped keep my skin moist and made me extra careful about putting on super strong sunscreen etc. I have carried on all normal activities - beach with friends, snorkelling, exercising etc. Infact, I think if my skin were dry and sore that cold weather would actually be more painful - but I'm sure others have found the opposite to be true as well.

    From: TJ in Canada. A 24 year old Male.
    Subject: Accutane?
    Date: 02/10/2001 at 19:14 - Message #587

    Hey everyone. I need some advice. I have been fighting
    acne since 19. I never had severe acne but would get one or two cysts and the rest of my skin would be clear. They have left scarring(depressions) which sux. I have been on antibiotics for a while and I am starting to get my acne back plus my skin is super oily,also I have been getting cysts on my back. Has my body become immune to the anti-biotics?
    On the sides of my nose are the most oily. I have started to notice it is red all the time and have open large plugged pores.

    I want to prevent any more scarring. Is accutane my answer? My derm says my skin isn't that bad.. he has like perfect skin. I need to do something very soon since I am off work now for a few months to snowboard I figure this would be the best time. It seems if you go on not such a high dose the side effects aren't so bad and in my case since it is not really bad maybe that is all I need. I would like some more info on post results. I know it may come back but has anyone really been totally cured(acne/oily skin)? I mean if it is going to come back then whats the deal?
    I would love to have dry skin it would be such a nice change I hate this oil and to end it permanently would be so nice. Also I have large pores would this treatment also help to dry them out? I just want to make a right choice. I would hate to go on it then have everything come back in a couple months.
    I have been working out and taking really good care of my self in preperation to taking accutane. Any insight would be great. I am gonna go to another derm.. I hate these antibiotics seems like I have been on them forever.
    I would love to hear some more post accutane results. What it is like a year or more after.
    Good luck to everyone I know how hard this can be!

    From: Wally in New York. A 23 year old Male.
    Subject: Accutane
    Date: 02/10/2001 at 15:11 - Message #586

    I'm starting accutane in a few weeks and I have a few questions for anyone who wants to answer them. I'm looking for details about the first few weeks. How severe is the initial breakout? And how fast does that clear up? Any details about the first weeks/months would be great. Is there anything that I should do before I start the treatment to help control the side effects? Please send me any encouraging stories but please don't spare the truth. I want to be fully prepared for the near future. Thanks for your help.

    From: PHIL in Australia. A 34 year old Male.
    Date: 02/10/2001 at 13:23 - Message #585

    Well it has taken me 6 months to finish my course of Roaccutane. My skin is looking 200% better for now. My advice to others is look into the drug and possible side effects and make an informed decision. The side effects are dose related and are particularly prevalent if you exceed 1mg per kilo of body weight, so question your Derm. if they want to exceed this dosage. If you decide to use the drug try to time it for winter due to the sesitivty to sunlight. Tell those close to you what is happening so they can monitor you. I found Blistex lip conditioner excellent as it's thickness adds to its longevity. I found Roaccutane made my muscles stiff particularly my lower back. I also found that my skin got worse before it got better (towards the end of the treatment) so hang in there. Try to divert your attention to other things during your treatment this may be a great time to undertake a new hobby. To all those taking Roaccutane good luck with your treatment and remember you are not alone.

    From: Will in England. A 19 year old Male.
    Subject: AUGUSTA!
    Date: 02/10/2001 at 11:34 - Message #584

    Hey Augusta...
    I just read your message, and I have had the same lower back pains! I didn't think it was related to the drug, as I had recently started doing sit-ups and press-ups. Basically, mine only hurts when I lay down to go to bed at night, and it is not a terrible pain, but rather just a slightly irritating ache at my lower back.
    I have been off the drug for over a month, and I must say that I haven't noticed as much back pains I would imagine that it is a temporary thing.
    I hope your back gets better soon - find a nice guy to massage it for you maybe? ;-)
    Hope I helped a little!

    From: Will in England. A 19 year old Male.
    Subject: all sorts
    Date: 02/10/2001 at 11:29 - Message #583

    Hi people,
    I found this site in about april, and I read pretty much all of it and decided that I would try roaccutane. And a good job too - as it worked pretty well. 5 months without alcohol also meant I lost a fair bit of weight! I was on the drug for 4 monthes, and it had worked very well, and the only real side effect that I got was very dry lips, but vaseline soon solved that - even if it was a hassle applying it about 3 times a day (including at work and university).
    However, now that I have finished (I came off it about 5 weeks ago), my skin has gone quite dry, and although a good moisturiser I have does stop it from being too bad, it is still a problem. Also, my spots are slowly returning, although not nearly as bad as they were before. During the course I was literally getting no new spots, but now I get a few little ones per day.
    Is this likely to continue? And what if it gets worse? Would I be put back on roaccutane or a less powerful antibiotic?
    Any replies with regards to post-roaccutane experiences would be really great.
    Good luck to anyone about to go on the drug - I hope it works as well for you as it did me. And don't let acne get you down...I've tried not to, and have great respect for people who live life as normal despite bad acne. I know it's difficult, but that is possible. Hey, I even managed to snog a bird for an hour the other night in a club! Anything is possible!
    Good luck, and cheers for any replies. :-)

    From: Emma in New Zealand. A 30 year old Female.
    Date: 02/10/2001 at 04:34 - Message #582

    Hi - a message for Kate in the UK (#429) - I just wanted to say my partner too was furious with me for taking this drug - I think it is something only we can understand -- You know, he just jumps out of bed, a quick shower, and he looks fabulous -- I, on the other hand, must have spent half of my life trying to not look like an oil slick! I had one course of roaccutane about a year ago, and am trying another course soon. My acne came back after a couple of months of going off it the first time, but I was on a very low dose, and it hasn't come back as bad as before. I am hoping the dermatologist will let me on a higher dose. No big side effects other than dry skin - and to me that is something I've actually wanted all my life!!! Hope you are doing ok.

    From: ami in India. A 34 year old female.
    Subject: help
    Date: 01/10/2001 at 18:07 - Message #581


    From: Murray in Australia. A 29 year old Male.
    Subject: Update
    Date: 01/10/2001 at 10:54 - Message #580

    The oil does come back and so do the little annoying whiteheads.
    If I only had a few zits now and then I probably wouldn't bother with this medication if I were you.
    Hairloss - don't know whether it's connected, no one really does.
    Bottom line, this drug works differently for different people. Cannot generalise.
    Sorry for not sounding grammatically sound, I was just experimenting with the text and couldn't be bothered putting to much thought into what I was writing.
    Don't give up you lot.

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